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Amazon’s ‘A to Z’ Needs To Catch The Magic Of Alibaba Apr 12, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb At least when it comes to the numbers. Another post that arises as a result of me catching up on my writing backlog. For reference, have this in Who Put The ‘Con’ In Content? Apr 12, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s a scam that needs to be rejected Somewhere a while back I wrote a post (or maybe it was a comment when someone else was rambling on about Generational Astrology Redux Mar 26, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Cancer - and my name is Larry … sad to say, these are real words. Real lyrics. Well, real enough to have hit Top of The Pops in the UK! It goes on The Truth About Sales Mar 22, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Can you handle it? The Truth About Sales is an interesting post from the inimitable Steve Martin (not that one), making the case for why we BEing Seen and BEing Heard - Mitchell Levy at TedX Mar 2, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Great to see my friend Mitchell Levy on The TedX Stage KPIs Feb 26, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb They Really Are Important! Nice article I stumbled across in Forbes I have taken the opening of each of the points made by the author Martin Happy New Year Jan 1, 2018 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Another Year Over And A New One Just Begun John Lennon I don’t often do this kind of post …. but 2017, well - what a year it was … and sadly 2018 More Facades Dec 22, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Redux After writing this - which was a follow on to this I have had a few comments about me ‘picking on’ American architecture. Wasn’t meant to be Change ? Dec 19, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You Got To Be Kidding. He started 2017 with about 40% of the country with him, and ends 2017 with about 40% of the country with him. He started Powerful Endorsement Nov 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb For People First < p style=“text-align: right;”> Read More There Are NO Other Words … Oct 17, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sorry “To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to Are You Lost In The World Like Me? Oct 10, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Three Minutes and Fifteen Seconds Of ‘WOW’ My thanks to Adrian Gropper for the source that came to him via The Digital Collective - who are part of The Second Coming Oct 6, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb < p class=“postguide”>Couldn’t Resist “Mass customization, on-demand local manufacturing, and local sustainable power are trends that suggest that Inspiration Oct 5, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Can Catch You Unawares Just spent a fascinating hour on a call with T. Rob, Bruce Simons-Morton, Britt Blaser and Louis Rawlins - key learning RIP John Phippen Oct 3, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb One of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting this past weekend. I didn’t know him, he looks a nice guy. He was shot while dancing with his son. So That’s A Sad Map Sep 25, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Distressed Communities In America Read all about it here …. key takeaways … New jobs are clustered in the economy’s best-off places, leaving one The Knowledge Sep 24, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s not just for taxis - it’s also needed for good grammar Originally published over at Taxi Leaks, this provided a chuckle this morning and Boundary Conditions Sep 22, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb They Need To Be Understood But there is so much more. For the longest time, my sentence description for what I do is ‘translate’ Tech Speak to CITRIS and the Banatao Institute Sep 21, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Technology To Solve Society’s Problems Can’t Wait To Attend Next Week. Join telehealth industry leaders and premier telehealth researchers for a Filed Under Things We Know Sep 18, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and now we are discovering the truth … not just to anyone - no .. to the super rich of Russia and Ukraine. And if you are paying attention, you Advertising Promises …. Sep 15, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … really! .. more like ‘really?’ Students who take this course will be: Positioned to serve as the company AR experts Qualified to teach AR to The Road Not Taken Sep 15, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and the one that is … Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down What Is Income? Sep 12, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I Think It Is Any Monies That You Receive …but actually, as we well know, this isn’t how the US Tax Code sees it. This today from Frank McPherson Careful What You Wish For Sep 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It Might Come True I wonder how many cable channels really thought that they were breaking news. I wonder if it can be put back together again Martin Sep 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb How could I not share? Martin from Donal Moloney on Vimeo 9 Cellos Sep 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Stunning Really Simple Syndication … Aug 30, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … It Isn’t Your Dad’s News I met someone the other day and having looked over their website, I happened to mention that the RSS feed from the What A Concept! Aug 29, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Nice Article … [gallery columns=“5” ids=“12016,12017,12018,12019,12020,12021,12022,12023,12024,12025”] … from the team at Teamrock, where Steven Posterity Aug 27, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s Not For Everyone We hope to achieve some kind of immortality through our work. The reality is that after we’re done creating, it’s all Deeper Vocabulary … Aug 27, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … or does he mean broader? I guess what I’m trying to say is, if, as Boas famously claimed, the Eskimos have dozens of words for “snow,” then in Three Things Aug 27, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb All From Dave Winer Sometimes he just hits it …. I know what he means - but wow - when you come to understand that most people don’t know how to Contrarian Instruction Aug 25, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb But It All Makes Sense I just published this on our new site People First. Originally I included this link as part of the article - but my editor Non Violence Aug 19, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sharing The Words Of @DSearls I was only a year old when Gandhi was shot, so I don’t remember that one; but I was involved in both the civil Spotted On My Amazon Account Aug 17, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Numbers Happened to pop onto Amazon today to order this … … and interesting to see how albums called after numbers featured in prior purchases. All Remembering Aug 16, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb More What Drivel Aug 14, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s The Clickbait Headline I Object To The photo above shows many ‘Millenials’ swarming around a septuagenarian. Issues are not driven by age, no Talking Of Silos Aug 10, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This Just Published On BizCatalyst They provide rather a clever image actually - wish I had thought of / found it. Signal Intercept From Low Orbit Ubered Aug 10, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Chap Via Mike Allen and Axios : Travis Kalanick faces a lawsuit Axios business editor Dan Primack landed a monster Anyone Else Notice This? Aug 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Or Is It Just Me? [wd_hustle id=“post-prompt”] Lyft or Uber Aug 7, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Is It Seriously A Question? Crunchbase reporting this morning … SoftBank’s Son to invest in Uber…or Lyft SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son told Put Me In the Unreal Person Bucket Aug 7, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We Used To Joke … … that if you are going to vote - you need to pass a test first. Maybe we modify the thinking. Let’s start with a smaller Startup Culture Aug 3, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Well Worth A Watch The video is on the click through to Dans blog. This made me smile .. The biggest challenge of the talk was that I wrote it Seriously - A Unicorn Tracker? Aug 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Let’s First Agree Definitions The article on CB Insights tells us that … Collectively, US unicorns are worth approximately $360B. That sentence Maps Of Your Home Will Be Sold Aug 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb But it gets worse … … because, with those maps will be all kinds of information about you, your family and how you all move in and around your Time Is Money Jul 31, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Thankyou Comcast … you are costing me a fortune - in both directions All Of This Would Be Easier … Jul 29, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … if I didn’t have opinions Ubered Jul 27, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Who can explain it … … no one … there is no explanation … it is just pure unadulterated excellence. Just like its advertising. Thank-you Louis Worrying Profiles Jul 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb These From LinkedIN A couple of choice ones I’m the one who leads the change and makes everyone realize it was the right move. I - not we Make Buried Bose Tip Jul 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb So Bringing it to the top Bose headphones are great. They ‘just work’ …or at least they did. Now they do again - but for the past couple of days The Future Of Work - Redux Jul 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Why Aren’t People Truthful? The ‘Next Big Future’ writes “The future of work is you with a computer, not you replaced by a computer.” Really? While Facades Jul 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In Business … Not Just Architecture I published this to BizCatalyst recently … the essence being that in America it seems to this Englishman that Snopes Needs Saving Jul 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Bigly It’s sad that this