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Ditch The Binary Jul 9, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap thinks that Ditch The Binary might be a good read - though this chap did write it. If you like it - you might want to subscribe to future Good Chaps In General Jul 2, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives Have to say that this chap is jolly glad that chaps like this - I’m talkin’ ‘Joe’ … are out there. Quite apart from his very useful links that he NIMB … P Jun 14, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives The other chap sent this chap this link. You wouldn’t catch this chap saying such, but he’s definitely heard the essence of the piece being uttered Jolly Clever Chaps Jun 14, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but maybe over thinking? In this chap’s other life, he does tend to get a little bit stuck into People, Identity, Self Sovereignty … you know, Music To Bounce To (Redux) Jun 10, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives Not to repeat himself, but this chap has launched a new initiative. Actually - it’s a relaunch. Just Good Music and it is definitely looking a Follow Things Jun 10, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives Let us have your email address and have our posts delivered directly to your inbox. [jetpack_subscription_form show_only_email_and_button=“true” Girth Jun 5, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives The chap has no comment … just passing things along … as we are wont to do. A pair of conceptual artists have claimed the first ASCII penis to be Just Good Music Jun 4, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap has launched a new project over at Just Good Music … which is a multi-author site about ‘all things music’. It ties into the chaps over at If All You Have Is A Hammer - Every Problem Looks Like A Nail May 23, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives Thor Being The Exception … Of Course. This chap has long been in the camp that the “‘pro analysts’ have no clue as to what is happening at Apple.” Who’s Doing The Work Here? May 23, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap received this link from the other chap just a couple of days ago. The English Word That Hasn’t Changed in Sound or Meaning in 8,000 Years Confused? Why? May 16, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives It’s the modern way. Down in LA, The Times reports How Congress can stop Trump from going to war with Iran …. “The Prevention of Unconstitutional An Offer You Can’t Refuse May 16, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives Bloomberg reporting on a ‘possible’ inflated market. This chap has been commenting for a while now that the ‘possibility’ the other chaps talk Shameless Self Promotion May 16, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives Well … maybe not exactly ‘shameless’! Being English and all … this chap finds it hard to get into the whole ’self-promotion- thing and so often Cooking With Gas May 15, 2019 archive.aat & from.the.archives This was going to be just a test - but I have a feeling it could be more - like a whole new workflow that is emerging … and could reinvigorate this 🎵 IS A Wonderful Thing …. Nov 27, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives … now move along You Might THINK We Are Ignoring You Nov 20, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives But we are not. It’s just that this stuff is hard! A bit like Human Rights actually How Random Is Random? Jul 29, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This Chap is led to ask the question by his recent international travel experience, which involved TSA’s “Random” testing, of some sort, both It’s All In The Set Up Jul 7, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives A few days in London is a blog post by Gotham Gal, who writes; The greatest thing we can do as citizens of the world is to go and visit other Unclear On The Principle Jul 7, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives The signs were very clear, any small containers with liquids needed to be removed from the luggage and put into a separate see-through plastic bag - Let This Be A Warning Jul 6, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives True Story: Mr. Bojangles stands across the bar from me, waxing lyrical about the inadequacy of his manager. Tight 3 piece suit. Windsor knot on his Satire Or Truth Jun 14, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives You decide. Drawn By Nick Anderson for The Daily Kos. Click through to support him Don’t Judge A Book By Its Covers Jun 10, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap has another blog - People First - over here, where recently he has been writing some short - very short - stories based on conversations Sometimes You Overlook The Obvious Jun 10, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap just had a read of this. It is a Russian propaganda guide to stealing your roommates Burrito. It struck him that they missed the obvious Salt and Pepper Jun 3, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives The chaps are oft brought to write about observations they see, read and hear. This piece is different. This piece is a simple story of a real-life Meetings of the Musical Minds #1 May 30, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives (with many thanks to Modern Toss at the Guardian) Speaking Of Language… May 1, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives (original attributed to Chris Green – found at the Analytical Grammar/Grammar Planet Facebook page) It Just Struck This Chap Apr 21, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives …. as it might strike a chap If You Can’t Say Anything Nice… Apr 18, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Chaps do admit to a continuing love affair with language – “a continuing love affair with language;the sound of their own voices” – fixed that A Different Kind of Pizzagate Apr 17, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Future of Pizza Ordering According To Cambridge Analytica. Is this in our ‘not too distant’ future? Picture the scenario - the other chap is now Web Mentions Apr 16, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives … now what you might ask are those? Well, suffice to say that if this little ballydoo works, this chap will pop back here and try to explain it all. Barry, Not Phyllis Apr 11, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives I don’t think Barry Diller is any relative of Phyllis … but you never know. That said, I did think this was an interesting read. It’s interesting So Long, Dr. Hawking… Mar 14, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.” Dr. Stephen Hawking, 1942- 2018 Redundancy Feb 27, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Apparently the other chap has a friend in town who has brought with him his ‘mini uke’. This chap was just wondering if the ‘mini’ is redundant? Linked Things Feb 9, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives If Trump Wants A Grand Parade… Feb 7, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Of course, in a version suitably sized to the attendance at his inauguration, and tailored to both his musical taste and knowledge of military History Rhymes Feb 5, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This post originally appeared at John.Philpin.com and through the magic of the ‘interwebs’ it arrived here. Enjoy. If you want to browse all the David Does David Feb 5, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Just watch It will take five minutes and 24 seconds of your day. File Under Just Great 🎵 This post originally appeared at John.Philpin.com and Good Grief Feb 1, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives sometimes - you just have to wonder …. Hundreds of top-secret and highly classified cabinet documents have been obtained by the ABC following an The Chaps, Converse Feb 1, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives It isn’t that we share shoes …. more that we interact. It started as a simple chat about the ukelele as an instrument. “Simple”? Ha! Now, no Micro Blog Safely Delivering A Post To Wordpress Jan 31, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This is a specific post - with a specific reason. The specifics relate to using this plug in on one of my wordpress blogs - thankyou for the link Shop Class as Soulcraft Jan 30, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives I captured the following information on this 📚 somewhere ( maybe even here ). I haven’t read it - but it is on my list. I like the look of it. It Informed Consent Jan 30, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives A question raised recently, that ‘everyone’ should be able to answer … How do you make a judgement about what is safe to do online? Good The First Year – In Pictures Jan 30, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives It’s been just a year now that the Worst President Ever has been in office, and the Chaps found a selection of cartoons addressing that short Steven Wilson Jan 30, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives File Under : 🎵 Over the past ten days I have dropped a daily entry of an image, with a comment into the music feed. This is the eleventh in the The Homepod Jan 29, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Apple Homepod Review By An Audio Engineer “Hotel California” by The Eagles. “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo. “Lie To Me” by Depeche Mode. “Fitzpleasure” Artists Start To Get Paid A Bit More Jan 29, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Read All About It “A federal copyright board has raised the music streaming royalties for songwriters and music publishers by more than 40% to Missing The Point Jan 26, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives and wondering whether you’ve missed the plot? Some people are like that in movies. Here (apparently) are contributions from some of them: Original Jazz, Classical We Do It All Really Jan 24, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Interesting that when another chap saw this post yesterday - he immediately replied thus: I’ll call your Led Zeppelin, and raise you a Vivaldi. But Stanley Jordan - Oh My Jan 22, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives via Jacob Gorban Orwellian Jan 18, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives George Orwell wrote some of his most renowned essays for the British left-wing publication Tribune between 1940 and 1947, including Books vs We Kid Trump Not Jan 17, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives There’s a lot of crossover, needless to say. But to this chap, the most recent irksome trend is the caricaturing of POTUS 45 as a small child, four Social Commentary Jan 16, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives In a different world, this chap published this video - well worth a watch. Now