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AI and The Future Of Work Dec 3, 2018 people.first “I grow weary of commentators making the assertion — with little evidence or backup, aside from the comments of like-mined The Gig Economy Nov 28, 2018 future.of.work & people.first “When we think “gig economy,” we tend to picture an Uber driver or a TaskRabbit tasker rather than a lawyer or a doctor, but in reality, this Send Me Home Nov 21, 2018 on.humanity & people.first & no.comment “In May 1975, 18-year-old Rickey Jackson was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio for a murder he didn’t commit. After being convicted, he spent two and a December 10th - Who Will Be There? Nov 18, 2018 people.first Everyone Should Be!   Celebrate With Us And Register Now (Too small? Click on the image to make for easier reading) I don’t often publish and December 10th Celebrates 70 years of Our Freedoms Nov 18, 2018 people.first Put It down to The Declaration of Human Rights.   Celebrate With Us And Register Now (Too small? Click on the image to make for easier What Are You Doing On December 10th? Nov 18, 2018 people.first Celebrating the Seventieth Birthday of the Declaration of Human Rights? People Centered Internet, (putting humanity at the center of the Stop Walmart Act Nov 17, 2018 people.first “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) will set their sights on America’s largest private employer by introducing the”Stop Salary Negotiation Oct 16, 2018 people.first José Azar of IESE Business School at the University of Navarra, Ioana Marinescu of the University of Pennsylvania, and Marshall Steinbaum of the Odd … Isn’t It? Oct 16, 2018 people.first When you were aged twenty to thirty years old, you were told that you did not have sufficient experience to do the job. Now you are forty to fifty Power To The People Oct 15, 2018 people.first Vendors spend billions of dollars every year on software to manage their ‘customer relationships’. While we (the people) don’t even have software Privacy Is Not Absolute Feb 28, 2018 business.of.tech & people.first & internet.thoughts The US is among a consortium of nations calling for encryption back doors. “The privacy of Internet users”is not absolute,” according to a For People of Color … Feb 28, 2018 people.first & internet.thoughts … banks are shutting the door to homeownership “Fifty years after the federal Fair Housing Act banned racial discrimination in lending, African
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