should happen to Snopes - but if ever there was a lesson to be had about controlling your own digital presence - this has Apple Pay Jul 23, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s Simple Isn’t It? You are in a grocery store and while your goods are being checked out by the cashier, you ‘wave’ your phone at the terminal The Road Trip Jul 23, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb No - Not The Movie I am a big fan of John Steinbeck - along with John Fowles, John Irving, John LeCarre … you get the drift. But for now let’s Using A Pole To Get Ahead Jul 23, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb And I’m Not Talking About Pole Vaulting This article was first published on BizCatalyst360 here, in answer to an article that a fellow contributor I Didn’t Realize It Jul 23, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb But These Are The Lead Images From My Last 6 Posts Maybe I need to get some more color into my life For Better And Worse Jul 23, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s A Particle And A Wave It’s a little deep for the weekend, but what the hell.. I read this today … and to quote Dave; I’d like to have a Trumpian Communications Jul 22, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Talking From Both Sides Of His Mouth It’s not just Trump …. Jacob Siegal - who knows nothing more about the new Apple phone than everybody else has Dear Manton and Brent Jul 22, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb What Great Names … but that’s not what prompted this post - that was this (cough … a few years ago … I’m just catching up on some background Sometimes You Forget Jul 21, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb and it is good to be reminded … … how good Clean My Mac is. Speed Up EMail it says .. and tucked away to the side we see “Various mailbox Culture Is A Club Jul 19, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Boy George Knew That 34 Years Ago Culture Is A Club : Gaping Void writing about it today. Culture Is A Club : Boy George singing with them then CustomerTech For Tech People Jul 19, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Edge Cases Are Real I just had to switch servers, one that has a lot of parked domains. That meant going to three different registrars (I know I Customer Service Redux Jul 19, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s An Epidemic I wrote about my recent experiences with Comcast last week. Turns out, that as I was engaging with Comcast, Doc Searls was Did Verizon Get Hacked? Jul 17, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Or did they sell their customer’s phone numbers? Or maybe the completion of the Yahoo acquisition has triggered something? Whatever it is - until Words To Live By Jul 17, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I’m Trying There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; No disease that enough love will not heal; No door that enough love will not It’s Net Neutrality Day Jul 12, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Make Sure Everyone Knows Curiously, some of the people I think SHOULD be supportive of Net Neutrality are not … Just Amongst The Dave’s Here’s Dave Contrasting Thoughts Jul 12, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Are We Wu or Wei? I just published this. It must be a day of conflicting ideas … this one revealed two alternative views as to why Net Neutrality Roger Jul 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb He’s Still Got It I know this has been out for a while - but - well it is a long story. Suffice to say, been spinning it for a couple of days now. Customer Service Jul 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb What Makes It Great? … I would argue that none of those words actually hits it.I think the word is ‘process’. And if you want a phrase … Does Comcast Have A Suggestion Box? Jul 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just in case they do … … here are two thoughts for them (Image By Conrad Baker ) More Proactivity with keeping customers happy when things go A Different Kind Of Company … Jul 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Or A Peek Into The Future? Interesting read … and I for one doff my cap to anyone that can achieve this. Massive kudos. In the reading, I More Attention to Detail Jul 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This Time It’s Bugs This post from Dave Winer makes for a fascinating read - and allows you to get your inner geek on … two extracts … But my code Attention To Detail Jul 7, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It Isn’t Hard Sad to see Soundcloud laying off 173 people. To remind, that is about 40% of their workforce. But that is not what this post is Forrester Clickbait Jul 7, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Why Would Forrester’s CEO Do This? Here’s the link - don’t bother with the click through. It opens … It needs the company’s AI software Watson in Sometimes You Wonder Jul 4, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I Write This Blog For Fun When my friend wrote to me - the picture above was the header on the site. Just making sure there is no confusion:-) Platforms And Tesla Jul 4, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Both topics dear to my heart My thanks to my friend Louis for sharing this link … which is called ‘Why Tesla Is Worth More Than GM’. It mentions tonal-child Jul 3, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I Don’t Speak French Jul 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb But understood every part of this movie Shot entirely on iPhone, Directed by Michel Gondry - he who directed ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ tonal Jul 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb /* You can add your own CSS here. Click the help icon above to learn more. */ .button-block { background: #831234; } .menu-block { background: Some Things Take Time Jul 1, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb No - Not This This I wrote this just over 4 years ago and talked about Apple moving to becoming a direct service provider. And here we are 4 years Gotham Gal Jul 1, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you don’t follow Gotham Gal … you should. If you do - making sure that you pick up on these three links all from June. She was obviously on a Steven Wilson Takes A Detour … Jul 1, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … or does he? This little ditty from his next album was released this week … … and the usual armchair critics are already weighing in - as I type, Answering The Wrong Question Jun 30, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Argument over argument over argument … this just a selection from the past few days. Techpinions - iPad Pro: You do You! Josh Topolsky - ‘Inferior Fiction Meets Reality Jun 30, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb But Unlike Reality - Speaks Truth I have shared this one before - opening scene to The Newsroom. … no need to watch it if you have seen it before. Move Over Canva, Visme Has Arrived Jun 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A Story Of Success If you have been looking around wondering how to create your own sexy images and infographics for your blog and social media This Is News? Jun 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb How Distressing Read All About It The Gig Economy Jun 25, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb As observed by The Onion. Lyft - to show that I don’t always have to pick on Uber! Pro - amongst others … Fairly efficient way to compartmentalize Pooling Our Money Jun 25, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s Another Word For Tax Dave Winer: In the US we always try to make everything fit into a market. But some things resist that treatment. For Work-Life Balance Jun 24, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s The Wrong Way To Look At It I read this in the UK’s Independent newspaper yesterday. The 44 year-old tech billionaire, actively involved in Twitter Idea Jun 23, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in this illustration picture taken in Warsaw What About People? Jun 19, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Spotted this in my feeds today … You can find the original here - along with the associated article by ‘Chief Martech’ Scott Brinker. Anyone spot The Cynefin Framework Jun 18, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Wow. Really. Really. Interesting So THIS is a Bit of An Experiment Jun 15, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Apparently by writing this post - now that I have WebMention installed, this post will also appear as a comment here … The Challenge Of People First Jun 14, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We Just Want To Do Something We Love Jun 12, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sally Thornton : Forshay : 2015 Stowe Boyd posted this today referencing and quoting a wikipedia article talking about Ikigai first published Truth From Gaping Void Jun 12, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Open Web Jun 10, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and Why I Can’t Support Facebook There is a lot written about the open web versus the closed - and how most people can’t tell the difference. An Fifty Years May 21, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A Lot Can Happen I was delighted to guest on Randall Rospond’s Manao Radio Show yesterday. Fun as always. Thought I would share the interview with Follow The Money May 10, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Oracle and Cisco side with the ‘stop net neutrality team’ … quelle surprise! Supporting an overhaul of net neutrality is less about taking a Docusign Phishing May 4, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb One day after the Google docs phishing expedition - I received this email. Exactly the same modus operandi … this time with Docusign. Be careful How we are Programmed Apr 29, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Every time we went to the supermarket, my mom would give me a quarter to play Pac Man. As a good socialist kid, I thought the goal of the game was Bridge - Railway - Abandoned - Japan Apr 15, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb via Favrify Happy Birthday Ian Apr 13, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Had he not died, he would have been 60 years old today (April 13th). Taken away from his wife Ruth, his children and friends