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Catching Up Or Cheating ? Dec 11, 2018 🗒 & 🔗 & no.comment I sometimes save off links to come back to and write about. And then weeks even months later, find them again. The moment has passed. Forgotten what Israeli minister urges Airbnb boycott Nov 21, 2018 business.of.tech & no.comment “An Israeli cabinet minister called on Wednesday for a boycott of Airbnb and promoted one of its rivals, escalating the government’s response to Building Technology for Good Nov 21, 2018 business.of.tech & no.comment “Here’s something to think about: Apple has almost the inverse ethos as Facebook. Both Facebook and iPhone have massively transformed the world. Apple knows 5G is about infrastructure Nov 21, 2018 business.of.tech & no.comment … NOT mobile phones “But sometimes writers looking for a story don’t fully understand what they are talking about.” Robert X. Cringely The Full Can EU states block Brexit deal? Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment “The Spanish prime minister’s threats to block a Brexit deal this week over Madrid’s claims to Britain’s tiny territory of Gibraltar on the Spanish Day 670: Steadfast Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment ” Ivanka claimed she didn’t know the rules about using a personal email account for government business.” Matt Kiser The Full Story With ‘Unlimited Funds to Lie’ Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment Insurance Industry Readies Propaganda Blitz as Medicare for All Surges “Medicare for All is rapidly surging in popularity among the American public Trump Tries To Explain Nov 21, 2018 politics & no.comment Why He’s Letting Saudi Leader Off Scot Free ““The statement was a stark distillation of the Trump worldview: remorselessly transactional, heedless Send Me Home Nov 21, 2018 on.humanity & people.first & no.comment “In May 1975, 18-year-old Rickey Jackson was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio for a murder he didn’t commit. After being convicted, he spent two and a
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