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This Was Originally Posted To A Wordpress.com site called Quotespace Nov 17, 2020 🥇 The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity. The focus today is People First. If you want to know more - you Jobs and Gigs, Piece Work and Contracts, IP Sales and Asset Rental … all different ways to earn an income now - and more readily in the future. But this is diffeent to the ’skill’s needed to do that. And those are definitely different to the character traits best suited to those skills. Lets get talking. Jun 25, 2020 💡 & 🥇 & ↩️ & people.first Sometimes writing comments just becomes too hard. Or too long. This is in response to a great set of words from Stuart posted on this past week’s ‘Making Hey’ (pun intended) - OR Leveraging The Hey Commentary To Make YOUR Point. Jun 21, 2020 🥇 & ↩️ & business.of.tech If you’re listening you will have picked up on the latest Apple furor and how they are abusing their power with the App Store. In one of my many 360 Degree Assessment Is Flawed Jun 9, 2020 🥇 & 💡 & 🗂 & people.first That moment, when your manager says to you … we are introducing 360 degree assessments into the business … Say what? How flat, How retro. How old A Set Of Links Jun 1, 2020 💡 & 🔗 & 🎥 & 🥇 & 💬 & 🗒 & around.the.world There’s more, but publishing now to add to this living list. I am going to reference them in two or more short pieces. Hong Kong protests: deputy What Is Normal Jun 1, 2020 ↩️ & 🥇 & 🔗 & 🖋 & humanity I wrote the following to something written by @cleverdevil over on MicroBlog. Normal Is A Privilege I have no disagreement with the threads of the Back To Basics - it’s About Being Better. May 30, 2020 🥇 & 💡 & 🖋 & 🔍 & 🗒 & business.just.business The nature of people is that we want to get better and better things for less money faster and faster That is the landscape we are competing in. Cooperatives Apr 18, 2020 🔗 & 🗒 & 🥇 & business.just.business A few links that my friend Andy sent over - just capturing and dropping into here for now. Cleveland Model: How Evergreen Cooperatives Are Building Data and Identity. Conceptual Energy Sinks? Apr 2, 2020 💬 & 🥇 & people.first “I think both data and identity are conceptual and conversational energy sinks. Yes, we do need to care about them, work with them, and create AI and The Future Of Work May 31, 2019 🥇 & 💬 & business.of.tech “I grow weary of commentators making the assertion – with little evidence or backup, aside from the comments of like-mined others – that automation This Was Originally Posted To Beyond Bridges Feb 21, 2019 🥇 The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity. The focus today is People First. If you want to know more - you Get The People First Newsletter Feb 20, 2019 🥇 Interested In Learning More? Nothing less than putting people back into the center of ‘The Business Equation’. People First - All Else Follows. Please - Do Not Call It Content Dec 15, 2018 🥇 & 🖋 & observations Somewhere a while back I wrote a post (or maybe it was a comment when someone else was rambling on about ‘content’) , that went something like … Odd … Isn’t It? Oct 16, 2018 🥇 & 🔗 & 💬 & observations When you were aged twenty to thirty years old, you were told that you did not have sufficient experience to do the job. Now you are forty to fifty Blue Boxes … Jun 25, 2018 🥇 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and everything to do with Hacking. I was introduced to John Draper (Captain Crunch) a few years ago. He’s still around, though sad to say he seems