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Alan Jacobs asked in one of his recent newsletters …. May 23, 2019 people.centered.economy & people.first “I love the idea of a library of things or Thingery — where you can borrow rather than buy or Gig Worker, Freelancer, Independent Contractor … Whatever you call yourself - this is important … Mar 23, 2019 people.centered.economy & future.of.work & observations Both these extracts taken from Stowe Boyds’ Newsletter today If you sent already track him … you should. ”These requests put Uber in a bind. The The Present Of Work Mar 13, 2019 people.centered.economy & observations & people.first The present of work is not just about ‘when’. Look through a different lens and suddenly we realize that it is exactly that. A gift. We are Work - There Has To Be A Better Way. Mar 12, 2019 people.first & business.of.tech & people.centered.economy In their recent Core Intuition podcast, I think @manton and @danielpunkass were touching on - though (IMHO) not getting to two things. Bottom line, A Start to Solving The People Centered Economy Feb 27, 2019 people.centered.economy & people.first Vint Cerf and David Nordfors in their new book ‘The People Centered Economy’ introduced an idea that started to examine a new way of thinking about The Economy Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy The task centered economy is driven by market forces aiming at lowering the cost of tasks while The people-centered economy is driven by market Creating Value Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy Today, most businesses are ‘task centered’ because they see value creation in tasks or jobs being done. While the task-centered economy says that we Meaningful Work Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy Meaningful work lies at the heart of every successful economy." Goals For A People Centered Economy Feb 18, 2019 people.first & people.centered.economy "We do meaningful work with people we like Being valued by people we don’t know Providing for the people we love