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On Republicans Feb 18, 2019 politics & quotes ”In reality, the gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism” Avik Roy Ace Ain’t No Ace Dec 17, 2018 politics Ace Frehley Says All Americans ‘Should Get Behind’ Donald Trump “Let me say this about Trump,” he said. “Whether you love him or hate him, if Wisconsin Gerrymandering Was Awesome Dec 15, 2018 politics “The end result is that Republicans won 46 percent of the statewide vote but 64 percent of the seats in the state Assembly. Now that’s What’s in a Name? Dec 15, 2018 politics House Labor Committee Reborn. “And what are the evil labor bosses advocating? A fair minimum wage, fair and meaningful immigration reform, The Slippery Slope of Complicity Dec 15, 2018 politics “A wannabe Mussolini and his party of apparatchiks.” Paul Krugman The Full Story Says so much with so few words. This data back to August Panama Papers Nov 29, 2018 politics German police raid Deutsche Bank headquarters over alleged money laundering “The investigation is focused on whether Germany’s biggest bank helped Tsunamis vs. Waves Nov 29, 2018 politics & observations “As soon as it became apparent that Democrats would win the U.S. House, analysts began asking whether this was a “wave” election. It wasn’t. It was The Deficit Didn’t Explode Because Trump’s an Idiot Nov 26, 2018 politics “Trump comes across as possessing every bit as much fiscal acumen as you would expect from a man who managed to bankrupt a casino, required Stopping Brexit? Nov 26, 2018 politics EU’s top court hears UK exit reversal case “Europe’s top court will hold an urgent hearing on Tuesday over whether Britain can unilaterally reverse Can EU states block Brexit deal? Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment “The Spanish prime minister’s threats to block a Brexit deal this week over Madrid’s claims to Britain’s tiny territory of Gibraltar on the Spanish Day 670: Steadfast Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment ” Ivanka claimed she didn’t know the rules about using a personal email account for government business.” Matt Kiser The Full Story With ‘Unlimited Funds to Lie’ Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment Insurance Industry Readies Propaganda Blitz as Medicare for All Surges “Medicare for All is rapidly surging in popularity among the American public Trump Tries To Explain Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment Why He’s Letting Saudi Leader Off Scot Free ““The statement was a stark distillation of the Trump worldview: remorselessly transactional, heedless Nearly 1,600 Workers Have Left Since Trump Took Office Nov 21, 2018 politics “Since President Donald Trump took office, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has seen an exodus of nearly 1,600 former federal employees, What’s Good For The Goose Nov 19, 2018 politics ”According to Politico, in 2015 the House Republican leadership changed a rule to permit many of their committee chairmen to issue subpoenas America Could Use Some Deals Nov 19, 2018 politics “A record 114 million Americans went to the polls and did what they tend to do in normal presidencies. Since World War II, the average loss for the Huxley On Propaganda Nov 1, 2018 politics ”I mean, what were Hitler’s methods? Hitler used terror on the one kind, brute force on the one hand, but he also used a very efficient form of Putin Didn’t Make Us Racist Oct 31, 2018 politics “Putin may have stolen the 2016 election, but Putin didn’t make us racist” Dave Chapelle The Full Story Making A Difference Oct 30, 2018 politics I don’t live in Josh Harder’s District. Hell, being a citizen of the old country …. I can’t even vote … but that isn’t stopping me from spending The Gerontocracy is Driving America into the Ditch Oct 17, 2018 politics ” The United States, circa 2018, looks like a place run by people who know they’re going to die soon. As “once in a lifetime” storms crash over our Why It Can Happen Here Oct 15, 2018 politics “We’re very close to becoming another Poland or Hungary.” Paul Krugman The Full Story Frightening. …. What Are Your Thoughts? Why a conservative social network would fail Oct 15, 2018 politics “Most people are not primarily political animals, not even now, in the age of Trump. Instagram has become a runaway success precisely because it Vote. No Excuses. Vote. Oct 15, 2018 politics “Honestly this presidency