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Not Yet Attributed Dec 11, 2018 🗒 & quotes Sometimes I find or hear great quotes - but can’t attribute them, so I am collecting them here. “We are not waiting for anything at all anymore … Catching Up Or Cheating ? Dec 11, 2018 🗒 & 🔗 & no.comment I sometimes save off links to come back to and write about. And then weeks even months later, find them again. The moment has passed. Forgotten what The Sound Track Of My Life Nov 21, 2018 🗒 & observations I have an icebreaker that I use at parties. You know, when you are talking to someone and the conversation dries up …. so I would ask … “ what would Seriously? Oct 15, 2018 🗒 & and.another.thing & observations Nah … not here. Mill Valley, Marin .. self proclaimed bastion of making the word a fairer place. Where the residents are increasingly indignant Ten Posts On John.Philpin Oct 6, 2018 🗒 Over on John.Philpin.com there are a lot of posts … well over 2,000 at the last look, and so far not a great way to find stuff. So as a little help,
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