waaaay too early. The You Know You Are In Trouble … Apr 11, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … when you need to spend millions to protect the Secretary of Education! Touched on this topic before ….. But seriously … Of all the controversial Stunning Apr 9, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … always one of my favorites - and yesterday I was listening to Moroccan Spirit’s ‘Moroccan Soul’ … and was reminded of it. So sharing. It’s what History That We Sometimes Forget Apr 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I had time on my hands recently and found myself in The Marin Civic Center. It had been a few years since I was there, but was good to catch up. You Spend Your Life Doing Something You Love Apr 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was born in ’67 The year of Sgt. Pepper And are you experienced … no, not me. That would be Steven Wilson. Those lyrics are extracted from the The River No Longer Runs Through It Apr 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In October of Last Year I wrote : For a while now, I have been building a parallel set of thoughts which now has a permanent home here. It is a set Strategy Maps Apr 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A Perfect Guide To Help You Navigate Modern Business I have followed Simon Wardley for a while now - and have to say - it is tough to get into the Want Power? Try Powr. Mar 15, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I run a number of domains, both for friends and myself. In my own suite, I have Beyond Bridges, which is this site - my prime business site and Joan Baez Rocks Maui Mar 8, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This article, written by Rick Chatenever, was first published on the Maui News. Read it in full here. Wearing a black T-shirt with the label Jamie Gallo Rocks It Mar 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A little surprise popped into my inbox this morning from good Maui friend and musician - Jamie Gallo, writing … It’s Raining here on Maui and all Call Center Efficiencies Mar 2, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb True Story … That moment when you dial a number - and are left hanging on the phone for 11 minutes and 25 seconds … and just as you get excited, Is Retail Doomed - Like Apple? Mar 1, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This article makes for an interesting read. David absolutely knows what he is talking about - and I am absolutely no retail pro - just an observer How Long Does Uber Have ? Feb 26, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Uber CEO Travis Kalanick attends the summer World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Shu Zhang - RTX2I8Y7 I have just Gorgeous. Quite Simply Gorgeous. Feb 16, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not just this track. But the whole album. Then between 13 and 17 I’d dreamed of all the things I’d be and how I’d see you all from high on a CSS Styling Experiments - Just Ignore Me Feb 12, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just playing around - as you do with some text and stuff. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque magna eros, viverra America, Land of the Free. Home of the Brave? Feb 9, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The second post today from a friend … this one from Michael Suderman. At what point did we become such cowards? Over 200 years ago this country was The Presidential Decree Formalizes Islamophobia Feb 9, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Republishing this today, the original in Greek - can be found here, It arrived via my friend David Fenton, who has known Stathis for more years Someone Might Be Buying Twitter Jan 16, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb OK. We all know it is for sale. (The image above comes from a Recode article last September where all potential suitors were listed and prioritised Where Is The Line To Be Drawn? Jan 4, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Chicago Review of Books has made the decision to not review any books produced by Simon & Schuster during 2017. There has been a bit of an twentyseventeen Jan 3, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb /* You can add your own CSS here. Click the help icon above to learn more. */ p { font-size: 90%; color: gray; margin: 0 0 1.5em; padding: 0; } Tyranny Jan 3, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It is actually pretty easy to see spot it and if you are paying attention - when and how it starts. But you do have to not keep muttering to Music Has A Power Beyond Anticipation Jan 3, 2017 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I have been listening to a podcast with Alex Baldwin talking to Patti Smith. You can do the same … just follow the link. It’s a great podcast, twentyfifteen Dec 6, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb /* Welcome to Custom CSS! To learn how this works, see http://wp.me/PEmnE-Bt / / ———————————————– */ table.type-02 { border-collapse: collapse; twentysixteen Dec 6, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb /* Welcome to Custom CSS! To learn how this works, see http://wp.me/PEmnE-Bt / / HEADERS and HEADINGS ———————————————- */ header.entry-header graphene Dec 6, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb post-title, .post-title a { font-family: “helvetica neue”, Arial, sans-serif, helvetica; font-size: 1.2em; color: DimGray; text-decoration: none; Comcast Dec 2, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Where Does The Customer Fit Exactly? Important - this post was originally published on December 2nd, 2016 … it was updated on January 16th, 2017 Can You Handle The Truth? Nov 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Over in the Make Meaningful Work discussion group, we got into a dialogue this past week about Fake News. Won’t go into everything here, suffice to Democrats Lost. I Want To Be Sure That Democracy Doesn’t. Nov 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It is Friday. The end of the week - but not the end of the world. This is my third post on the ‘Topic of Tuesday’ …. and (for now at least) will be You Are More Than Welcome Nov 10, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Yesterday’s post on the ‘aftermath of Trump’ seems to have caused some thought amongst my readers (small as the numbers are), so 24 hours later, You Are Welcome Nov 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Hilary Lost. We delivered on the request made in the video. Everyone got it wrong. I am not going to bother to comment on broad issues here - enough Steven Wilson - The Masonic - San Francisco Nov 7, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not my first time to see the man. Won’t be the last. First saw him around 14 years ago - shortly after buying my first album by his band Porcupine MarTech Nov 7, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Yes. It’s A Word. It’s not a word I like. But I track it. It’s what you do. And one of the places I track it is on a site called ChiefMartec. Scott Aaaah - The Irony Nov 5, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb True Story Sitting at the bar, I found myself talking to a couple of old white guys (so of course - we had a lot in common). One of them was in It’s Time To Redraw Silicon Valley Oct 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I posted this yesterday. Inside there is a quote I found from Steve Blank… Silicon Valley is more of a state of mind than a physical location. It Engaging Collaboration Oct 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We live in a new era — mostly of self-expression, but not so much of listening. We are not Hamlet so much these days — we are broadcasters of the A River Runs Through It. Oct 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb For a while now, I have been building a parallel set of thoughts which now has a permanent home here. It is a set of thoughts that live between the Generational Categorization Akin To Astrology Oct 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb My favorite … “Millennials job hop. Boomers don’t.” Balderdash. My buddy Louis Rawlins came up wth a blinding piece of clarity today. For a long He Died Five Years Ago Today Oct 5, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be Criminally Delicious Sep 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb My friend Seth Sundberg has just announced that his new Prison Bars are available. I know it has been a long journey and only now is he really Our Energy Challenge. Crisis or Opportunity? Sep 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You will have heard me talk about gleXnet in the past. A company focussed on the Future of Work. Delighted to read today that they have sponsored - Apple Is Doomed … Again ! Sep 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Add Jason Calacancis to the legions that quite simply don’t get Apple. I am sure Jason know’s a lot about a lot. He is definitely way more famous Scamming Sep 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I know scams continue because people still … STILL … fall for it … but really - even ones like these ? Then of course - given that half the Steven Wilson Talks Streaming Sep 2, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It makes one wonder whether artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd would really be successful in this day and age What’s ‘In’ A Joke? Aug 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This popped through my feed today … quite funny - but it did make me think. The joke could have been even funnier (well I think so) by not changing An English Poem Aug 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I just found this on one of my hard drive, and thought I would share. It is one of those ditties that highlights the wonderful vagaries of the The City of Oakland is Running a Scam Aug 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Happened to be over in the Oakland / Berkeley area yesterday and needed to park to meet a friend near Jack London Square. … and of course I was Avoid Café Rouge In Berkeley Aug 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Maybe I was having a bad day - but it all felt good. And certainly not as bad as the poor waitress over at Café Rouge in Berkeley. Between my From The Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess Aug 5, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I love this promotional video … … so I approached