What Is This?

Let Me Explain!

The Old Way

Imagine you are looking at a video over on YouTube. You know it gets cluttered .. and of course the whole site is all about YouTube.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like that, YouTube allows you to embed those video right into your site - like this:

The Embedded Way

But, it’s just the video …. the transcription - that allows you to navigate to different parts of the video - that stays in YouTube.

And anyway - the transcript is exactly that - a text summary of what the spreaker is saying … non searchable, non friendly - it just allows you to sing along’. Arent we better than that?

How much easier would it be if that video was all nicely tagged and ready to be used in the way that you want it to be?

Thats what this new tagging system that I am looking at will do.

The DCO Way

If your video or podcast has a transcript, we will automatically generate dynamic and meaningful tags and present them alongside of the video for your delectation.

Not only that - the tags are live - so click on one and you get taken to the very place in the video where that tag was generated.

The full set of tags we automatically generate are editabe by the author, so that if (say) 300 tags are generated - but you only want to make 6 points - you can reduce the total tagging to those 6 points - just as in this example.

And of course these tags are all part of your SEO program!

So - rather than just a bland link to a video - you actually get a page that is focsused on your message, with your branding, to help you tell your story.

Something like this …..

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