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Some Educated Guesses. Mar 30, 2020 living.list Another living document - this time thinking about predictions. USA residents won’t be travelling abroad in May. Another major stimulus into the Interesting ‘Laws’ Mar 26, 2019 🗒 & living.list Named after Stetson University mathematician Erich Friedman, is a number that can be calculated using its own digits, such as 736 = 36 + 7 or 3281 = People First Tenets Mar 23, 2019 living.list & people.first {} Introducing Living Notes For Better Timeliness Dec 15, 2018 🗒 & living.list As I am building out my new sites at ‘Words’, ‘Pictures’ and ‘Sounds’ … purging dross, reorganizing and moving content from social silos, creating Free Photo Resources Dec 15, 2018 living.list & useful.resources & those.creatives I built this list a couple of years ago - prompted by work that Dustin Senos was doing. I had forgotten all about it, and then out of the blue - Catching Up Or Cheating ? Dec 11, 2018 🗒 & 🔗 & living.list I sometimes save off links to come back to and write about. And then weeks even months later, find them again. The moment has passed. Forgotten what The Sound Track Of My Life Nov 21, 2018 🗒 & living.list I have an icebreaker that I use at parties. You know, when you are talking to someone and the conversation dries up …. so I would ask … “ what would BIZCATALYST 360° Sep 2, 2018 🗒 & living.list An index to my published People Passion 360 articles at BIZCATALYST 360°. Last updated : February 4th, 2020. All articles are listed in reverse Podcasts I Keep An Ear On Aug 20, 2018 living.list I used Castro for listening but keep it all synched with Apple’s Podcast App in case the Apple App gets better. Pulling the OPML out is very easy The standard footers Jan 1, 2016 🗒 & living.list I have a total of 6 standard footers running through this site. What follows is their content.
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