there’s another one … Same director. Same sentiments. Same brilliance Breaking Brexit - The UK and France May Drift Apart Jan 16, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives As reported in the Guardian I’m sorry - but to summon up the ghost of Charles Dodgson - how can we drift apart when we are not together to begin I Am My Own Grandpa Jan 16, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Greg - he’s the chap over at Futility closet published this today. Reminded this chap of this …. Sorry - misheard a SHIT song - HIT - got it. Please Who Would You Make A Movie About? Jan 15, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Someone who as a skier is a three-time World Champion represented his country at two Winter Olympics is an eleven-time Gold medalist in skiing Reusable Headlines Jan 14, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap spotted this headline … CES Was Full of Useless Robots and Machines That Don’t Work Whilst this chap would generally agree with this Build The Wall Or Build The Hedge Jan 14, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Thanks to Atlas Obscura for this obscure fact in the atlas … The British Once Built a 1,100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India Illustration By Say What? Jan 14, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Google’s DeepMind tried to justify why it has access to millions of NHS patient records SaveSave SaveSave Secret Bilderberg Meetings Jan 14, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This particular chap had never heard of the Bilderberg Meetings …. and has to say right out of the box … it isn’t the meetings that are secret … You’ve Always Got To Be Careful With Children Jan 13, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives War - What Is It Good For? Jan 13, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Just a quick link to an interesting idea …. The whole comic book on The Nib - written by Chris Hayes and Mike Dawson - is a good way to spend a Rudderless - That’s The Leadership In The UK Jan 12, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives As we observed yesterday, both Nature and Beer Glasses abhor vacuums … so too with leadership. Given that Nigel Farage is this country’s de facto Prince. Rehearsal. 1990. Summertime. Jan 12, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Just Gorgeous Radiohead DOESN’T Sue Lana Del Rey Jan 12, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Read All About It On Pitchfork … and when you do, you would not be blamed for assuming that Radiohead are Suing Lana Del Rey Are pushing for 100% That’s Not A Ceiling Full Of Dollars … Jan 11, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives THAT’S A Ceiling Full Of Dollars! … with thanks to Crocodile Dundee for the inspiration. For those interested, the top photo is of a cute little Urine Luck Jan 11, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Ah yes … technology at its highest calling and delivering the best. A newspaper insert treated to indicate pregnancy if peed on. “Widdle here, get Seriously? Jan 10, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives File This Hobby Under ‘Too Much Time On His Hands’ Jan 10, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Apparently, his wife told him that he needed a hobby Clearly, this is obviously not the paper airplane modeling your dad showed you how to do … Oh England And It’s Identity Jan 9, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives After Brexit, England will have to rethink its identity: … this from Robert Winder at The Guardian. Whilst this chap doesn’t exactly disagree with Tip-toeing Through The Terminology Jan 7, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Irish writer Flann O’Brien created two characters, Keats and Chapman, who popped up time and again with an insane willingness to do anything for Lost In Translation Jan 6, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap took this picture in a little town called Los Algodones - a Mexican border town about 10 minutes from Yuma - including crossing the Language - It Isn’t All Bull Jan 6, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives One of the other chaps made us aware of this little piece in the Guardian … shows how well he knows us … now filed under the cow pat in the top left No Mistletoe Needed Jan 5, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives So, lipstick on two pigs. Nope, no better-looking, even doubled-up Puty’s Gonna Be Upset Jan 5, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Remember this from yesterday? Well it looks like Donny is walking out on him with Ben … First Puty, Then Ben … and now this ? Jan 5, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Fragility Of Modernity Jan 4, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Not this chaps words - but definitely his sentiments … We hugely underestimate the utter fragility of modernity. Many times in history, we’ve I Love Weird Stuff Like This Jan 4, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Shuffle a deck of cards and start dealing them face up one at a time into a pile, counting down from 10 as you go — that is, say “10” as you deal Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President Jan 4, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Well if he didn’t and we didn’t … what the hell happened? (Via … Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’: Inside Trump’s White House) And We Wonder Why We Have Harassment Issues In Business Jan 4, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives From the second paragraph we quickly discovers a veritable contradiction in terms … Many participants don’t seem the least bit embarrassed, much We Don’t Block Ads … We Block TRACKING Jan 4, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Apparently … Advertisers may soon know us better than we know ourselves. The whole article can be read here, but commensurate with one of our Democracy At Work In America Jan 4, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Each (candidate) received 11,608 votes in the race for a Newport News-based seat in the Virginia legislature’s lower chamber. … so how do you Dumbing down Panto Jan 3, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Tory MP Nadine Dorries thinks ‘left-wing snowflakes’ are ‘dumbing down panto’ Good Grief. As the other chap commented … there is something here Sizing Up The Opposition Jan 3, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Yes, it’s come to this. Diplomacy, reality-show-host style. In the end, and we do mean ‘The End’, isn’t the “my missile is bigger than your missile” ‘The Man’ Jan 3, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives As soon as you’re born they make you feel small By giving you no time instead of it all ’Til the pain is so big you feel nothing at all A working Happy New Year Jan 1, 2018 archive.aat & from.the.archives Well it can’t be worse than last. Don’t count on it. The chaps are happy to report that we delivered some 340 posts to out readership last year. Merry Christmas Dec 25, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Advent is over, and so the series draws to an end - but we thought we would share some of the ideas that did not make it … 22/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 24, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives So as we started - shall we finish. Sadly, Mueller doesn’t work as quickly as advent … but he is getting there. If you want to buy this calendar …. 21/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 20/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 19/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives A slight break in the flow … but an important one …. When it is important, you just have to do it. This is one of those things. When the chaps And The List Gets Longer Dec 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 18/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Do You Like My Decorations? from Ross Bollinger on Vimeo Fascism and Communism Dec 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives There is an old joke …. “What is the Difference between Fascism and Communism?” “Fascism is the exploitation of man by man … Communism is the other 17/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives We should (have?) learn(ed?) from Douglas Adams: The major problem [of time travel] is simply one of grammar, and the main work to consult in this Trump Whines Dec 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …. I know - he does all the time …. but this is Trump Wines … Read All About It One Way To Get Peace and Quiet Dec 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Optical Illusion .. And It Isn’t A Trump One Dec 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Read All About It 16/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Twelve Days Of Christmas 12 new indictments 11 fake news crying 10 voter hacking 9 wired convos 8 shady meetings 7 Flynn’s a-flipping 6 Memories Dec 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 15/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 14/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 13/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives You had one job… 12/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 11/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Season’s Priorities! SaveSave A Typical Dialogue Dec 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that the chaps oft’ find themselves in … … and you complain about YOUR problems. This chap spotted the new Panton Color Of The Year We’re 10/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 9/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Sherlock Got A New Job At Costco Dec 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 8/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 7/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Great Expectations? You Can’t Always Get What You Want 6/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 5/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 4/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives 3/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Can one post constitute a theme? On this blog it can. Continuing in the spirit of yesterday’s theme - here’s one that Blue Peter would be proud of 2/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Sometimes simplicity is the best … may I introduce you to the ‘Irish Advent Calendar’. I particulalry like the abiity for year to year reuse, just Nickelback Concert Dec 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives No - this is not the latest Nickelback concert. Any guesses what it was? (Clue - the last 8 years were sell outs.) Let’s just say it was no more, 1/22 Ad Venting Memories Dec 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Given the chap’s penchant for the world of the Orange one - and all that surrounds him … it seemed very appropriate