The JFK Memorial at Runnymede

“Following the assassination of the former President in 1963, the British government decided to commemorate his life with a monument. The sculpture itself is understated—a series of granite steps lead to a slab with an inscription—but more interesting than the physical monument is the land it is built upon. The acre was gifted by the United States federal government so that the memorial would stand on American soil.”

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My Thoughts

New news - though not the first time America has declared British Soil not good enough to drop a statue on.

“A statue of George Washington—smaller scale than other statues in Trafalgar Square—stands near St. Martin-in-the-Fields in front of the National Gallery. A gift from the state of Virginia the the statue stands on dirt imported from the U.S. to honor Washington’s promise that he would “never again set foot on English soil.”


September 14, 2018