On Writing

Turn up for work.
Never stop when you are stuck.
Love what you do.
Be honest with yourself.
Donโ€™t hold onto poor work.
Take no notice of anyone you donโ€™t respect.
Take no notice of anyone with a ยญgender agenda.
Be ambitious for the work and not for the reward.
Trust your creativity.
Enjoy this work.

Jeanette Winterson via Maria Popova

The Full Story


For the longest time, I kept quotes in my journalling system - DayONE. I have been stadily moving all of them into this new public space and adding others as I continue to find them.

Click here to scroll through what is here - or here if you have a specific one in mind. There are a lot here.

A second series of quotes are stored here. Not as many and are actually more attributed words that appeal, not neccesarily โ€˜famousโ€™ in the way the others are..

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