to open up our new ‘ad venting’ Ad Venting Dec 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The chaps often go off on ‘Adventing’ … blowing off steam if you will on the topic of ads … personal data collection, tracking and all of that fluff From Russia, with Love Nov 28, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Wishful thinking or prescience? Either way… Video credit: 1oneclone from Deutschland Some Rough Music … Nov 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Chaps, aware as we are of a long cultural heritage, were impressed to see this account of a recent protest. The organizers’ call was “Get in Speaking of Artisanal Obsession … Nov 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but not everything. There is a, er, downside to going too far. Here’s one graphic artist who might like to rethink it – if it’s not too late … too Hello Nov 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This is sent from an email account Planning Nov 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Well, that was the idea, anyway Or as a great military strategist put it: No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first In Hipster Mode Nov 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives San Francisco, Brooklyn, London’s East End – where will it end Just Trying To Help Nov 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but there are those times – actually, those meetings – when, oh goodness, that’s far from enough. And with the best will in the world, we end up A Little Under The Weather Nov 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Well, yes, the Chaps have been there from time to time. is nothing private any more? We don’t recall this person being with us, but then, perhaps we Donny’s Big Day Out Nov 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives so we were delighted when this little gem wafted to us via Twitter today The hardest part of Mueller's job is deciding whether or not Trump can be Enough Said Oct 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Casting Aspersions Oct 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Sometimes Oct 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Have no fear, of course they are .. I don’t think that … districting for partisan advantage has no positive values. I would point you to, for Tom Petty II Oct 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives But we could hardly let Berkeley Breathed’s own Bloom County tribute pass by unrecognized. Thanks A Peaceful End To An Horrendous Day Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives We Wish Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Filed Under New News Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Someone Mention Trains … Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives that is someone who will be getting a job soon. Probably remote-bombing Syrian wedding parties — but yes Lawyers Clarifying The Velcro Situation Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … sorry the ‘hook and loop’ situation Nice hook, but still — they should stick to what they know. Boom Boom Here We Go Again Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives There is nothing to add to what went on today … the other chap and I had a line - we decided it was too soon - maybe another time …. Meanwhile - Tom Petty Oct 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap linked to this 17 months ago - commemorating the passing of Prince - it is an awesome video - and of course - lead singer — Tom. Jeff and Donny The Trump Oct 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives (and to the unknown artist who we would happily have credited.) Tales of Topographic Notions (II) Sep 29, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It’s a wonderful world, then… https://giphy.com/gifs/space-earth-X6hiFJjvTDAAw .. and one appreciated by many more than just the Chaps. Well, Tales From Topographic Notions Sep 27, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives By the ‘Dean’ of Album Covers The Chaps have proudly proclaimed before their liking for the skillful graphic presentation of varying types of Not Quite Maslow Sep 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives – but what else would you expect from the Chaps? Pip Pip! It’s so wrong - and doesn’t make sense … why would you aspire to just a cup of tea - if It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again Sep 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives As you might imagine, producing such an organ of depth and breadth as this particular publication is no mean feat. We are often never asked how we This Chap Is Confused Sep 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Can we start off with something we don’t know? Well .. did you know that there is a secret entrance to the Whitehouse I did not Yup - apparently - Just Because You Can… (Part 1) Sep 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives While the Chaps are always appreciative of Great Leaps Forward, they also appreciate Great Leaps Sideways, or in some cases Great Standings Still. It’s All About Context Sep 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … is posting some new stuff over here. (Explains why he his so lackadaisical with his duties here, but that’s altogether another thing … I will be Spare A Tear For Rupert Murdoch Sep 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives With all the tragedies and dramas going on in the world these days, this chap was concerned that one small personal tragedy was not getting its due Seeing The World Sep 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Just a great story, nicely presented. Something both Chaps admire This Is The 21st Century … Right ? Sep 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives I ask because we invented the CRT in 1897. CRT Monitors were in wide military use during the 1950s. The Plasma screen appeared in 1964. LED screens Cause For Sadness? Sep 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …my highlights Source - Flowing Data …my concerns … we need to - teach people to tie more stuff - pay more attention in maths classes - be finding Sign Of The Times Sep 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … no not the President saving flood victims - but that people are so gullible that a site likes Snopes has to specifically fact check the story. Happy (Celebrated) Labor Day! Sep 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives with thanks to Existential Comics, and “Office Space” Meanwhile on a more serious (yet related) note - even yet another, another, another chap And Another Eclipse Aug 31, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Seems only right that when one of the chaps takes one position on a topic that the other chap should take another position. I know - we don’t always Turn It All The Way Down To One Aug 31, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Eric Clapton interview and guitar demo 1968 from Robb Navrides on Vimeo. around 1 minute and 45 onwards … reminded him of … or is it just me Meta Aug 29, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap has previously waxed lyrical on AR Kit .. mainly here … but this one takes the cake … using Augmented Reality to design Augmented Reality In The ‘Not-Donald’s-Week’ News Aug 28, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … No, it was not Trump’s week. Is it ever? What with widespread trashing of his Phoenix speech – here from Esquire, with partial transcripts … The Madness Of King Donald Aug 24, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks Sherlock Well, yes, there is that - but then it is a bit different, specifically … President Trump’s Clipping The Eclipse Aug 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Or so this Chap heard, from someone who does not live at the base of a west-facing mountain. He understands there are, oh, oodles of photographs The Chaps Eclipse Eclipse Guides Aug 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … some even including the term “widdershins.” But this Chap at least found this among the more useful. That is, no less useful than many. One It’s Lonely At The Top Aug 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … just one example. Its lonely at the top - but apparently it can get lonelier. The lonelier the better, maybe… but there’s unlikely to be any 90 Minutes Aug 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Not yet listened to it all - but what could go wrong …. Meanwhile - they have known each other a long time … On A Lighter, If Scratchier, Note Aug 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives well, pension, now he thinks about it. … and one of the latest whiz-bang schemes centered around all those old grooved circular things most of us There’s That Name Again Aug 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … this 5 Minutes Ago “Steve Bannon’s next moves will be all about the billionaire Mercer family… Bob Mercer and Steve Bannon had a five hour When You Can’t Say Anything Nice Aug 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … for the mistaken impression that the Brits are always unfailingly polite and eschew indulgent pungency. The Chaps being in the nature of proper Even More Perspective Aug 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … pulled some wonderful illusions from his hat recently. So This Chap thought it only fair (?) to up the ante a little. The “Art Of Trash” as an Here’s The Odd Thing Aug 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives well a couple of things actually the other chap found it on Facebook where it seems to be doing the rounds but this chap - well - let’s say he’s not Really? Aug 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It’s just 4 minutes long - but allow for an extra 30 for the ‘post watch nap’. Then again - why on earth they can’t provide an awesome soundtrack to Search Aug 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … it’s amazing what come up when you do and where your mind goes. This Chap was researching for this post and found this. … and it made me think … More Perspective Aug 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …. other than oxygen you mean? well yes - other than oxygen. First there was this. here’s the question - are you inside the cage looking out, or As Seen By Others Aug 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Not the best of weekends then? Seemingly not for the world’s view of America But good for unknown non Americans? Truth … and American cats Fifty Years Later Aug 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives November, 1967 … just after the ‘Summer of Love’ - doesn’t this little lie seem so innocent in light of the disaster that is 2017 Conflicted Aug 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … if he should feel sorry for the residents of Presidio Terrace or just look at them, nod my head knowingly … and shrug my shoulders. Read All Rankings Aug 