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For the longest time, I have kept quotes in my journalling system - DayONE. I am now moving all of them into a new public space. Early days yet. Just a few as I sort out the format, but ultimately there are nearly 500 to bring in.

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Thoughts originally recorded for posterity in DayONE in early 2018 - and now here as part of my migration and consolidation.


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What is People First All About?

Nothing less than putting people back into the center of The Business Equation’.

Example … Work

It’s already hard to find an income you can survive on in the world we live in … to add meaning and purpose’ to the requirements seems a stretch too far … under the current system.


But, what if we reinterpreted the system. What if we created a business equation that had people at the center - to business. What then would it all look like.

Other Topic Examples

  • My Data
  • Do Not Track
  • Stop selling to me - Let me buy from you
  • Consent - It isn’t just agreement

It’s a big topic, but I am taking it on … it’s what People First is all about.

People First is attempting to flip accepted language, thinking, and narrative on its head. We live in a corporate-centric world - to the detriment of people. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the USA - but actually it is across the world.

That’s why I want us to put people back at the center of The Business Equation.

[ #IPNotContent ]

… stop using the word content and recognize that our writing, art, article, novel, music, video, book is OUR intellectual property - that which allows us to make a living - and not some homogenous mass of interchangeable nothingness that corporations refer to it as, so as to keep prices low and use to fill up their web sites.

[ #VRMsNotCRMs ]

… think about why we still don’t have a Vendor Relationship Management’ system … some thirty years after corporations got their Customer Relationship Management’ systems.

[ #NewPowerNewValues ]

… think about why Wall Street is doing so well, while Main Street is in the toilet - but day after day - week after week we are told over and over again that the economy is doing great.’

… understand that despite terms like sharing’, social’, customer centric’ being bandied around in corporate messaging, we are still driven by old power and old values’.

[ #IPNotContent ]

… think twice about posting your work into social silos like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN … not for all the usual reasons, of which there are many, but to recognize that when you do, you have essentially signed over your IP rights to that site, not to mention that you have lost control of the URL that allows you to reference it.

[ #ThePresentOfWork ]

The Present of Work - NOT - The Future of Work

[ #BuyingNotSelling ]

The Buyers Journey as typically mapped by an Enterprise is actually a Corporate Sellers Journey.

Social Sales is not new - it is as sales was done before the Corporates industrialized every single process.

I buy … you sell.

[ #PeopleNotMarkets ]

The market of one, generational segmentation, demographics, persona management’ … forget about them all. I am a person.

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