The Meaning


Is this the story that never ends? What more is there to say after ‘The Eulogy’? Well, let’s just say that I want to close the loop … all the way back to that dream.

This is part seven of my story. It’s the penultimate ‘chapter’.

You can read the story to date through these links; Part One : ‘The Dream’ Part Two : ‘The Calls’ Part Three : ‘The Journey’ Part Four : ‘The Organization’ Part Five : ‘The Music’ Part Six : ‘The Eulogy’

Of course it was a great day, a sad day. A day we celebrated the life of my dad. At Ninety Four Years of age, no one could argue that he had a great run.

He lost his 38 year old daughter when he was he was just 72 and lost his wife of 52 years just 6 years later. But he kept rolling for another 15 years.

The dream that I wrote of at the beginning of this series - it is still in my head. It always will be because I have come to realize that the seemingly random sequence (54, 52, 51, 63, 58, 65, 64, 50, 54) actually represents our family’s milestones. Even the repeat of 54 at the beginning and end …. my call sign?

nineteeen ….

50 … when my father met my mother 51 … when my father and mother got engaged 52 … when my father and mother married 54 … when my mother gave birth to me 58 … when my mother gave birth to my sister 63 … when my father left the Armed Services 64 … when my father graduated as an educator 65 … when my father started his first job and when our family moved into our first real home

That is what those numbers meant in my dream.

Even then he knew.

February 7, 2019