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The Truth About Deutsche Bank Nov 22, 2020 business.just.business Ever Wonder Why Trump And Deutsche Bank Get Along So Swimmingly? But is Deutsche Bank’s deep-seated interest really the public good? Nah. As one Why You Can’t Seperate Business and Politics Jun 5, 2020 ↩️ & 🔗 & business.just.business Responding To A Post I Read From a friend on LinkedIN This is what he wrote. 💯- with one additional thought. We don’t live in neat orderly buckets Back To Basics - it’s About Being Better. May 30, 2020 🥇 & 💡 & 🖋 & 🔍 & 🗒 & business.just.business The nature of people is that we want to get better and better things for less money faster and faster That is the landscape we are competing in. Cooperatives Apr 18, 2020 🔗 & 🗒 & 🥇 & business.just.business A few links that my friend Andy sent over - just capturing and dropping into here for now. Cleveland Model: How Evergreen Cooperatives Are Building Free Product Placement - Surely That’s A Typo? Jun 4, 2019 🔗 & 💬 & business.just.business Product Placement At Netflix Oh … paid for product placement without declaring it … “If broadcasters and cable TV companies insist on further The Incredible Story Of The Incredibles Mar 15, 2019 🔗 & 🎥 & 💬 & business.just.business “Concerned about resting on their laurels, the studio’s founders, Steve Jobs and Ed Catmull, hired the company’s first outside director, Brad Bird, Streaming Services Are Not Good For Artists Jun 4, 2018 🔗 & 🎵 & business.just.business I keep highlighting that streaming is not good for artists. I keep being told no no no …. it is. So, here is [Jody Gerson][1] on how the