The Eye of the Hurricane

“How high can the 2018 wave get? Consider that Trump has been doing everything possible to anger farmers and other manufacturers with his tariff policies. Consider how Trump has been dismissing young voters on gun violence. Consider women, rape and choice and equal pay. Consider how Republicans are now talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security, even veterans’ benefits, to pay for their tax cuts, which have exclusively benefitted investors. There is a lot of willful blindness there. What the Republican party is left with is the investing class, the religious right, militarists, racists and “deplorables,” what the late Bill Hicks called the “people who hate people party.”


“Walk away from the headlines, take a 30,000-foot, historical view, and that’s what we are seeing now. Analysts still assume resource holders like the Koch Brothers dominate, that technology doesn’t care about policy. This makes the most important headline of the week Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff’s purchase of Time Magazine. It was the fourth major media property to go directly into the hands of a tech billionaire, following Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post, Laurene Powell Jobs’ purchase of The Atlantic, and Patrick Soon-Shiong’s purchase of the Los Angeles Times.”


“Tech doesn’t care about the bodies these minds are to be found in, where they come from, what color their skin is, what their sex is or who they love, how old they are, even whether their bodies are fully capable. They want brains and any government which seeks to limit the supply is going down.”


“Washington is the last place to get the word on change, especially generational change.”

Dana Blankenhorn

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This was such great article that I was spoiled for choice when it came to choosing a quote. Sorry.

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