the album itself with high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. Not at all. If any of these names More Musk Aug 5, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I wrote the piece at the bottom of this post on May 13th of this year (ok - since the FOURTH article was written before Christmas of last year - I Experimentation Aug 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just been reading about Ulysses ….. sending this from Blogo on my iPhone - who has been doing the same thing for a while now … so… why the Putting The ‘Fun’ into Fundraising Aug 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Steve Ballmer has a lot of money, You know that because he spent 2 billion dollars a couple of years ago to buy the LA Clippers. How much does he Lest You Forget Jul 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This particular stream of thought is transitioning to bigger thought pieces. If you are interested in those pithy one liners that used to hang DNC v RNC Jul 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Master Plan Jul 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Elon Musk 2016 … (my bold) The first master plan that I wrote 10 years ago is now in the final stages of completion. It wasn’t all that complicated Thomas Dewar on Tim Kaine Jul 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Thanks to Dave Winer, who wrote: Thanks to Joan Walsh, I read this piece by Thomas Dewar on Facebook, and felt strongly this point of view should American English Jul 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Once more I am struck by the continual re-arranging of perfectly good English vocabulary in America. Seems that David Cameron hummed a short tune as What Was He Thinking? Jul 23, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I just have to link to this and share it … no comment - other than sheer sickness. Sorry. The video is all there ….. Police Officer Body-Slams Black People, Process and THEN Technology Jul 22, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I just wrote this as a comment on a post regarding Digital Transformation. Recently I keep writing very similar words over and over. So …. logging Why Marketing Doesn’t Get It Jul 21, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb John Wunderlich wrote this and it appeared in my VRM INBOX today. Sometimes I read stuff like this and am reminded of an episode of “Big Bang Giving Power Back To The People Jul 21, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Doc Searls - spiritual leader of the VRM movement pointed to us today at the what is VRM about page. It works for me - word-smithing aside. This UC Davis Rocks - Because Their Work Actually IS Changing The World Jul 15, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … it’s just that they don’t actually say that. But first, what prompted me to write this post was this New York Times article highlighting something I Am My Own System Of Record - Comments Jul 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Earlier this week, Bizcatalyst posted my article ‘I Am My Own System Of Record’ to their site. I then shared it with various people that I know that I Know … Right ? Jul 6, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Is Elon Doing An End Run Around Electric Utility Companies? Jul 6, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not sure if you spotted that Elon is seeking to merge Tesla and Solar City, which has been met with all kinds of commentary. If you read the Mind Bending Illusion Jul 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Clever - if you want to see how it is done - click through Grow Up Spotify Jul 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The in-app purchase feature had been removed and replaced with an account sign-up feature clearly intended to circumvent Apple’s in-app purchase For ‘Listen’ Read ‘Read’ … Jun 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … For ‘Podcast’ Read ‘Blog’. For ‘Episode’ Read ‘Post’. All else? #TRUTH. The Original Is Here. please pay attention Airbnb Sues San Francisco Jun 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb More pesky government bodies getting in the way of tech, because according to SF … “It’s not regulating user content at all - it’s regulating the How Far Do You Go? Jun 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb One email I got from my recent Brexit posts asked the following; You can argue that acceptance of an English identity is the reverse of racism or John Dvorak - Updated Jun 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I am sure Mr. Dvorak is a very able and competent journalist - after-all he has made his living out of it for years. That said, this article is not What a 5 megabyte drive looked like in 1956. Jun 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This is my favorite from this selection Brexit. It’s About Freedom, Choice and Democracy. Jun 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb My article on Brexit was published on BizCatalyst. In it I provide my take on the Brexit Vote. Going forward, as I see other quotes that catch my So Disenfranchised They Don’t Even Vote Jun 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I worry about the 18-24 and the 25-34 demographics. I would love to know what percentage of those groups actually voted. We do know that the younger Eight Reasons Brexit Won - My Take Jun 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This list of 8 was originally published on the BBC site. Click through if you want to see what they have to say. Read on if you want to read what I Everybody’s Talkin’ Jun 24, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The sentiments are probably on a lot of people’s minds today … #Brexit Brexit Redux Jun 24, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … as they say in ‘Blighty’. If you are paying attention you will know that the UK are ‘about’ (June 23rd) to vote on whether The UK should exit the Worlds Colliding Jun 23, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Remember this ? Seems like Richard Martin and Kenneth Mikkelsen have written a book on the topic … can’t wait to start the dialogue …. Have you People Power Jun 23, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Integrated Inspiration Jun 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This passing through the feeds today - and I see Phantogram are releasing their third album - called three. I guess all their originality went into The Open Web Jun 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Interesting to see two very different posts come through my feed this morning - both explaining the importance of the Open Web through every day Visual Europe Jun 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A wonderful visual guide to that which is ‘Europe’ via Stowe Boyd and reminding me of my position here, this also from Stowe Boyd - and exactly why From the Law Offices of Levin Minnemann Rudess Jun 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Levin Minnemann Rudess have a new album - and is available for pre-order.RELEASE DATE: JULY 15, 2016 This follow up to their highly successful, Do Not Abdicate ANY Of Your Content To A Third Party Jun 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I also still very strongly recommend that creative people keep their own blogs, preferably with their own domains, for the simple reason that no Apple and Privacy Jun 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Lots of distinction between Apple, Google and Facebook, even more so when it comes to privacy. Clue - Apple’s product is very clear. Googles and Burger Buying In The USA Jun 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Source - FlowingData Leads to Leading to Leadership Jun 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was taken with this from Gaping Void today. Just struck me that he is missing the first stage … Should Be On a Lead telling tales Microsoft – LinkedIn To The Future? Jun 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I wrote a quick post about Microsoft and LinkedIN yesterday, and then updated it with a couple of humorous comments. Since then the world has Apple, Cisco and iPhones Jun 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Apple and Cisco Systems have fleshed out their plans to make iOS devices work better in enterprises and said the new capabilities will arrive in the Silicon Valley via Dick Costello Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “That’s the first thing you notice,” Judge said. “It’s capitalism shrouded in the fake hippie rhetoric of ‘We’re making the world a better place,’ Two Lists To Pay Attention To Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb 10 Powerful Books That Will Change How You See the World | Inc.com - dang I need to read more. The best albums of 2016 – so far | Music | The This Is A Public Service Announcement Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It should be anyway. I comment a lot about the importance of keeping the web open. Now Tim Berners Lee is talking about it. Trust me - powerful 1999 Is Great - But I Need More Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I know - right? Yet another shift in the world of Beyond Bridges. If you are paying attention (and really, who knows if you are), you will have Mind Blown Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Seriously - watch it. It isn’t available yet - but by golly when it is! Biggest question in my mind is how long will it take to learn all of the Drones, Video Footage, Great Music Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … what more do you need? Every single image recorded from a drone camera - and the music is pretty spectacular aswell Blockchain Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sanjeet Choudary and Griffin Anderson on Blockchain. Readable and understandable - something that is happening more and more, so the we the people Hacking Twitter Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb After regaining control of his Twitter account, Mckesson explained that the hacker or hackers were able to take over by convincing Verizon to reset Republicans for Hillary Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A little relevant history - via Joho the Blog Thoughts and Prayers Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Great article from John Scalzi. “I offer my thoughts and prayers.” Thank you. It’s not enough. It never was. What more do you have to offer You Know How You Think It Is All Free … Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Facebook to users: Download Moments or say goodbye to your synced photos Facebook is notifying users who automatically synced photos between their Writing Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Read All About It Eno On … Well Actually It’s Isn’t Him … Or Is It ? Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Eno, like you have never seen him … marvelous stuff ! Flash begins, “but then I thought, ‘Well, that’s a bloody stupid question to ask Brian Eno. I Microsoft is buying LinkedIn : UPDATED Jun 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Microsoft’s track record for acquiring companies and doing great things is not good. But, there is now a new CEO who is clearly far more equipped Forbes Jun 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I stopped blocking trackers on the Forbes site, just to see what was going on there. A lot it would seem. Every one of those items is sending stuff Excuses. Seals. Ubered. Commuting. Random. Jun 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Steinbeck uses the old ‘Dog ate my homework’ line … I don’t know whether I told you. My setter pup, left alone one night, made confetti of about Commitments. Skyward. Fraud. Connections. Publishing. May 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ‘Fraud’ is just one of the five topics that caught my eyes and ears this past week that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy. Via Openculture - what a Futurists. Music. Maps. Strikes. Passion. May 20, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ‘Strikes’ .. one of the 5 topics that caught my eyes and ears this past week that I wanted to share with you. There are a few people in the world WWDC. Obama. Musk. Beauty. Humor. May 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ‘Beauty’ is just one of the 5 things that caught my eyes and ears this past week that I wanted to share with you. You might not know what this is, The Seven Deadly Sins May 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The fine people over at Quandl made me aware of their new campaign focussed on data presentation. As a fan of the ‘information scientist’ Edward Life. Woman. Science. Visualization. Magic. May 6, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ‘Science’ is just one of the 5 things that caught my eyes and ears this past week that I wanted to share with you. Sometimes things just come Is Silicon Valley A Laggard In Best Workplace Practice ? May 4, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Spoiler Alert … Possibly. But there is some light. US wide data for BYOD in 2014 - data provided by Citrix. Those of you without their heads under Platforms. Scamming. Privacy. Infinity. Windoze. Apr 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A great, if busy past week that saw me at UC Davis for two days, working with teams of very bright students as part of their Agricultural Innovation Prince. Pantone. Blockchain. Brexit. 1999. Apr 22, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ‘Brexit’ is just one of the 5 things that caught my eyes and ears this past week that I wanted to share with you. 2016 is not turning out so well So. Where Were We ? Apr 21, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I have been ‘PAUSED’ for a couple of weeks. There is a reason. It was a time to stop and rethink what this blog is about. Elsewhere on this site you Paused Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb And With That Said … Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Apologies … Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb for an earlier post - this one actually. I have now updated the one thing I agree with in an email I received. Specifically, the reference to a The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Hundreds of financial analysts are being replaced with software. What office jobs are next? [ Source : NY Times via Stowe Boyd ] An Observation And A Crazy Thought Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When you look at the new Apple campus on Apple Maps - you really start to get an idea of the scale. And, when you look at it in relation to the Out Of The Box -v- Something Different Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It just struck me that ‘contacts’ is the only ‘out of the box’ app I use on my iPad or iPhone for what we used to call ‘PDA’ apps. I think that is The Future of Work … Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … is 5 billion customers looking for a good job. Imagine a much better world — the people-centered economy — where three billion workers have jobs Free Stock Photos [UPDATED] Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated Adding here, because these are great resources. First published on Beyond Bridges on December 5th, 2015. Updated April 8th, 2016 Adding a new link - Super Story Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “I still believe to this day that a bit of chivalry from the past has continued to survive. For this reason I lay this belated wreath on Guynemer’s Say What ? Apr 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Top 5 Pranks Apple Have Played On Us Apr 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s April Fools Day AND Apple’s Birthday. In fact they are ‘40 today’, so in celebration they have raised the Jolly Roger at Infinite Loop.[ Thanks The Lighter Side Of Gun Control Apr 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Someone reminded me of this one today .. </center I Like Clever Reviews Mar 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This is a clever review. [ Source : iMore ] Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back Mar 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Been saying this for years - and I get particularly pissed off by those people on their huxter soapboxes the Presidential campaign trail that say Orkestra Obsolete Mar 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A MUST watch - even if you do not like the original by New Order Extraordinary Fact Mar 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In Apple’s first 40 years it shipped 1,591,092,250 computers[1]. This shipment total is higher than any other computer company in its first 40 Historical Accuracy [UPDATED] Mar 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated The Gift That Keeps Giving. This post from a couple of days ago was written in response to some responses I got re this post - and lo - a new one in MathSplained Mar 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that tensor contraction is just the extension of the inner product to multilinear algebras? Or that a dot product is Nothing Has Changed Since Thursday Mar 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Well Thursday’s post certainly engendered some feedback ! To quote one responder; Really? That’s the moral equivalence fallacy popular in fish wrap Publishing To Apple News Mar 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This is it … [Updated] Europe Is Still Safer Than Most American Cities …. Mar 24, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated … despite what the U.S. Department of State says. 239 - according to The Guardian that is how many people have been killed in America so far this iConnect - Simplifying The ‘iDevice’ Choice [UPDATED] Mar 21, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated First published on Beyond Bridges on March 20th, 2016. Updated March 31st, 2016 Engadget agrees - and they are only talking about the iPad ! If For A Couple Of Minutes I Was Really Excited … Mar 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and then it all went away. Why would Apple do that ? Oh wait … because they are Apple ! And for now … no … I haven’t ‘upgraded’ Malvina Reynolds Mar 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Her Bio A Cool Visualization Of Her most Famous Song and a reminder of her message … … from 1962. To paraphrase Pete … when will we ever learn Your Guide To Writing Mar 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sketchplanations Platforms Mar 4, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Perhaps the most overused word in technology today. No - you can’t just start calling your app or web site a platform … that is NOT what a platform From The Ever Original Indexed Mar 4, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Source which reminded me of an earlier post The UN High Commissioner Weighs In On The FBI Case Mar 4, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Friday urged the US authorities to proceed with great caution in the ongoing Hacking An iPhone Mar 4, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Much ado about nothing ? To remind you, we all know that you can brute force your iPhone and bypass your password with technology boxes that simply Truth In Humor Mar 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb European Scrutiny Of American Companies Mar 2, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Facebook is the latest tech giant to face a European antitrust investigation … there is seemingly no large tech company exempt - including Apple. Improving Data Mar 2, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A recent comment on a mail list I belong to. We already have distributed identity data. Our information is “everywhere”. It is not going to go Are Platform Businesses Eating The World Feb 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The real juggernaut of change today is not technology alone. It’s the explosively scalable processes and monetized learning of orchestrated Turning The Tables Feb 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I recently posted this link to a group I belong to. It is about a robot that calls telemarketers and wastes their time. Until then, I had never Living Under Rocks Feb 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I found this an interesting read. Not for the headline; Apple’s Cook is second most favorable tech CEO in poll of registered voters … but rather @DaveWiner Blocked Me Feb 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb As a reader of this blog - you might know that I follow and agree with Dave Winer (who I do not know) .. a lot. In fact, a quick search on Beyond What Do You Think ? Feb 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb They are pouring their hope into uncertain vessels, and surely know it. Bernie Sanders is an actual radical: He would fundamentally change an Sums Up My Life Feb 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Hugh