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … wrote this article. NO - not that Bill Wyman. This Bill Wyman. Anyway, the point is that he ranked all 165 PinkFloyd’s ‘songs’ - really … songs? Credit Where Credit Is Due Aug 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … a wish if you will … that the estate of John Cage sues Samir Mezrahi for a butt-load of money. john cage, paris 1981 This is why …. hey I Some Things Might Be Forgotten Aug 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Sadly, Blanche passed away this past week at the ripe old age of 104. And she does indeed seem to have had an extraordinary life. No, this chap is Mo’ Trains …. Aug 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Other Chap did an excellent piece some time back about trains - and therein lies a veritable panoply of fine musical productions from a variety Daddy, What’s A Page? Aug 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives They Are At It Again Aug 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and this chap is not sure how they are getting away with it. Reported in the Guardian - click through to see the video …. and this is one in a Musical Nuggets Aug 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … spotted a couple of interesting musical threads this morning, and so for the better good of humanity is electing to share them. Dark Side Of The Old News versus New News Aug 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Click here - and scroll down to ‘Probably’. And then - five weeks later, Dalrymple’s Shawn King - a fine and able man - writing for ‘The Loop’ Neil - Not So Young Aug 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Neil Young Is Launching a Huge New Online Archival Project … reports Spin Magazine. He even – rather touchingly – wrote and provided a typed (!) Media Plays Catch Up - Again Aug 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Now you have to remember that November 2016 is like Decades in ‘Trump Years’ The full 411 - and the key point … I asked if they had heard of An Ah Ha ArKit Aug 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Remember This? Well now there’s this: Read more about it here … I always find it fascinating how people keep on saying how Apple is so far behind … Mooch, We Never Knew Ye… Aug 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Goodnight, sweet @#$%^^^*@@! https://imgur.com/gallery/6oD8K I see a little silhouette-o of a man ’scuse me while I don’t kiss this guy …. his wife Which Is Funnier? Aug 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This video from BA about flying safety, delivered in conjunction with Comic Relief? Or the fact that we even have to still go through them every See Things Differently Aug 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap is actually very taken with a discipline in art that uses context, perspective and position before it makes sense . For example in a History Repeating Itself? Jul 29, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives though have to say yet another chap sent it over in case we had missed it. (Axios source.) The isolation, separation and looks says a lot. But Wonderful, Funny Jul 24, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and worth 4 minutes of your time. via The Loop Oh - and talking of the iPhone … also from the Loop … it isn’t just Michel Gondry shooting movies Death Cab For Cutie Jul 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Strolling through the album collection this evening and have spent a fair amount of time with The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, I mean why wouldn’t you. Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy Jul 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Jimi HENDRIX; performing live onstage (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns) … from even yet another chap that is not the same as this other chap - nor Seriously, We Are Doomed … Jul 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Public Policy Polling has a new poll out that - well - read for yourself. Only 45% of Trump voters think Donald Trump Jr. met with Russians last WOW Jul 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives and did you know that ‘Owen Wilson’ is an anagram of ‘Wow Neilson’ The ‘Brothers’ Lee Jul 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Alvin, Albert and Arthur … in reverse order Well What Happened There Then Jul 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Remember This? Fake News Apparently … Read On! The Chaps responsible for the distribution of fake news. Quel chagrin. Have to say, this Chap is also Lovely Jul 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Many People Have Second Jobs Jul 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It’s a podcast thingy - and an excellent one at that - delivered by the QI team. Here’s what this chap learned … U2’s producer sells CDs in KFCs In It Isn’t Normal Jul 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives What with ‘concrete grooving’, ‘goat building’ and ‘supping’ … ‘normal’ service will be resumed as soon as possible. Proof, if proof is needed, that My Funny Bone Was Attacked Jul 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It was in response to a dialogue that a few of us had had and consisted of a single line … Planning to have some further thoughts across the coming Fake Or Unbelievable Jul 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives From the amazing Jessica Hagy Archived Things Jul 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives When the chaps started all this, we had a few friends and family who watched, read, responded and we experiemnted with a mailing list. Once we knew ‘Our’ ‘Great’ ‘Leader’ Jul 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives I mean we kinda know it already … but when you see the photographs - it does ram it home. The ‘G19’ Assembling For The Climate Accord Photo Shoot A Pedantic SOB Jul 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … or just a chap trying to get things right. This is the question for the day. This Chap Was Happy To Publish .. this on one of his other sites. How Lowe Can You Go Jul 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Even yet another chap who just read this mentioned that it reminded him of this… Surely inspired by “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a What Does It Mean To Be A Fan Jul 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives A picture from an old Pink Floyd concert - entitled ‘Pink’ Entitled … I see what you did there! The Response, Just Below It: “Which one?” The Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness Jul 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Chaps contribution to this years July 4th Thinking .. to have an email pop across the transom this morning. Much like the other chap, he’s not Dear Students - What You Post Can Wreck Your Career Jul 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap happens to write occasionally for these chaps - and through the interwebs today came a fluttering an article entitled … Dear Students - Spotted - So Sharing (6) Jul 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap continues to be amazed by what you find out there … and he is not easily amazed. Creationist Ken Ham blames atheists and ‘fake news’ for Man versus Bus … Man Wins Jul 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives A man was hit by bus as he crossed a road - but then dusted himself down and walked into pub … you have to click through and watch the video … good The Thing Is … Things Are A Thing Jul 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The route to arrive at the name of this publication was long and tortured - and in some ways driven by URL availability … you can tell that when you You CANNOT Make This Stuff Up Jul 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Bar Code on Donald Trump’s Fake Time Cover Goes to Karaoke Software, Bootleg Kraftwerk Vinyl The Chord Turned Upside Down Jun 30, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives No, not Aussie music, not that there’s anything wrong with the convict heritage… This Chap is actually very partial to Midnight Oil, in particular… Spotted - So Sharing (5) Jun 29, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Eight ‘snippets of snark’ … and every single one is Trump related, so depending on your personal predilection read on - or move on. … you know we The Duckworth Method Jun 28, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Must say, this chap is not much of a man for cricket … but he does know his Duckworth Lewis Method. Which is strange really - unless you know of Spotted So Sharing (4) Jun 28, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … it’s amazing how many things pop up and makes you think … whaaaaat? Who knows what problems exist in the world that we don’t even consider. Well, Justifiable Listening Jun 28, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This chap has been doing some binge watching recently. Just finished the first series of a show called Justified. I know. I know. So I am behind, As Smart As A Banyan Tree Jun 27, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … if you will pardon the pun. Banyan Tree - Lahaina. Maui - Planted in 1873 - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first As Smart As A Queen Jun 27, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives I see what you did there … As our friends at Bored Panda pointed out … Queen Elizabeth II raised eyebrows by ditching the traditional regal attire Wheels Within Wheels Jun 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This Chap happened to catch This Video yesterday .. … as you do and I still don’t get the beard - but heh - if it works for Dave - this chap is Tears To My Eyes … Jun 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives No. I am being serious. Who would have thought it. Not so much from the performance, though I have to say it is rather good - but the reaction from Trump Replays King Lear – Redux Jun 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Tom Tomorrow came up with this “Honest Trailer” version of Trump’s televised Cabinet meeting. (Which, as we commented before, is already an eerie Spotted - So Sharing (3) Jun 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Who knew how much you all were missing out on before we kicked off this new category of posts … basically a collection of ‘Many More Things’. GOP Personality Crises Jun 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives A Canadian student group apologized for playing “Walk On The Wild Side” at a campus event. Apparently Reed’s description of the evolution of some of Mashing Up The Mashups Jun 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … indeed, they are rather fond of them. But the term, as we understand it, typically refers to examples, even exemplifiers, of the same medium being Spotted - So Sharing (2) Jun 