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“Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In are starting to look like Ivanka Trump and Women Who Work, just privileged posers and empty rhetoric. Dec 15, 2018 quote & living.notes ” Stowe Boyd Perception .. Is It Reality? .. Nov 1, 2018 quote & observations ”The level of ambition out here (California) coupled with the complete lack of irony just blows my mind.” A fellow Brit passing through ‘the Trump Won’t Go Quietly Sep 9, 2018 quote & politics “We’ll be lucky if he loses in 2020. And even if he loses, we’ll be fortunate if he concedes without being literally carried out of the Oval Office 🎵 What Might Have Been Feb 28, 2018 🎵 & quote & internet.thoughts ”The group that might have “done a Radiohead” if they’d had a single like Creep. And if they’d been younger when they started making proper Work. Though Not In Praise Of It. Feb 28, 2018 quote & internet.thoughts “Why do we work so long and so hard? The mystery here is not that we are required to work or that we are expected to devote so much time and energy
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