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Micro Monday Recommendations Nov 19, 2018 community (〽️icro 〽️onday Recommendations) and and As I recommend Micro Monday people, I will add them here. I don’t think this is quite complete yet. Mastodon People on Micro Blog Nov 11, 2018 community I am running a list which I think you can get to here. @amit @brandenslen @dancohen @droct 1999 People on Micro Blog Oct 9, 2018 community These are the people that were on Dave Winer’s 1999 and are now on Micro Blog aswell (or instead of). @andysylvester still kinda runs his 1999 site The Micro Blot Community Sep 26, 2018 help.blot & community (MicroBlog People who also use Blot) @amit | Excursions @atog | Koen Van der Auwera’s blog @bitdepth | Bitdepth - Widen The Web @burk | // Jason Micro Blog Resources Sep 26, 2018 community WIP as I think through the best way to do this? Native in Mastodon with lists - but lists cant be public. (Thinking about this one) Wishes Swag Apple Music People on Micro Blog Sep 26, 2018 community @amit @bennomatic @endonend @hjalm @simonwoods @stefp … and @johnphilpin
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