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … you know how it is . You see stuff, you think ‘golly’ - now that IS interesting - I haven’t got much time to write a lot about it - BUT - our Meanwhile, At Grenfell Tower Jun 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and finds someone out of place. Now some of you might think that you saw this a couple of days ago - and indeed you did - it is not your Nice … Jun 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and well worth a watch … Spotted - So Sharing (1) Jun 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … you know how it is . You see stuff, you think ‘golly’ - now that IS interesting - I haven’t got much time to write a lot about it - BUT - our Two Hundred Jun 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives for our American readers, that’s an English reference that the chaps can explain if there is interest. Meanwhile - back to the plot. that is how Sprinklers? We Got Towels! Jun 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives And just because we don’t live there doesn’t mean we don’t care. The 24-story now-burned Grenfell Tower in West London had a recent facelift. Not, I Didn’t Know That … Jun 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives In the UK “trump” has been another word for “an especially loud fart” since the early 15th century, with the first known documented instance True Fiction, Or Fictional Truth? Jun 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Or, ‘The Selective Shaksper’ … or ‘Billy Wagglestick’ as my English class had it .. … but there’s a suspicion at this end that if POTUS45 and Co Experimentation Jun 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … is the essence. Said it before - here - and here - now saying it again. Here. But this one is a bit different. Let’s see what it looks like in the Reality Jun 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Somewhere back there in some earlier post - or in the drafts section that you cannot read - lies a short discussion about fictional characters. Bozoma Saint John Jun 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives you might not have heard of her - but until a week ago she was one of Apple’s shining stars - actually head of global and consumer marketing for Zappa Does Floyd Jun 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … has a friend - no, no … it’s true. Now the friend isn’t ‘a chap’ per se - that’s an altogether different category - but this chap can absolutely All Our Yesterdays Jun 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … trust me they aren’t as good - or innocent - as we think. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. Tom Robbins - Still Life with F’get About It. We Have It Covered. Jun 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Guardian - Chris Riddell 29th Jan, 2016 The Guardian’s diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour has reported that the US president told Theresa May in a Posterity Publication Jun 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Just for the record, when the below refers to “the other Chap,” that’s some other other chap. Not this other Chap. The Chaps usually meet in public World War Three Jun 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives via the inimitable Indexed by Jessica Hagy SaveSave At Last, The Truth Jun 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …a rational, albeit unintentional, upside to the POTUS 45 farce. So that’s that, then Let’s Look Back, But Not In Anger! Jun 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Chaps are readying themselves for a bit of a transition. But we hope you won’t notice. Anyway, in anticipation, this chap has been looking I Feel Sorry For Wisconsin … Jun 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives and Georgia actually. Wisconsin? Well take a look at the map. But Georgia? Turns out that Google are highlighting the fact that they can’t spell Nothing To See Here … Jun 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives move along now. … this ‘billy do’ he spotted here. What other proof does one need that there is something happening to the global climate. Now - Musical Interlude Time … Jun 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Remember when the chaps brought Harry Styles to your attention - and commented how his new stuff seemed - oh - i don’t know - different to his old Still Thinking About Paris Jun 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives When US businesses are speaking out en masse in favor of the Paris Agreement, on business grounds, and the head of the EPA is agin it – well, Freedom’s Just Another Word … Jun 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but first things first. Did you ever think how real, how prophetic all of this was 50 years ago .. and I definitely wanted to make sure you saw Massaging The Data Jun 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives And that worthy cause would be? Well, making fun of Florida of course, like the graphic says. Graphics don’t lie… Proud Jun 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives PROUD … to be a long time fan, supporter and promoter of Apple, for the past 15 years … and counting. Maybe a post on how that came to be would be Oh Yeah - He Did That May 31, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Listening to Kushner, Trump, Flynn et al over the past few months - and then again today, well - this chap was rather reminded of this exchange from Spot of Banter, Old Chap? May 31, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … he was handed a two-page list of acronyms and the like. And it suddenly hit him that there, as with (perhaps) many professions, entire Way Ahead May 31, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and if you are not - maybe you should at least plan to be. Instead of tending towards a vast Alexandrian library the world will become a Patented Pizza Box May 30, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … whilst on the topic of Apple Spin Offs … Pizza Boxes. Anyone? Apparently - the pizza box was patented 7 years ago. This chap must really pay Expense - All Relative May 30, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives As you read the news and ogle at the oligarchs with seemingly far too much money to burn - consider this. Time was when everyone thought that the Now I’m Not Comparing … May 29, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … happened to come across what ‘The Leader of The Free World’ wrote in The guest book of The Holocaust Survivor’s Museum in Israel back in 2008. And Mashups Without Potato May 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and of course - just because you can - does not mean you should. #FAIL Prez & Co Meet Pope & Co May 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Oh, come on – a little English fairness here, please. You make them look like something from some minor horror movie. Can’t you at least make them Being English May 24, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This Chap Recognised The Humor … but suggests that the cartoonist is in fact not fully steeped in The old ‘Lingua Anglais’ …. otherwise they would Captain Metaphysics Meets Zeno May 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and wanted to share this little gem Recorded 50 Years Ago Today May 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Participated in a radio show yesterday, where he was thinking about The Summer of Love, Sergeant Pepper’s and Piper at the Gates Of Dawn. They are What Jobs Do You Want Back? May 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Robert DeNiro’s recent speech, reported on here in the Guardian … included the observation that Charlie Chaplin would not be allowed into the US The Record Company May 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … as you do. These chaps suddenly appeared on screen - and through the speakers. Suffice to say - had to share Trains … Not Really Obsessed May 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives that no post linking Trains to music is complete without this offering … (featuring the ‘epic string break’) That said - this chap also felt 1) Obsessed, Slight Aside … May 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The note that went viral at an Oxfam shop in Swansea. Photograph: Wales News Service … Dan Brown’s, er, epic story (?) is now the least desirable Obsessed, Part II: Trains May 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives In Part I, Graham picked up a scent of obsessions in rock music and got on the trail… It started with words, but he stumbled over something bigger. Obsessed Part I: Words May 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … or ‘heads?’ Not just any old image of ‘Talking Heads’ - but an image that was originally developed for the band - and then rejected. Too obvious There’s A Word For It… May 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Words don’t mean a thing… … continued Talking Heads, in “Give Me Back My Name.” who .. i ask you … who? could have guessed that. This popped into Ah HA! A New Take On Take On Me May 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Remember when us chaps were rapping on how a different cut can totally change your view of a movie. Click through … the other chap extended this You Didn’t See It Here First … May 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … probably, since it went up a day ago and has already garnered over 3.5 million views …. … well sometimes. It’s an excellent way to spend twenty Having ‘The Talk’ May 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Fortunately, quantum computing can be explained simply Iron Shirts May 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives like this? … by how many of the techniques described in this short educational video that he knew already - and in fact at one time in his life, Net Neutrality May 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Oracle and Cisco side with the ‘stop net neutrality team’ … quelle surprise! Supporting an overhaul of net neutrality is less about taking a United, They Stand – Still… May 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …as the epitome of corporate arrogance, disregard of any idea of customer service, and understanding of “optics.” Sure, they’re trying hard to Whitehouse Listed On AirBNB May 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … the residence is rarely occupied, so why not? Indeed. Afterall, it would be one of the less egregious things he’s done From the estimable Socrates Redux – Redux May 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …The devoted reader will of course remember how Graham’s long fret ahem, extensive and informed meditation on the implications of human-machine I Do Like A Good Romantic Comedy May 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Chaps do enjoy looking at things a little differently, which is why this chap