Robo-callers rang Americans’ phones 26 billion times last year.

Turns out, Congress have woken up ….

”Under bipartisan legislation, called the TRACED Act, the U.S. government would gain more power to slap these lawbreakers with bigger fines, while prodding AT&T, Verizon and other carriers to improve their technology so that consumers can more easily figure out if calls are real or spam. The first test for the bill arrives Wednesday, when it is scheduled to come before the tech-and-telecom focused Senate Commerce Committee for an early vote that it’s expected to pass.”

But if we already have laws and as a result are discovering ‘bad actors’, taking them to court, finding them guilty … and then just not ‘collecting’ … wouldn’t that be a good place to start before we introduce even more laws?>

Side Note : I mentioned Robo callers in passing a couple of days ago

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