Using Metadata to Manage Posts and Articles In Blot

Date: November 16th 2018, 4:00:02 PM

That set of links at the bottom of the post … oh and the comment below the links explaining the source of the post - and where it comes from … well they aren’t actually part of this post. They are two separate files that I have in a folder that will become full of different kinds of templates/footers - and then call as needed.

This will save hard coding the footers that I want to use - and also allows me to better manage useful information, since I can modify it once and it will change everywhere.

As always special thanks to David Merfield for helping me through this ….

I am happy to write this and expain how I did it …. if other blot users will find it helpful. Let me know.


Exploring Footers In Posts

A Quote of MAJOR significance”

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For the longest time, I have kept quotes in my journalling system - DayONE. I am now moving all of them into a new public space. Early days yet. Just a few as I sort out the format, but ultimately there are nearly 500 to bring in.

Click here to scroll through what is here - or here if you have a specific one in mind.


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