MacLeod @ Gaping Void is my ‘go to’ person for ‘nailing it’ when it come to business problems The Indexed Pentagram Feb 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I Love Indexed Bowie Done Right Feb 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb At the Grammies, it was all about Lady Ga Ga. At the Brit Awards, it was all about Bowie. … My Friend David On which topic, BTW - The Stick To What You Know Feb 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I like Scott Galloway, when he sticks to what he knows. On brand, he knows a lot. And he is all about brand. So much so that he of all people A 47 Year Old Rock Poem Feb 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Breathe deep the gathering gloom, Watch lights fade from every room. Bedsitter people look back and lament, Another day’s useless energy spent. Uber, Uber - Über Alles [UPDATED] Feb 23, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated First published on Beyond Bridges on February 5th, 2016. Updated February 23rd, 2016 More on ‘Uber’s Atomic Meltdown’ In general, it is not a Pandora [UPDATED] Feb 23, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated First published on Beyond Bridges on February 20th, 2016. Updated February 23rd 2016 Brad Feld weighs in with some great links Updated February Riding Shotgun Feb 22, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Double take time. The leather straps and protectors behind the rider are actually wrapped around his dog. Reported here so the next time you ask how They’re Back Feb 22, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb [gallery columns=“2” size=“large” ids=“6820,6821”] … just another day outside my window Constructive Turbulence [UPDATED] Feb 19, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb & updated First published on Beyond Bridges on February 18th, 2016. Updated February 19th, 2016 I read this today on Stowe’s feed. I see a connection - how Stats Without The Maths Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Don’t sweat the stats, when working with data, have these 5 rules in your mind at all times. Attention to Detail See the Big Picture No Agendas Synchronizing Our Unlikely Juxtapositions Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I recently picked up on a Stowe Boyd post where he commented that ‘Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions’. I suggested that might be the This Is Why This Argument Is Important Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Congressman Lieu graduated from Stanford University in 1991 with a B.S. in Computer Science and an A.B. in Political Science and graduated magna cum Here’s The Problem Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When I post articles like this or this, part of me remains so very concerned about the broad understanding of what is at stake that I wonder if it Blowing Up The BBC Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Lord Hall will give a speech before Easter in which he will unveil proposals to axe the corporation’s existing channel-based structures, Some People Just Don’t Move On Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb My piece was not biased and I fear you misunderstand our business model. It is my editors’ steadfast refusal to consider the impact of stories on You Can’t Differentiate With IT Anymore Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and much much more wisdom in return for 4 minutes and 27 seconds of your time. [ Source : Tom Foremski ] Sales Advice From 2,000 Years Ago Feb 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and just as relevant today. Aristotle would advise salespeople to employ not only logos, but more importantly pathos and ethos to persuade Your Security … Not ‘Theirs’ … Yours Feb 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You might have read / heard / seen the outpouring about Apple’s stance on security, which, depending on who you are reading / listening to / What Moral Authority ? Feb 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The United States has lost the moral authority to create the environment in which the value in our personal data can be unlocked by technological Travesty Feb 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not a big fan of the Grammies - but unfortunately caught the highlights on this mornings news. This was one. My friend David wrote to me this The Onion Has Moved From Spoof To Truth Feb 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb [ Source : Stowe Boyd ] Now THAT Is A Tribute Feb 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In case when reading this, you conclude that I am one of those dudes that just hates covers and people messing with ‘the original’, thought I would America Is Waiting Feb 15, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Brian Eno / David Byrne … 1981. And here we are …. still …. 34 years later. America is waiting for a message Of some sort or another Takin’ it My Speciality ? Generality ! Feb 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb First published on Beyond Bridges on February 10th, 2016. Update : February 14th 2016. Interestingly, a friend and reader of this blog just sent me Irony Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Jason Snell writes about his experience with ‘Adobe Creative Cloud’ That’s right, a tool designed to help Adobe improve its software quality was Don’t Press The Red Button Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It is beyond me why anyone would do this to begin with. But now they have done it, and the warnings appear, I will not be surprised to hear of more Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and Politics and Religion and … My friend Geoff Talbot writing today on his Seven Sentence Blog. He is wondering if politics, religion et al Banking Trends And Predictions - 2016 Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was taught a long time ago about ’SMART (*)’ goals. I apply that to thinking about predictions and trends. These are the trends that ‘The Life Lessons Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This one paragraph has just taught me more about (American) Football than I ever knew. One team gets the ball. They line up on the field. The team The World Is Speeding Up Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The news about The UK’s Independent ceasing print may have crossed your bows today. Two points. This is a newspaper that was born (easily) in my Yikes Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb How 37 Banks that were ‘too big to fail’ became 4. [ Source : Exposing Truth ] Colbert On Fire Feb 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Basecamp - Another Unicorn Feb 10, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb CHICAGO — December 1, 2015–Basecamp is now a $100 billion dollar company, according to a group of investors who have agreed to purchase … [ Source It’s Up. It’s Down. It’s Up. Feb 10, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb [ Source : Kottke ] Talking Ourselves Out Of It Feb 10, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Great piece from Robert Reich over on BillMoyers, where he sees the following as the ‘general consensus’ and why that is wrong. We shouldn’t try I Wish I Had Thought Of It First Feb 10, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … but I am going to adopt the methodology. You know when you sign up for a web site and they ask you to give them info - so that can identify you in It’s The End Of The World As We Know It … Feb 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … well not quite, but still, it makes for an interesting story. The graphic below reveals that the Market Cap losses of THREE SAAS companies last Apple Notes Or ‘Ever Notes’ Feb 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It was interesting to see Apple’s massive upgrade with Notes when they released El Capitan. But they aren’t stopping. Apple’s Notes app, included Super Bowl Halftime Show Ruined Feb 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I swear to god, I read this and thought it was for real - so much is my disdain for Coldplay. SANTA CLARA, CA—Disappointing the thousands of fans Counting What You Can’t Count Feb 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Suppose you hire two proofreaders to go through the same manuscript independently. The first reports A mistakes, the second reports B mistakes, and You Say Sport - I Say Game Feb 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb For as long as I have walked on planet earth, the sport versus game debate regularly pops up. David Papineau is the most recent entry into the Stupidity Feb 9, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I don’t know who is more stupid. Uber for thinking that Taxi Drivers will take them up on their offer … or Taxi Drivers … for even THINKING about How To Introduce A Revolutionary New Product Feb 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The American Dream - Redux Feb 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Living in a van - the new American Dream - of course - few, if any, will come close to this experience; You could spend your youth grinding away Americanisms To Avoid .. Feb 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb at least according to ‘The Economist’. And though it is sometimes necessary to use nouns as adjectives, there is no need to call an attempted Is This You ? I Know It Is Me ! Feb 7, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Our Collective Experience …. Feb 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Wikipedia, Blue Links, Macs, PCs, Software Updates + Downloads, Time Warps, Einstein, User Agreements + Terms and Conditions - in just under 6 Panoply Media Feb 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb …. a Podcast Network from Slate Magazine, and so far I would say - you can’t go wrong. Slate Magazine introduces Panoply, a podcast network that Parental Guidance Jan 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Spotted in a store window in Mill Valley this week. Just too good not to share Grids CAN be Fun Jan 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I seem to have a lot of grids, spreadsheets and charts in my life at the moment … nice to see that they can be fun. Click through to Kottke for the Portrait Of A Sale Jan 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Check Out Gaping Void For More Great Observations Micro Payments Jan 31, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … they have to happen. But the US lags, even as the Publishing and Music industries suffer. Meanwhile, over in The Netherlands, there is a The Secrets To Success - Redux Jan 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I wrote this post a couple of days ago, and delighted to report that I got feedback. (Even more delighted that feedback is increasingly happening - Change. It’s Scary. Jan 29, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was talking to a friend and occasional partner in the UK this morning. Just catching up on ‘what’s new’. He has a fledgling business that is 11 Years Ago Today Jan 28, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb God Speed Harry More It is 11 years today that he passed, and my life is both richer for having known him and poorer for having lost him. Not Happiness Jan 27, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was doing some quick fact checking this morning for this post and came across this quote. It ‘tickled’ me. To be happy is to love, to be happy, Wake Up Before It Is Too Late Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb As Dave Winer wrote in a post last week … “Anywhere but Medium” I remember how much RSS suffered for being dominated by Google. And Google was a An Unlikely Juxtapositon I Would Say Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Where do new ideas come from? The answer is simple: differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions. … kind of like the humor of Monty What Magic Bullet ? Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … it is imperative to first go back to the heart of the business and the brand, to the place where everything all began and to work out from there, Nobody Understands Me Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me. [ Source : Søren Kierkegaard via Stowe And Another Thing … Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Folio wrote a piece with the headline … Sub Head … End date for print edition still undetermined as brand plans to focus on digital content. Of The Secrets To Success Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Richard St. John shares his thoughts on what leads to success. 7 years and 500 interviews later - he has the answer. Passion Hard Work Get Good At Credit Where Credit Is Due Jan 26, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not a huge fan of Microsoft, much like many other people (data provided by comparing how full their retail stores are compared to apple’s, or just Liberals Are Terrified .. Jan 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Way back last year … ok, December 15th I wrote this piece. It was primarily about the ongoing assassination attempt of Corbyn in the UK - initially Your Guide To Being A Man Jan 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … if you are a man that is. Goldman Sachs have a put together a guide to being a man’s man. [ Source : The Baum List ] Personally, I think number It’s Official … We Are Doomed Jan 25, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb 10% of America’s college grads think that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court. There are some other tasty morsels on the click through, but in all S.P.A.C.E. Jan 20, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … no not the final frontier, but rather an acronym that I developed for my last company. It was designed as a ‘guiding light’ for all staff as they Bowie Turned Down Coldplay Jan 20, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “It’s not a very good song, is it?” David Bowie to Chris Martin … on being asked if he would like to collaborate. To me Coldplay is singularly the Backdoors To Bypass Security Jan 20, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Tell me how this works …. Apple have been consistent that they do not provide any back door access to their systems. Period. Meanwhile, a widow who Bowie’s Untouchable Brilliance Jan 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It wasn’t simply that he was bold enough to be like that. It was that he could back off something that worked before the world had even caught up to Credit Where Credit Is Due Jan 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I do try to accurately credit and link back to people, companies, groups and sites that inspire my writings. I don’t always get it right. But I Life’s Most Persistent And Urgent Question Jan 18, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Apple’s home page today - Martin Luther King Day in America. So far, I count … Defy Ventures | UC Davis | … with a couple more to come. How about Change - Who Benefits ? Jan 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Would you change your behavior if it was for the better good of all ? The British are as conservative as cats – like most people – and dislike Quotable Bowie Jan 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I wouldn’t like to make singing a full-time occupation … and other such Bowie quotes collected and curated by The Guardian [ Source : The Guardian The Instinct Is To Rebel Jan 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I need to remember who wrote this - it appeared in my email one day. It resonated. Big data and machine learning (is) all oriented to one type of Quelle Surprise ! Jan 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “Once we have contradictions involved in conditions, we may find ourselves trapped into all manner of things.” Click through for a logical I Wonder If He Really Did Say That ? Jan 17, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Coke Brother Jan 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Oh to be young, incredibly talented, coked out of your mind, so thin that a poodle could knock you over, and brilliantly working with Luther Bowie, Wilson Jan 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Why this article is headlined Four Albums Worth A Listen is beyond me, given how Darin slams Blackstar, and how Hinds is highlighted. Personally, We Decide What Happens Jan 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The video is a couple of years old - but in the scale of ideas, isn’t that just a nano second? Not sure I like Jason’s presentation style - but the Truth Cards Jan 16, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I collect memes that resonate and this morning found this one, which prompted me to publish them all to a new web site. From time to time I will Ihnatko on Bowie Jan 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Andy Ihnatko’s tribute to Bowie, featuring some great video pieces that I hadn’t seen before - and reminding us …. This isn’t for you…this is for Stunned Jan 14, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Ok. Not really. Finally the truth is weighing down the noise. As for Mandelson - is he still alive ? Apparently - but it seems that he has moved Extra Extra - Read All About It Jan 13, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Continuing the theme of a daily Bowie related post that celebrates the man. The humour alone is worth the watch, but watch how he builds the song. Blackstar - Out Of Stock Jan 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … of course it is A Magnificent Lesson Jan 12, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I don’t know Stathis Gourgouris - but I know one of his very best friends - who sent this to me yesterday. “Much will be written about this 15 Years Of iTunes Jan 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … which means that it was 15 years ago that I first bought a Mac and maybe a couple of years after that I left Windoze forever. And yes - with that Blackstar Jan 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb R I P David Bowie. He probably knew that this was his last album. I wonder if he knew how soon after it’s release he would be gone ? I just Clickbait Jan 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This kind of stuff just pisses me off …. under the main headline Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) Post-iPhone Future: Tim Cook Eyes Watches, Cars, TV — But Can Lazarus. Bowie. Enough Said. Jan 11, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Look up here, I’m in heaven I’ve got scars that can’t be seen I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen Everybody knows me now Look up here, man, I’m in Paying Attention Jan 8, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I wonder when Jacquie Lawson will wake up to this data remembering that Google have already driven several nails into the coffin of Flash - and - Breakfast at Tiffany’s Jan 7, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb is nothing compared to the views when you ‘Breakfast at The Five Palms’, Maui What Kind of Genius Is Max Martin ? Jan 3, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and who the hell is Max Martin anyway ? Many of the biggest hits of the past twenty years—by Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift—have Robert Scoble Should Pay Attention To Dave Winer Jan 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … and not just pay lip service. On August 6th 2014, Robert Scoble wrote … After giving it some thought I have completely moved to Facebook at What Goes Around Comes Around Jan 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb An interesting article on LinkedIN from Don Peppers - where he discusses how the ‘speed of light’ rigs the stock market. In many ways, it has always Think - Redux Jan 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Think ! - was my most viewed post of 2015. Would never have made a bet on that Happy New Year Jan 1, 2016 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Maui DMV Dec 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not many DMV’s have this kind of view Selling Value Dec 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Good sales practice is to always sell value. Easy right? But, Lawyers, Accountants, Plumbers, Electricians, Taxis, Personal Coaches …… all sell Conflicted Dec 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When you publicly declare, indeed argue with governments, about why you will not build back doors into your software, what do you do when the The Best Of Stratechery Dec 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you want one place on the web to go to understand tech at a business level, look no further than Ben Thompson’s Stratechery. I often name check Rattle That Lock - Aptly Named For The People Power Theme Dec 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I can never resist a Gilmour