Taxi Chronicles - Boris

This is a story I wrote based on news I read at the end of 2014. The story is meant to be in the voice’ of a London Black Cab Driver.

You got to love Boris - friend of London - friend of Cabbies - and now sticking it to the Yanks. Love it. Love, love love.

Seems like he is ignoring US demands for taxes he owes. He argues that it’s nothing to do with the U.S. Embassy’s inability to pay the London congestion charges. (Of course not Boris!)

Boris revealed in a recent Guardian interview that he is refusing to pay a tax demand issued to him by US authorities — despite previously lambasting the US embassy in London over its failure to pay the congestion charge.

Love him, I mean they have their rules - God love them - but really one day they’ll have to understand that they are a country of 300 million - give or take the odd illegal’ … But Mother Earth is a planet of 7 billion - give or take the odd alien’ … and we all do play by different rules.

I mean viva le difference’ an’ all that - I mean you know me - not exactly a fan of the Frenchies - but sometimes they have it nailed. Know what I mean?

So anyway - old Boris - I think he’s on to something. I mean it wasn’t us that coined the old no taxation without representation” .. But you know - now you mention it …. Spot on.

So hands off Yankees …. An’ I’m not talking Baseball … Know what I mean ?

Inspired By An Article I Saw In The Guardian

Originally written November, 2014

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