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Defining Digital Identity Jul 12, 2019 people.first Digital Identity, in its simplest form, is a digital means of establishing we are who we say we are. There are at least three types of digital The Mechanics Of Business Jun 28, 2019 people.first A business is a ‘machine’ designed to maximize ‘shareholder value’. It processes ‘time and materials’ (the business input) for a cost, to create Sometimes You Wonder Jun 19, 2019 people.first I have added bold in the para below .. ”One aspect of work is creativity and related to that is an article by Om Malik published yesterday; A Data Manifesto May 28, 2019 business.of.tech & people.first Not mine - Kevin Kelly’s …. and interesting enough to capture for posterity. Not sure I agree with it all … but it’s a starting point. Published on Alan Jacobs asked in one of his recent newsletters …. May 23, 2019 people.centered.economy & people.first “I love the idea of a library of things or Thingery — where you can borrow rather than buy or Read this if you’ve got ‘nothing to hide’ May 6, 2019 people.first What an excellent 4 paragraphs, extracted form a larger - but not that long - article on Read Write Web. ”Saying you don’t care about privacy A quote appeared in an article today that resonated deeply … and then it opened up some moments leading to a reminder of the Queen song … ‘Is This The World We Created. Apr 17, 2019 quote & politics & people.first & around.the.world A quote appeared in an article today that resonated deeply … and then it opened up some moments leading to a reminder of the Queen song … ‘Is This There’s an old poker adage - if you can’t work out who the sucker is at the table - you are the sucker. Apr 16, 2019 surveillance.capitalism & people.first A more recent twist - ’if you aren’t paying Job Disatisfaction … However You Cut it. Apr 4, 2019 future.of.work & observations & people.first From Stowe Boyd’s ‘Workplace Newsletter’: CNBC and Survey Monkey worked together on a Q1 2019 @Work Survey “85% of respondents say they are very or Twenty Six Billion Phone Calls Last Year Apr 3, 2019 business.of.tech & people.first Robo-callers rang Americans’ phones 26 billion times last year. Turns out, Congress have woken up …. ”Under bipartisan legislation, called the This is Not Your Father’s VC Uniform Apr 3, 2019 business.of.tech & observations & people.first A while back Business Insider reported that a vending machine selling vests in SFO was raking in $10,000 per month! Turns out that for all these VC Spotify And How They Will Make Money In The Future? Apr 3, 2019 people.first Music is Booming, But Spotify Isn’t the Winner My highlight below … ”Spotify is working on ways to improve its negotiating leverage, but these are Why The New York Times did not sign up for Apple News+ Apr 3, 2019 people.first “We’ve been pretty deliberate about saying that the best place you can experience journalism is through a relationship with a news provider,” Doc Searls On ‘Markets’ and ‘Content’. Mar 28, 2019 people.first Delighted to see Doc Searls wroting about two of my People First tenets. “Most of what we call “markets” are pure abstractions. We see markets How to tell the difference between persuasion and manipulation Mar 26, 2019 people.first “This way of thinking about manipulation tells us something about how to recognise it. It is tempting to think that manipulation is a kind of People First Tenets Mar 23, 2019 living.list & people.first {} The Challenge Of Self-sovereign Identity In The Digital World Mar 20, 2019 politics & people.first My bold “Dubus speaks about”that membrane of inviolability that should be around every human being.” Expanding on that, he adds, “You can’t violate The Present Of Work Mar 13, 2019 people.centered.economy & observations & people.first The present of work is not just about ‘when’. Look through a different lens and suddenly we realize that it is exactly that. A gift. We are Work - There Has To Be A Better Way. Mar 12, 2019 people.first & business.of.tech & people.centered.economy In their recent Core Intuition podcast, I think @manton and @danielpunkass were touching on - though (IMHO) not getting to two things. Bottom line, The Incredible Story Of The Incredibles Mar 12, 2019 people.first & those.creatives “Concerned about resting on their laurels, the studio’s founders, Steve Jobs and Ed Catmull, hired the company’s first outside director, Brad Bird, The Devil Is In The Detail Mar 7, 2019 people.first & surveillance.capitalism “Each thermostat comes with a “privacy policy,” a “terms-of-service agreement,” and an “end-user licensing agreement.” And that’s just the start … Scared Yet? Mar 7, 2019 people.first & surveillance.capitalism “Surveillance capitalism is no longer confined to the competitive dramas of the large internet companies, where behavioral futures markets