is just so exhausting. Please vote in November, okay?” John Scalzi The Full Story Couldn’t have said it better. I Trump’s 4 Biggest Lies about Today’s Economy Oct 15, 2018 politics “Best job growth ever.” - Wrong “Lowest unemployment rate ever.” - Rubbish “Fastest economic growth in history.” - Wrong again “Best wages, ever.” Trump Is So Predictable Oct 15, 2018 politics I wrote this yesterday after reading that Trump was going to call Saudi King Salman about journalist Khashoggi I predicted he would say: ’you know, Top 7 Signs Willie Nelson Might not be a Republican Oct 15, 2018 politics “Music legend Willie Nelson is doing a benefit concert for Democratic senator hopeful in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, provoking the anger of some The Rise Of The Teachers Oct 15, 2018 politics “Out of the 19 Republicans who voted against raising taxes to fund the teacher pay increases, only four survived the primaries and will be on the The Eye of the Hurricane Oct 15, 2018 politics “How high can the 2018 wave get? Consider that Trump has been doing everything possible to anger farmers and other manufacturers with his tariff Sinclair Lewis - It Can’t Happen Here Oct 15, 2018 politics “This 83-year-old novel has received some new attention for certain parallels with the current U.S. administration. Set during the time it was Right Wing Power Grabs Oct 15, 2018 politics “‘IOKIYAR’ or “It’s OK if you are Republican” has been used for years now, to describe how all scandals that demolish the careers of Resistance Is Not Futile Oct 15, 2018 politics ” If he’s unfit for office, say so. Resign and call for impeachment or stay and invoke the 25th Amendment.” David Frum The Full Story Given Report Confirms Trump Involvement In Moving FBI Oct 15, 2018 politics “When we began this investigation, the prospect that President Trump was personally involved in the government-led redevelopment of a property in No Argument Oct 15, 2018 politics “I can’t be held responsible for his actions. I can only be held responsible for my own actions. The one thing about this president, he certainly Mueller Investigation Has Already Paid For Itself Oct 15, 2018 politics “Manafort also agreed to forfeit multiple properties and bank accounts, participate in interviews, provide documents, and testify to the grand How Fred Trump turned ‘The Don’ into the monster he is now Oct 15, 2018 politics “I was, like, the top-ranking guy in terms of the military. That doesn’t mean I was able to get along with people, because the reason I went [to Making Tariffs Corrupt Again Oct 15, 2018 politics “In short, while the Trump tariffs may not be that big (yet), they have already turned us into an unreliable partner, a nation whose trade policy Make America Great Again Oct 15, 2018 politics “Despite a strong economy, about 40 percent of American families struggled to meet at least one of their basic needs last year, including paying Koch-Backed Group Supports Restoring Felon Voting Rights Oct 15, 2018 politics “A national group with close ties to the Koch Brothers, Freedom Partners, has thrown its support behind Amendment 4 on the Florida ballot — the Ignorance Is Bliss … Until It Is Too Late Oct 15, 2018 politics “America is under attack. It’s true. We are under attack in a war that very few Americans, most especially including those in charge, or those Hidden In Full Sight Oct 15, 2018 politics “See the pattern? It’s going down. The Republican Party has been an ebbing tide for decades. That’s why we have the Jim Crow Project. That’s why Do You Dance Like An Ironing Board? Oct 15, 2018 politics “Turns out Theresa May dances like your ironing board strutting its way into your hallway, ready for action.” Jordan Bassett The Full Story I Dimwits. Halfwits. Idiots. Oct 15, 2018 politics “After Nike hires Colin Kaepernick for an ad campaign, conservative halfwits destroy own property to ‘own the libs’. Conservatives are mad, Desperate - Or Despicable? Oct 15, 2018 politics “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has apparently decided the best way to help his struggling re-election campaign is to piss Texans off even more, by sending Days of Fear, Years of Obstruction Oct 15, 2018 politics “Why did the slump last so long? Cynical, bad-faith Republican politics.” Paul Krugman The Full Story As my Oz friends would have it … “Harsh Crap At Business, Great At The Con Oct 15, 2018 politics “In one 