Tiny House Living As A Community

I came across these words recently in a bulletin board system I belong to and I liked them. I get and have seen the Tiny House movement develop from the very early days though to now.

This seemed to take it a step further.

A cluster of households, each a complete minimal house (kitchen, bedroom(s), bath(s), etc.), plus a common house with amenities that make sense to share - jacuzzi, warm pool, large kitchen and dining area where people can elect to share a meal rather than cook in their own kitchens, workshop with tools, maybe a yoga/dance/music studio, etc.

Whatever the community agrees to. Maybe hire young people to do the shopping/cooking/cleaning for the common house. And indeed, an essential part of this is finding the people you want to do this with. Then also a place everyone can afford to make a go of it.

There’s a lighter weight version called the Village Network” where existing standard independent households explicitly agree to mutual support.

Other than that in the way of preparing for death - sharing some passwords and the location of my will with a couple of trusted friends.

Have not yet written up the when to and when not to resuscitate instructions but am planning to do that.

Try to get as much done while I still have the agency and capacity to do things! Try to prioritize properly the time I do have.

Tick tick tick tick!


Thoughts originally recorded for posterity in DayONE in early 2018 - and now here as part of my migration and consolidation.
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