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Tangential … or Random Jan 28, 2019 observations Either way, I think there is a connection, I read this and wondered .. do I care? Rich dudes who are ready to be suckered in to buying Are Millennials “Just Poor”? Dec 15, 2018 observations “No. It’s not. This is something I gripe about periodically, but when you say Millennial everyone immediately thinks of a bright, young The Yield Curve Has Inverted! Dec 15, 2018 observations “That all makes sense, but why do investors think the Fed will shortly be reducing interesting rates? Because a recession is coming.” Kevin On Blogs in the Social Media Age Dec 15, 2018 observations “Succeeding in this market, like succeeding with a business venture, can be ruthlessly difficult. There’s lots of competition for the attention SpaceX Announces First Private Passenger for Moon Trip Dec 15, 2018 observations “Yusaku Maezawa is the creator and chief executive of the online clothing store Zozo. Maezawa wants to take a trip around the moon using the News Is A Commodity Dec 14, 2018 observations I think I have worked out why what The Correspondent is up to resonates so well with me. “News is to the mind what fast food is to the body. It Tsunamis vs. Waves Nov 29, 2018 politics & observations “As soon as it became apparent that Democrats would win the U.S. House, analysts began asking whether this was a “wave” election. It wasn’t. It was End Of Worlds? Nov 26, 2018 observations “During 2019 prices will rise because Trump’s tax cut party must be paid for. An annual deficit of over $1 trillion and rising, placed alongside An Endless Black Friday of the Soul Nov 26, 2018 observations “As a writer, I am part of the 35 percent of the American work force that now works freelance in some capacity, either as a main source of income J.J. Abrams Nov 21, 2018 observations Now he is creating an Indie Music Label … it’s name is Loud Robot. “Company will focus on both emerging and established artists Ryan Reed The Bond - As Done By Herzog Nov 21, 2018 observations “Director of Belfast thriller ’71 is among the favourites to take over the franchise film following exit of Danny Boyle.” Vanessa Thorpe The Why I Stopped Listening To ’Tech’ Podcasts Nov 21, 2018 observations OK. Not completely, but I used to listen to a lot more than I do today. I stopped and was asking myself why. Sure, I remain subscribed, but in Thinking Nov 21, 2018 observations … I might have ‘Ghosts in my Machine’. Might. Might. The Sound Track Of My Life Nov 21, 2018 🗒 & observations I have an icebreaker that I use at parties. You know, when you are talking to someone and the conversation dries up …. so I would ask … “ what would Recent Customer Service Response Times and Experiences Nov 21, 2018 observations Maybe it is time for some of America’s ‘fine’ institutions to take some lessons from the indie web movement. For whatever reason, this past week, I 🎵 Black Sabbath to be honoured by the City of Birmingham Nov 20, 2018 🎵 & observations “Any fan of Black Sabbath knows the band formed in 1968 in Birmingham. To this day, despite the arrival of groups like The Spencer Davis Group, the Owning Your Own Work Nov 19, 2018 💡 & observations Before I start my article, I am dropping this short paragrpah and link here - after publication. I only became aware of it it recently, through my Sweetbridge Network Operators Nov 17, 2018 observations “Sweetbridge is not a company. It’s a federated network.” Read More A Party For Time Travellers Nov 2, 2018 observations For Sale: An Invitation to Stephen Hawking’s Cocktail Party for Time Travelers ”There were balloons. There was champagne. There was a giant banner, The Climax State Nov 2, 2018 observations “There are going to be many, many casualties over the next few years, both economic and real. A lot of investors who, like me, thought themselves Perception .. Is It Reality? .. Nov 1, 2018 quote & observations ”The level of ambition out here (California) coupled with the complete lack of irony just blows my mind.” A fellow Brit passing through ‘the I Am Using Micro Blog and Blot.IM To Replace Corporately Owned ‘Social’ Spaces. You Should Too. Oct 30, 2018 micro.blog & blot.im & observations This Started As An EMail, in response to a question posed by Doc Searls on the ‘Project VRM mail list’ … and as I finished it - I realized that it Opportunism Oct 19, 2018 observations “Meanwhile British and French investors were forced by their governments to sell off foreign assets to raise dollars for war purchases, and Seriously? Oct 15, 2018 🗒 & and.another.thing & observations Nah … not here. Mill Valley, Marin .. self proclaimed bastion of making the world a fairer place. Where the residents are increasingly It Didn’t Have To Be That Way Oct 8, 2018 quotes & observations ”Unlike ‘blockchain’ or ‘digital twins’, ethics and privacy are not at all new concepts. They’ve been discussion topics for philosophers and The JFK Memorial at Runnymede Sep 14, 2018 observations & around.the.world “Following the assassination of the former President in 1963, the British government decided to commemorate his life with a monument. The sculpture Tiny House Living As A Community Feb 28, 2018 observations & internet.thoughts I came across these words recently in a bulletin board system I belong to and I liked them. I get and have seen the Tiny House movement develop from
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