though he should share this particular take on The Silence of the It’s For Sale In A Local Store May 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives That’s why I like where I live, and makes me now want to go out and buy a dog Juxtaposition In Your Stream May 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives So did the last Dr. Who. Could they perhaps be related? If we have the next Dr. Who coming - how can there have been a ‘last’ Doctor Who? Or is that Because Every Child Knows … May 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that you do need to follow some rules. BUT - isn’t it cool when you actually get to break them? … following a couple of themes we have running in Do You Feel Like We Do? May 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives no - not the song … … it’s a real question. Now I can’t possibly list all of the lies, fucks ups, reversals, conflicts of interest and It’s Alive – Bliar Redux… May 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives “That is not dead that can eternal lie.” H.P. Lovecraft, The Nameless City Something In The Water? May 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …. or maybe it’s just the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love? … the other chap posted this. Which garners inspiration from a certain Beatles Another Direction For Harry? May 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives You? Listen? … john was listening to a Rolling Stone podcast last week with Cameron Crowe talking about Harry Styles. Very good BTW. So I thought I Playing Around May 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and it is rather good …. but it reminded him of this one … which I he thinks is rather better - and demonstrates a stunning range that this chap Touché to the Cliché (sic) May 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives “Our search for a successor will focus on finding a digital-first, disruptive and innovative leader who can build on Dana’s legacy and mobilise There Are Just No Words May 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … to explain some of the stuff we unearth. But unearth we do - and share we must. … you will have noticed that this chap is delivering posts today Socrates Redux May 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … sometimes these dialogues live on beyond the publication date, even when there are just two chaps chatting. That is why the chaps are trying to Still No Words …. May 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives No - not the sexual predator that just got fired from Phaux news. Nor indeed the esteemed book publisher. No. No - the Auto Parts people … Did you Augmenting The AirPods … Apr 25, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … adding the bottom end Meta Apr 25, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … never met a meta that he couldn’t meet half way. So let’s try this on for size. Turns out a few more people are reading these offerings? rants? No Point, That’s The Point Apr 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that he would assuage Graham’s evident fears of sinister machines by demonstrating others simply quaint in their pointlessness. This one mainly Jonesing towards Bethlehem? Apr 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … before we get going, this chap would like to point out the possibility that though our readers might have heard of Alex Jones and Infowars, they Socratic Angst Apr 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … well, not Socrates exactly. But it starts with him. Unexamined is one thing, but what if the exam already took place without our knowledge? This Little Known Religious Figures #5 Apr 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John remarks … that whenever he sees ‘Schrodinger’, he often reads Schroeder Graham responds … (because that is what us chaps do) go on … well - you The Choler of Politics Apr 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … especially combined with sharp observation, as regular readers may have noticed. So we could not resist this recent restaurant review. Equally, we Where Art Meets Science Apr 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives And the chaps would like to congratulate Mr. Kris Marshall - who will be playing the 13th incarnation of ‘the other’ doctor. .. the “Other Doctor” – Adventures In Brand Suicide Apr 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … to see what some people think is good for their brand. PEPSI: Oh God, this is the worst corporate PR disaster ever. UNITED: Hold my beer… “What Ouch Apr 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Food. We all eat it. In fact - we all need it …. but strangely enough, the chaps haven’t wandered this way in their deliberations. ’appen. Does The Chaps’ Challenge Apr 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The chaps are well aware that the posts are attempting to be a dialogue. Heh - I used the word ‘attempt’ - we know we aren’t there yet … but still - Flying The Friendly Skies Apr 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives So long, United, and thanks for all the memes. John says … you see how clever the other chap is in playing off this chap’s position …. in case Shocking … But True … Part 2 Apr 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John says … Finally - I mean part one was four days ago … and in case you missed Part 1, it is here. Can’t rush literary craftsmanship. Well, Not Here … Over There … Apr 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives After this post that the other chap initiated, we got to talking about another post that we could - and should be writing - but still haven’t. But Careful When You Complain Apr 5, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but left this chap to comment. So comment, this chap will. It being, of course, often tricky to persuade the Other Chap to comment… But first, a Shocking… But True … Part 1 Apr 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John … I mean - who else? ahem …. what is ‘truth’ #justsayin …that it’s been more than 50 years since Stanley Milgram’s famous, or notorious, advanced-twenty-seventeen-child Apr 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Keeping It In The Family Apr 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … it isn’t really a cartoon. Then again, this chap is not so convinced that these chaps are so concerned about definitions, that they wouldn’t want Metal Life Apr 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives From - who else - Metal Life On The Cover, Part 1 : Thesis Mar 30, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John: was ‘fret’ an intentional pun? … about matters perhaps best left to the other chap, but still, Graham stumbled across a thesis about books On The Cover, Part 2: Antithesis Mar 30, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John: Graham goes on …. … literally. John: He’s like that! … BTW - If you missed Part One - that is here. Soul, lots of brass, and tight English Mar 28, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … it might catch on. Tried for some extra English the other day. But lost the pool game anyway. boom boom great movie Discovering Lost Music … And More Mar 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It usually falls to the Other Chap to wax lyrical about the musical arts, but as this is not much about lyrics and is a long way from traditional Worried About Water Mar 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that xkcd, witty though it is, has some strange wiring into the Zeitgeist. xkcd #1561: Water Phase Diagram Which is all well and good, most The Persistence Of Memory Mar 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and the Opposite Of Truth … Salvador Dali’s "“The Persistence Of Memory” No, really – and actually, he remembers lots of times. John says … So Posthumous 2017 Darwin Award Mar 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … well a contender at the very least. Click on through if you don’t know of the Darwin Awards. … idiocy, inadequacy of knowledge, stupidity, Gin And Tonic Pancakes Mar 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … apparently, they are a thing. Well … kind of. This Chap stumbled into this particular link over the weekend … and, he has to admit that he was Financing The Wall Mar 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Droning On … Mar 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives but we’re talking of a different kind of drone. One that is your constant companion. I am of course talking about The Hexo+. I mean - who isn’t In Our Defense Mar 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Raymond Hitchcock: Lovers in the Poppyfields (1955) … and it seemed like fun at the time. However, the lady had patterns (!). Her creativity (lost-) Smart Devices? Absolutely … Mar 16, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but you need to think outside of the box. … about a podcast by Mike Pesca last week. Sorry - I can’t recall which one, but as I have said before - If You Think Alexa Is Worrying … Mar 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Some considerable number of years ago, this chap…devised a direct-mail fundraiser for an AIDS-assistance charity that was, unusually, profitable on Yee-hawww! Mar 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Which got this chap to wondering about … … Nicola Sturgeon’s announcment today, where she has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second On The Virtues Of Self-Reliance Mar 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Maths - There Should Be More Of Them Mar 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … in the US, one studies Math, whilst in the UK, one studies Maths. Now, not to be pernicity, but I do think the English have it since it is clear Enter, Stage Right Mar 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Our hero enters from the right, and we know something, even if we do not know it. We suspect something bad is about to happen – – or perhaps we Mind Over Matter Mar 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It is clear that the human mind is degenerating. Not a specific mind, mind you. No, just minds in general. … through this case in point. It was Listening … Mar 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives One of our favorite comic strips came up with this yesterday: .. and then J Gregory Turnbull added this variant There Are Laws You Know … Mar 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but there are some new ones like Dijkstra’s Prescription for Programming Inertia: If you don’t know what your program is supposed to do, you’d Age. They Say It Is Relative. Mar 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … they had me at … PewDiePie has over 54 million YouTube subscribers and made about $15 million in 2016. … so this chap is now considering a Experimentation Mar 