Why Aren’t Micro Payments Used In The Publishing Industry

“Why is the only way news orgs will accept money from readers subscriptions? Before the net I could buy a single edition of a newspaper or magazine without a long term commitment.
The idea of a self-contained news product you subscribe to is a vestige of the way news used to be distributed. Now, in my Twitter timeline, or RSS river, I see links to stories all over the place. This is the way I want it. I want a mix, my choice.”"

Dave Winer

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My Thoughts

It’s a question I have often asked myself and others. Never a satisfactory answer.
To me this is a micro payment opportunity waiting to happen. Let me buy $5, $10 .. whatever levels of credits that a publisher wants to sell to me and that I want to buy. As I am now scrolling through that site, I hit an article and rather than being faced with a bounce because all they want me to do is to commit to a monthly subscription of $25 per month … the publisher now has an opportnity to let me use come of my credit - 2 ‘credits’ to read the rest of this artcle.
How hard can this be?
And think of the upsell possibilities …. you are buying 200 credits every week - did you know that you could per buy 500 art this discount - or all you can eat for … now I WANT to subscribe.

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May 26, 2020