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The Micro Blog Newsletters Jun 12, 2019 Newsletters by Micro Bloggers & community An index of MicroBlog People who produce newsletters … let me know on Micro Blog if you want your publication to to be added. List in alphabetical Micro Monday Recommendations Nov 19, 2018 community (〽️icro 〽️onday Recommendations) and and As I recommend Micro Monday people, I will add them here. I don’t think this is quite complete yet. Mastodon People on Micro Blog Nov 11, 2018 community I am running a list which I think you can get to here. @amit @brandenslen @dancohen @droct 1999 People on Micro Blog Oct 9, 2018 community These are the people that were on Dave Winer’s 1999 and are now on Micro Blog aswell (or instead of). @andysylvester still kinda runs his 1999 site Micro Blog Resources Sep 26, 2018 community WIP as I think through the best way to do this? Native in Mastodon with lists - but lists cant be public. Wishes Swag Quotes Other Resources Apple Music People on Micro Blog Sep 26, 2018 community @amit @bennomatic @endonend @hjalm @simonwoods @stefp … and @johnphilpin The Micro Blot Community Sep 26, 2018 help.blot & community (MicroBlog People who also use Blot) @amit | Excursions @atog | Koen Van der Auwera’s blog @bitdepth | Bitdepth - Widen The Web @burk | // Jason
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