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … is the essence. Don’t you think? Trialing stuff. Playing around. Having a gander. Letting the dog see the rabbit. Having a Shoof(t)ee. The Time To Move? Mar 7, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … possibly - but not for the reasons you might think. Then again, both of us chaps are well over qualified for libation consumption anywhere in the Meat and Right Mar 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … or a Tyke (aye, it wor’ a while ago), meat were properly cooked, ’appen. (The reader will no doubt aim off for the accent, at this stage.) Even at Whose Hand On The Tiller? Mar 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Image by Too Soon, https://www.facebook.com/toosoonish/ So, it’s not Rex Tiller’s son And Another Thing About AWS … Mar 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and their outage. In case you haven’t noticed already, this is what the internet looked like for a while this past week. Well, there wasn’t The Turing Test Mar 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The chaps have touched on this topic a lot recently. The cartoon says it all. Our thanks to yet another chap who provided the image. He wasn’t sure All Grown Up Before You Know It Mar 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives One of us chaps wrote about Alexa and the Amazon peeps back in January of this year. … Amazon now believes that Alexa is covered by free speech. Tommy Gun - No Relation To Peter Gunn Mar 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … we Chaps seem to do a lot of that … how funny it is that things come along together in funny little coincidental packages. You know - - you have Truth About Serum Mar 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives “After a 12-year interruption in executions, Arkansas plans an exceptional rush in late April, putting eight men to death over 10 days.” What’s the Sure Ain’t Duelling Banjos … Mar 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives “Humans usually cool down after a few days, but the bots might continue for years,” said a researcher. Some conflicts only ended when one or other Gun Culture Mar 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives It’s a new world. And in that new world we learn that there is a new kind of gun culture emerging … … but it is there and the world of ‘The Gun’ is Choose the Right Leaders or the Wrong Ones will Choose You Mar 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The subject(s) of torture and human rights sprang into our focus of attention this week. It would be easy for us Chaps to be smug about Gitmo and Humanity 2.0 Feb 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This ‘billy-do’ popped into the old inbox today, and having just read it, have to say, this Chap is all out of plusses … For a while now, he has Is It Actually Possible To Be Allergic To Exercise? Feb 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Turns out it is. … that there is truth in what he has always believed about himself. In the end, yes, a person can be allergic to exercise. But as Been Here, Done This Presidency … Feb 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives A charismatic, thin-skinned, hot-tempered, buffoonish leader. A coterie of wild-eyed zealots and pulchritudinous women, devoted and available to the The Art Of The Possible … Feb 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … did you know that there were so many books called ‘The Art of The Possible’. … moreover, none of them is the book that he thought he was thinking Reverse Engineering A Cocktail Feb 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives You get home from work, open up the drinks cabinet and review your extensive supply of opened bottles of hooch, sitting along-side questionable Not All Pipelines Are Created Equal Feb 23, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … the debate around the Dakota pipeline. Have to say he has his opinions, but he is certainly far from qualified and absolutely nobody should pay US Chaps From The UK In The US Feb 22, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … after returning from a recent trip to the UK and just as the other chap was setting off on his own particular international sojourn. While on his Bertrand Feb 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Philosopher The Musician The Wine Maker … to name but three. But none of these had a paradox. Well - at least not a paradox called Bertrand’s One Of The Other Bertrands Feb 21, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. The Second Coming, W.B. Yeats, 1919 Border Wall Feb 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that he just had to add this one. He had seen the meme floating around - but the specific cartoon provided courtesy of ‘Yet Another Chap’. As he We’re Doomed Feb 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives I think Dad’s Army might have had the edge on Trump’s Army … Read this if you want to know why. … if you are a regular reader … I think you might Chaps Feb 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … two Chaps, three Chaps … but Half a Chap? … better than no Chap at all Donald Trump Is Following ‘And Another Thing’ … Feb 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that can be the only explanation for this … taken from today’s Press Conference. .. his language is clearly being influenced And Another Thing … Feb 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … when we first launched this online dialogue and discussion magazine waaaaay back in December of last year … what nearly two months ago now, this Cruella de Vil Feb 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives She isn’t the wicked witch of the East. … Even with this? … and stands corrected We Will Not Be Questioned Feb 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …tying together one of his favorite cartoons from the past three weeks with a little … did I say ‘little’? - bit of reality. The end result of Changing The Pace Feb 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … a big follower of all good music. Even running a twitter account devoted to Just Good Music … though admittedly it does tend to get a little Now THAT’s AI Feb 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John read this morning … … that some wag has developed a robot to complete the ‘I am not a robot’ captcha that some sites seem to enjoy putting Further musings on AI, programming and music Feb 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … about AI and programmed music, as previously discussed by us chaps, and the differences, and some subtle gradations. Yes, some machine-generated No Additional Words Necessary Feb 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Would Be Funny If It Wasn’t True Feb 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Extracted? Borrowed? Plagiarised? From The Economist. “Plagiarised”? Surely, “Ripped From The Headlines”? Well, it worked for “Law and Order.” … to Tributes Feb 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … are not exactly flooding in just yet, but then we are in early days, and not really pushing the site out too hard for the moment … BUT. The chaps Gizza job, he said… Feb 10, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …be careful what you wish for… …It has become apparent, say those close to the president, most of whom requested anonymity to describe the inner With Apologies For The Retro Blogging Style .. Feb 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but when one finds even the local evening paper in York (that’s England) … making fun of ‘the special relationship’ … you kind of know we’re onto ’Appen* It’s Another Thing Feb 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives As a couple of Tykes, we’re reet proud, aye, and allus up for summat about t’North, like. (Translation: Coming as we do from Yorkshire, we’re very Enough’s Enough Feb 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Seriously! … this, and felt rather more than a little annoyed. Having been a consumer of the beer beverage for many a year, an early member of Today’s Disrespectful Cartoon Feb 9, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Dragging it out Feb 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … this odd contrast in the empowering and disempowering effects of cross-dressing. This fascinating little documentary shows the progression of a Welcome To The Trump-Tanic! Feb 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … in the China Daily Selective Reality Used To Be Less Worrying Feb 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Which includes near-reality, too. And not the fun kind, either. It all stems, at least in this version, from this article in the New Yorker, George Orwell Nails It Feb 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Towards a More Manageable Dystopia Feb 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” … Allen Ginsberg, ‘Howl’ .. an odd phenomenon. That is, the urge to create fictional Douglas Adams Contributes … Feb 4, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … we are still thinking this through, but have an idea to drop great quotes on top of our header images, branded with our logo … and see how far it A Dearth, Or A Plethora? Feb 3, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … both on and by an undertaking we chaps gave ourselves, and later reaffirmed, that this small missive would aspire to be lighter, more cultural, Petty Images … Feb 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … seriously? … and then he thought ‘Sure, why not’. Makes sense. Hence this, and we will continue to capture more and append for posterity. the An Immigrant Story Feb 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Perhaps it’s coincidence. Perhaps it really just is a good story. But briefly, we put aside our reservations about the nature of – whatever it is Why Trump Will Ultimately Fail Jan 31, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Detail Theresa Bones Up Jan 30, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives The Detail Is ‘Good Omens’ Coming A Good Omen? Jan 27, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … apparently yes - moreover - Image: Illustration of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for BBC Radio 4’s Good Omens. Yes, illustrated for radio. … Facebook Doesn’t Have An Ethics Problem. It Has A Morality Problem Jan 27, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that Facebook, which he uses a lot, has lost its way. Worse still, it is identifying the wrong problems, and imposing stale solutions even to With Only Science On Your Side Jan 26, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Graham started this piece a while ago … … and as it turns out is oh so suddenly very very relevant … Typically, scientific iconoclasts range The Truth - Is It Too Much To Ask? Jan 24, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Mark