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What Is Normal Jun 1, 2020 ↩️ & 🥇 & 🔗 & 🖋 & humanity I wrote the following to something written by @cleverdevil over on MicroBlog. Normal Is A Privilege I have no disagreement with the threads of the Back To Basics - it’s About Being Better. May 30, 2020 🥇 & 💡 & 🖋 & 🔍 & 🗒 & business.just.business The nature of people is that we want to get better and better things for less money faster and faster That is the landscape we are competing in. Raising Money in the UK v the US May 29, 2020 💡 & 🖋 & 🔍 & business.of.tech I’ve used versions of these words in several emails over the past couple of years, so decided to publish for posterity. If you seek to raise money The ability to change, and to grow, and to confound. May 27, 2020 🎵 & 💡 & 💬 & 🔗 & 🖋 & humanity I think that for some of us it is almost impossible to have a cohesive identity or, rather, there are some whose inconsistent and conflicted sense Growing My Newsletter List May 27, 2020 💡 & 🔗 & 🖋 & 🗒 & business.of.tech My Newsletter celebrated its first birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was important to me, because one year ago I had tried several times to start Podcasts, Microcasts and now Snickelcasts Nov 4, 2019 🖋 & 🗂 & resources I would never describe myself as a Yorkshireman. I wasn’t born there and only some 14% of my entire life have I lived there. Both my parents were Please - Do Not Call It Content Dec 15, 2018 🥇 & 🖋 & observations Somewhere a while back I wrote a post (or maybe it was a comment when someone else was rambling on about ‘content’) , that went something like … On Writing Dec 14, 2018 🖋 & quotes “One can never be alone enough to write. To see better.” Susan Sontag Kurt Vonnegut on the Role of Artists in Society Oct 30, 2018 🔗 & 💬 & 🖋 & observations “Artists are useful to society because they are so sensitive. They are super-sensitive. They keel over like canaries in poison coal mines long I Am Using Micro Blog and Blot.IM To Replace Corporately Owned ‘Social’ Spaces. You Should Too. Jun 4, 2018 🖋 & observations This Started As An EMail, in response to a question posed by Doc Searls on the ‘Project VRM mail list’ … and as I finished it - I realized that it
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