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I could delete past posts that do not chime with the true self message, but what’s the point?

I mean, if I can’t explain my journey then it would feel like I’d dropped out the sky.”

Julian Summerhayes

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Just in time indeed.

I am working through pulling my social media down out of the silos and importing them to blogs, sites and web properties that are all under my control, so reducing dependency on the whims of Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram … you get the point.

In the process, I have been looking at the three substantial Wordpress Blogs that I have (that will remain - I have control there already), and been thinking about deleting some of the old stuff. My thoughts were just as Summerhayes (if not using those precise words) …

those old posts do not chime with the true self’.

He goes on - and he is right. That history may well be irrelevant in facts and interest, but totally necessary to explain who I am - and how I got here.

I will continue the transitions, but will not be deleting. In fact, even the stuff that I have kept (say for Instagram), but not published because it is irrelevant’ … is suddenly relevant.

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