were Welcome To The Machine Feb 27, 2019 people.first A corporation exists to ‘maximize its shareholder value’. Yes, there are other reasons - but all fall away quickly under any scrutiny. Why? Because A Start to Solving The People Centered Economy Feb 27, 2019 people.centered.economy & people.first Vint Cerf and David Nordfors in their new book ‘The People Centered Economy’ introduced an idea that started to examine a new way of thinking about Sur-veil-lance Cap-i-tal-ism, n. Feb 26, 2019 people.first & surveillance.capitalism “A new economic order that claims human experience as free raw material for hidden commercial practices of extraction, prediction, and sales.” We Are Thinking About The Future Of Work All Wrong Feb 20, 2019 people.first Stowe Boyd writing today in his newsletter: “I am ambivalent about authors making too grand a case in favor of finding meaning and purpose through “For instance, onboarding training ….. Feb 18, 2019 people.first will also give them an idea of how they will fit into the whole organization.” I look forward to the day when The Economy Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy The task centered economy is driven by market forces aiming at lowering the cost of tasks while The people-centered economy is driven by market Meaningful Work Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy Meaningful work lies at the heart of every successful economy.” Creating Value Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy Today, most businesses are ‘task centered’ because they see value creation in tasks or jobs being done. While the task-centered economy says that we Goals For A People Centered Economy Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy “We do meaningful work with people we like Being valued by people we don’t know Providing for the people we love In Praise of Idleness Feb 6, 2019 people.first ”A great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuousness of work, and that the road to happiness and prosperity lies “Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In are starting to look like Ivanka Trump and Women Who Work, just privileged posers and empty rhetoric. Dec 15, 2018 quotes & people.first ” Stowe Boyd The Future of Work Dec 14, 2018 people.first The profession of sales has just gone the way of all the others. Everyone today is a writer, a photographer, a networker, a sales pro … the real AI and The Future Of Work Dec 3, 2018 people.first “I grow weary of commentators making the assertion — with little evidence or backup, aside from the comments of like-mined The Gig Economy Nov 28, 2018 future.of.work & people.first “When we think “gig economy,” we tend to picture an Uber driver or a TaskRabbit tasker rather than a lawyer or a doctor, but in reality, this Send Me Home Nov 21, 2018 on.humanity & people.first & no.comment “In May 1975, 18-year-old Rickey Jackson was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio for a murder he didn’t commit. After being convicted, he spent two and a December 10th - Who Will Be There? Nov 18, 2018 people.first Everyone Should Be!   Celebrate With Us And Register Now (Too small? Click on the image to make for easier reading) I don’t often publish and December 10th Celebrates 70 years of Our Freedoms Nov 18, 2018 people.first Put It down to The Declaration of Human Rights.   Celebrate With Us And Register Now (Too small? Click on the image to make for easier What Are You Doing On December 10th? Nov 18, 2018 people.first Celebrating the Seventieth Birthday of the Declaration of Human Rights? People Centered Internet, (putting humanity at the center of the Stop Walmart Act Nov 17, 2018 people.first “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) will set their sights on America’s largest private employer by introducing the”Stop Salary Negotiation Oct 16, 2018 people.first José Azar of IESE Business School at the University of Navarra, Ioana Marinescu of the University of Pennsylvania, and Marshall Steinbaum of the Odd … Isn’t It? Oct 16, 2018 people.first When you were aged twenty to thirty years old, you were told that you did not have sufficient experience to do the job. Now you are forty to fifty Power To The People Oct 15, 2018 people.first Vendors spend billions of dollars every year on software to manage their ‘customer relationships’. While we (the people) don’t even have software Privacy Is Not Absolute Feb 28, 2018 business.of.tech & people.first & observations The US is among a consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors. “The privacy of Internet users”is not absolute,” according to a For People of Color … Feb 28, 2018 people.first & observations … banks are shutting the door to homeownership “Fifty years after the federal Fair Housing Act banned racial discrimination in lending, African
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