The Sound Track Of My Life

I have an icebreaker that I use at parties. You know, when you are talking to someone and the conversation dries up …. so I would ask … what would you say if I was to ask you to name the three bands / albums that define’ your life (and you?).

They respond, the conversation opens up and off we go. It is also interesting to note that rarely does the question come back to me.

So today, when @bradbarrish wrote

There was a challenge posed to me today to assemble a playlist of only 20 songs that truly represent my musical point-of-view.

He didn’t accept my explanation as to why I wasn’t going to join in. Namely that I was an album guy. But …. and then told him about the soundtrack of your life’ thing.

He responded;

YOU might not be able to choose one, but I think I can, at least in the context of this challenge. Let’s say DSOTM was the first album I listened to the first time I took LSD (cliche, I know, but stay with me) and it was only when Breathe’ came on my headphones that I felt like I understood Pink Floyd, even though up to that point Piper… defined the band in my mind. In this hypothetical example, I would choose Breathe’ to go on my mix.

I am thinking about that … still not sure I agree with him, but don’t want to respond without thought. But there’s more. He then went on ….

Ok, I’ll bite… so what are the three artist or albums that define the soundtrack of your life?

Heavens to murgatroyd. People don’t get to ask me that! The whole point is to deflect the conversation, learn about the other person through their music and then however the conversation moves is just fine,. They never get round to asking me back!

But Brad did.

WHY it’s hard is that I would answer differently at different times. So, I have turned this response into a new type of post over here at blottings - and called it a living post. (Duly tagged) And one that I will update from time to time.


List One (18-09-26)

The logic : Each of them opened my ears to music beyond themselves.

  • Steven Wilson
  • David Bowie
  • John Mayall

List Two (18-10-11)

The logic : Three albums from 1969 they made me sit up then and fifty years have never tired of.

  • Valentyne Suite
  • Court Of The Crimson King
  • Hot Rats

List Three (18-10-12)

The logic : Three albums from 1970 they made me sit up then and fifty years have never tired of.

  • Five Bridges
  • Atom Heart Mother
  • Third
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