1987 scheme, Fred Trump paid $15.5 million for a stake in Donald’s Trump Palace condos in Manhattan in 1987. Four years later Fred dumped Court Rules MEPs’ Expense Spending To Remain Secret Oct 15, 2018 politics “European parliamentarians who receive tens of millions of dollars in public money through a secretive expenses system won’t have to reveal how Congress Finally Stands Up to Trump Oct 15, 2018 politics ““But the GOP congressional leadership’s decision last week not to give Donald Trump the $5 billion he wants for a wall between the United States Colin Kaepernick and Nike Oct 15, 2018 politics “The NFL painted itself into the wrong corner on this issue.” John Gruber The Full Story What @gruber said. Meanwhile don’t these people Colin Kaepernick and Nike Oct 15, 2018 politics “The NFL painted itself into the wrong corner on this issue.” John Gruber The Full Story What @gruber said. Meanwhile don’t these people Bush Won’t Help Ted Cruz Oct 15, 2018 politics ““Former President George W. Bush is hosting a series of fundraising events for vulnerable Republican candidates, including a couple of House Brett Kavanaugh and the Triumph of Movement Conservatism Oct 15, 2018 politics “Kavanaugh’s confirmation will mark the triumph of a conservative legal counter revolution aimed at neutralizing the use of law as an instrument of Blame It on the Base Oct 15, 2018 politics “President Donald Trump on Thursday night told a crowd of most adorning supporters at a campaign-style rally in Montana that if he is ultimately American Bar Association Reopens Kavanaugh Evaluation Oct 15, 2018 politics “The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary said Friday it’s revisiting its evaluation based on “new information of America Winning … Oct 15, 2018 politics “There were larger increases in many of the 195 countries involved in the study, especially in Central America and South America. Researchers said Agreeing With Both Opposing Thoughts Oct 15, 2018 politics “Bob Woodward Rolls Out His Book On The Trump Presidency So Far. It’s At The Same Time Both Shocking And Completely Unsurprising.” The Chaos Trump Won’t Go Quietly Sep 9, 2018 quote & politics “We’ll be lucky if he loses in 2020. And even if he loses, we’ll be fortunate if he concedes without being literally carried out of the Oval Office How Did We Get Here? Aug 25, 2018 politics “McCain empowered a demagogue who put the Republican Party on the path to Donald Trump.” Laura McGann The Full Story Too soon? It’s certainly The G.O.P.’s Climate of Paranoia Aug 20, 2018 politics “The war on climate science was a rehearsal for Trump’s war on truth.” Paul Krugman The Full Story Hard to disagree. No? …. What Are Your Omarosa Aug 17, 2018 politics “Omarosa Manigault Newman ‘has a stash of video, emails, text messages and other documentation’ of rampant fear and loathing inside the Trump White Constitutional Crisis in Slow Motion Feb 28, 2018 politics & internet.thoughts ”Firing Mueller is a definite possibility. People say that that would create a constitutional crisis, but I say that we are already trapped in a Trump Repeats Nixon’s Fateful Panic Feb 28, 2018 politics & internet.thoughts “The Republican Party is so infected with Trumpism, so fevered in its defense of him, so completely compromised by its alignment with him, that its One On Chuck Feb 28, 2018 politics & internet.thoughts “In addition to openly refusing to pressure his caucus to unite against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, Senate The Good Economic News Is Actually Bad Feb 28, 2018 politics & economics & internet.thoughts ”Today, 104 months after the recovery from the Great Recession began in June 2009 (when the savings rate was 6.6 percent), 2.5 million homes are Let Them Eat French Fries Feb 28, 2018 politics & internet.thoughts ”It’s such an obvious scam that you might think either that its perpetrators would get embarrassed or that the public would get wise. But the first Has Trumphoria Finally Hit a Wall Feb 28, 2018 politics & internet.thoughts ”Meanwhile, the current secretary of the Treasury — who declared of Davos, “I don’t think it’s a hangout for globalists” — may be the least Constitutional Crisis Feb 28, 2018 politics & internet.thoughts ”For him, this is the ultimate game of Machismo Monopoly: The properties are at stake and there’s a “Go To Jail” square in Robert Mueller’s
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