Zuckerberg is suing Hawaiian land owners to secure his 700-acre island getaway .. read headlines across the internet. “To find all these Politics Are Changing … So Is Revolution Jan 24, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives But sometimes they just seem a little off. Take this piece for example, where Micah White suggests that the Women’s March might just be a dud. Mort Jan 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … no not Malory’s ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’. Nor either do I think the world of hunting is for me. No. … and asked his co-conspirator where he would The Folly Of Total ‘Skepticism’ Jan 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …“Question everything, always.” Newt Gingrich calls the Congressional Budget Office, with its statutory duty to analyse and report on proposed May I Take Your Hat And Goat? Jan 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and while I’m about it, your Health Insurance? So, your colleagues let a goat loose in your house, and it starts to eat everything, but it takes Excuses, Excuses Jan 20, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … what it says about standards of public discourse … what it does to public discourse … that bad behaviour towards others can apparently be excused The Right To Protest Jan 19, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John remembers … … when Tony bLIAR (sic - because that is who and what he is) lead the UK Parliament to ban protests in Parliament Square back in It’s All About … Control Jan 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John caught this little interesting news item this morning … You can read all about it here .. but the key take point is the opening paragraph. Fat finds favor on U.S. tables again Jan 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … or at least that is what The San Francisco Chronicle would have us believe in this article. … and is wondering if this might explain a ‘thing or Has Anyone In The EEC Read Asimov Jan 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings Molasses - Yes … Molasses Jan 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives According to the Urban Dictionary, we have an expression. I am sure you know it … Slower than molasses … which translates roughly to something This Is Not Your Father’s Duck Walk Jan 18, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … so tried it for himself for nearly 2 seconds before falling over. It all seemed so much easier back in those halcyon days … … who looked at the The Godfather Jan 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Look At What’s In His Heart Jan 17, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives John tried … … he couldn’t find it. (not ‘the good’, his bally heart!). According to Kellyanne Conway (that’s her on the left in the above The Inauguration Spirit Jan 15, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives In the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe, we may as well drink a glass of champagne. … so said Paul Claudel, Whatever Happened To ‘A Mis-Spent Youth’ Jan 14, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … he has at least one friend who demonstrated it. His friend ‘went to school in Cambridge’, (actually … across the river from the other one, as he Student Biases Skewing Higher Ed. Teaching? Jan 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives because ten years ago he was headed for a teaching career, maybe. Then the Great Recession scrambled those plans. Perhaps it’s just as well. There’s Send Me Things Jan 13, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives [wd_hustle id=aat type=embedded] The Educational Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, And…. Jan 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Did US teachers set the stage for the current wave of anti-authority populism and anti-intellectualism by disparaging Wikipedia as a source, and Sometimes Re-Gifting Is Acceptable Jan 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that Graham and John will ever need to go this far (let alone go) - and is happy to read of the wonderous boomerang regifting process of Roy and United We Stand - Divided We Fall Jan 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and it has just popped in his feed again. He presumes that Mr. Will is tired and rather than writing new articles he is just putting older ones The End Is Nigh Jan 12, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives There can be no excuse for such a crass invention and further both Keurig and Anheuser-Busch should be taken to court to even think of this. Then Third Person First Jan 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … why are we writing this blog in the third person? And if we are agreed that this is a good thing, why are not consistently writing this blog in Everything is Connected Jan 11, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … everything is connected. Now we have absolute proof Don’t Point The Finger Too Quickly Jan 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … you know about large companies buying up small companies and then wondering what to do - and getting all confused …. well I know it wasn’t exactly Dude, Where’s All Our Cars? Jan 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Kids of 2017 will never get to drive a car, at least according to a leading roboticist. What could this mean, to them and the rest of us? It Looks Innocent Enough Doesn’t It? Jan 8, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … literally gushing with enthusiasm about The Wynn Hotel in Vegas installing an Amazon Echo in every room. I wasn’t so enthused. Imagine someone A Simple Solution To A Global Problem Jan 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives This morning he wrote this post … about The Chicago Review of Books announcing that it will not be reviewing any books published by Simon & Schuster Defending Your Turf Jan 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives GE will buy more Tech startups in 2017 than Google. It must be true because I read it on the internet. Not only that - it was Hunter Walk himself Different Maps for Similar Chaps? Jan 6, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives …how to reconcile an apparently freeform lifestyle with being an effective instrument of social change. You could say I’ve been, maybe (and probably The End of Days? Jan 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … some people see Visiting Disney World as the Modern Version of Making a Medieval Pilgrimage. He was saddened to the point of outrage and posted to Comes A Horseman Jan 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … that the horseman is likely white, and one of four. As a friend of his recently commented … Rickets, scurvy, whooping cough, and TB have come Mr. T. Jan 2, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives Crazy Arsed Hair Style Permanent Scowl More Bling Than Makes Sense … is that where the other ‘Mr. T.’ got his ideas from? Pity The Fool ! Big There Are No Absolutes Jan 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … because, if you don’t already read the excellent Clients From Hell, you might have missed this post about a client asking about making the black The End Of The World Is Nigh Jan 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives I am reminded that there are those that liken America’s current fall from grace in the world to the ‘Last Days of Rome’. Bottom line, ‘Rome’ Towards A People’s Science #2 Jan 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … and thought life used to be simpler with the original … … this might not be so much a move towards a ‘people’s science’ as more a specific case 2016 … The Re-Edit Jan 1, 2017 archive.aat & from.the.archives … there’s a good tradition of recut movie trailers that turn iconic movies into something very different. “Scary Mary” – Mary Poppins as a horror Seriously? Dec 30, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives Personally, I remain unconvinced. Just as you sign up to buy a pair of Bose, Wireless headphones, Amazon points out that actually ‘frequently’ Towards A People’s Science Dec 30, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … Big Science is hiding all-natural cures for everything! Nothing natural can harm you! Combine those widespread beliefs with some true but twentyseventeen Dec 30, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives @import url(‘https://codepen.io/Fractallion/pen/ZMZLpq.css’); The Future Is So Last Year Dec 30, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives I am a massive fan of Charlie Brooker. Though not so much of his TV series ‘Black Mirror’. (Let’s call them highs and lows … but … that said … Bursting Your Own Bubble Dec 30, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives Among the soul-searching prompted by Donald Trump’s overturning of electoral predictions, ‘looking outside your bubble’ seems important. As media It’s The Content - Not The Pipe Dec 30, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … but it could be streaming already … In 1989, UK TV viewers experienced a revolution – satellite channels broke the wired TV monopoly. US viewers Burying The Hatchet - In Trumps Signature Eatery Dec 29, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … well, not always, and so no, this is not another hate-Trump fest. But it is undeniable that his election has generated substantial verbiage, some Softies Gone Soft In The Head? Dec 28, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … if A Massive OS Company Makes An Empty Apology For Its Malware-Like Updates, Is It Sound? For those who fought the highly-pressured Win10 update, Experimentation Dec 25, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … whatever happened to that idea? We used to do it. Such a lot. And then there was curiosity. I mean they say it killed the cat - but we are human. If You Think Your Bank’s Voice Recognition Is Poor, Consider This… Dec 25, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … the experience is so common it’s banal. Frustrated yelling at some system that just does not understand you, from Siri to your bank-by-phone Santa And The Dying Child - A Study In The Making Of Fake News Dec 23, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … heart-warming story that went viral …. a hospital Santa holds a dying boy in his arms. Except for one small problem …. no-one ever checked to see Theresa May One-Ups Putin Dec 21, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … I am not a fan of leather trousers unless you are going to a fancy dress party. Private Eye spotted this and delved into both price and whether or Old News - But It Makes Me Wonder Dec 20, 2016 archive.aat & from.the.archives … at the time, he commented that in the US it would take twice as long to get a first meeting to fill discuss the filling in of said hole - but over