album. Though in all honesty, I maintain that his best work is when he doesn’t have full creative control and has to Tom  Conway Dec 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Good to catch up with my friend Tom Conway this evening … [gallery ids=“6104,6103” columns=“2” size=“medium”] And a quick little sample of his If You Aren’t Writing - You Aren’t A Writer Dec 27, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I sometimes comment in this blog on why I write. The readership is not large, the topics are varied, there isn’t a real connected theme. (Yet.) BUT. Spending Money Is Hard Dec 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “They said ‘Hey guys, we’d love to write you a $10 million cheque but there’s one little if’.” [ Source : Business Insider - UK ] The Rage of the Bankers Dec 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb There’s no reason to believe that what’s good for bankers is good for America. [ Source : Paul Krugman - New York Times via Stowe Boyd ] Full Moon - Christmas Day, 2015 Dec 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The first time a full moon has occurred on Christmas since 1977 A Letter To Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann Dec 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Mann have a great podcast over on The Loop. Highly commend it as a gentle, humorous, not too techy podcast that centers on Think ! Dec 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Yes, I am a fan of Apple. Maybe even a fan boy, whatever that is. I also understand the humor and facts that stack up against them. Yes, iTunes I Remember Eddie Dec 15, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Great cast, a Matthew Vaughn production, wonderful story - what is not to love ?A little concerned with the release date. (April 1st). I mean so Couped Up In Coups Dec 15, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A great piece by Owen Jones in The Guardian, regarding the ongoing onslaught on Jeremy Corbyn by the media and the ‘elite’. Bernie doesn’t have it A Brief History Of The Royals Dec 15, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I love these kinds of videos. All you need to know about William and Kate’s ancestors, though it might take a couple of watches before you can take A Fascinating Dilemma Dec 15, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When people drive cars, collisions often happen so quickly that they are entirely accidental. When self-driving cars eliminate driver error in these Remembering Harry Fenik Dec 15, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Harry came to my mind today, and with him in my head, I found a commemoration page on one of my other domains. I moved it here to breath some new BBC iPlayer For All … Not Yet Dec 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I understand the BBC license stuff, I really do. Bits like where it has been government subsidised and that the benefit of their content is for the Frozen In Time Dec 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just a screen grab of my iPhone. iMore (at exactly the same time) releases two stories. Google Wallet will soon …. Google Wallet now lets …. At It’s Pump Day Dec 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I am PUMPED. Today is the day that I finally got into the Grid. Can’t wait to get going Fractal Gears Dec 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you know me, then you know why this is posted here - and that is worth clicking through to. Quite gorgeous. Fractal Gears by @liabru Closet Introvert Dec 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb These closets are sooooo good that you want to hang out in them rather than the bedroom, living room, kitchen. Want to know how I know ? Clue - look Betteridge versus Marr Dec 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Betteridge’s law of headlines is an adage that states: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” It is named after Running Behind - Again Dec 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb 9 Draft Posts sitting on this site waiting for me to finish them and release them into the wild world. 9 entries sitting in my blog catalogue from It’s A People Exchange - People ! Dec 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Empire Avenue is a stock market game based on social media. It is a stock exchange for people. To quote their erstwhile CEO .. A virtual-currency The End Of The Free Internet? Dec 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “A new model is to put users of the internet in control of their own data. Let them decide who they trade it with and for what reward,” says StJohn Tech Headed for a Bust Dec 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Bill Gurley argues that tech startups are overvalued, profits are underrated, and a bust is coming. Not new, it’s a recurring theme. [ Source : What Would You Do For Peking Duk ? Dec 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I just love this story :-) A fan scams his way in to a back stage pass. I wonder how long before this becomes a more serious issue. As far as I can Platform Thinking - 2015 Dec 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A nice summary of some of the best (platform) thinking from Sangeet Paul Choudary [ Source : Platformed ] Apple Working On Siri Enabled Android App ? Dec 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb An interesting choice. We’ve already got Siri on our iPhones, why build it specifically into an app, rather than integrating Apple TV search A Twist On The Old Joke Dec 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I saw this on the Microsoft web site today. Noting that to get Office WITH Outlook costs an additional $80. The old joke … the first prize is one Temporaly Challenged Dec 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Brands don’t mean what they used to mean. They’re now experiential. [ Source : Brian Solis ] I don’t disagree that they should be, but I think most You Say You Want A Revolution Dec 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it’s evolution Well, you know We all want to change People Have The Power Dec 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You might know that I use #PeoplePower on Twitter, so won’t be suprised by me adding this video Time to Connect Dec 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This arrived in my inbox this morning. We need to watch for our inability to separate emotion from perception, a willingness to accept illusion for New Rules - 4 Dec 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When you search for ‘<name>’ in linkedIN, it should produce a result that is at least within 1% of the result you get when you search Google with A Share Is Not A Complement Dec 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was trawling my own blog this morning and came across this post, which in turn referenced this post. As I have previously intimated, the prime This Mornings Smile Dec 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sometimes, you just get hit out of the blue and the funny bone gets bumped. Just happened. Rands In Repose is in my daily RSS feed - and after I Understand Dec 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it. Upton Sinclair Go Shove It Dec 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Dear Otis: I have your letter and am deeply pleased with your interest in my book. I would like to suggest to you that rather than put in new Damned If You Do - Damned If You Dont’ Dec 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I am not a fan of what MZ is doing with Facebook, which is why I am not there (for now). BUT, his massive announcement on what he is doing with abou What Is Normal Dec 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. Anything that’s Truth ? Dec 4, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past. George Orwell Add Basecamp To The Unicorn Camp Dec 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Basecamp’s Jason Fried proving that you too can be a Unicorn. A masterful piece worthy of the Onion, made stronger by not actually being on the Platform Thinking Dec 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It is nearly two years since I read this post; Yes, 2013 was the year of the platform. And there’s more to come in 2014 Written by J P The Redhead … Dec 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … writes a great blog. Just a couple of links from her recent contributions. A small but messy place on the internet where life gets weird. And Three Words To Find ANYONE Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Absolutely BRILLIANT 75% of the earth population, i.e. four billion people, “don’t exist” because they have no physical address. This cohort of The Old Spanish Trail Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb and one woman’s fight to restore it to its former glory Greatness Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb That single quote reveals Marian’s greatness. I don’t know who she (really) was, (but this is a start). I do wish that more people today would have Asking The Right Question Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Careful what the question is, because that pretty much always defines the answer. In recent Apple blogs a lot of questions have been asked as to A Multiverse In Our Universe Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Extraordinary Video. And I am guessing an even more extraordinary place. Crawick Multiverse from Garden Museum on Vimeo The World Has Gone Mad Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The sad thing is that I become increasingly less stunned by increasingly stupid decisons. This is the reason why a Beginners Yoga class has been An Internet First Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb On August 11, 1994, Kohn sold a CD of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales album to a friend in Philadelphia, who used his credit card to spend $12.48, plus The Importance Of Education Nov 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people. Thomas Jefferson When I Die … Nov 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Picking Sides Nov 22, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb So it is clear which side Yahoo is on. From their business POV it makes total sense. I wonder if Google will follow suit? And when they do, what the First World Problems Nov 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb There are plenty of places to go to get help on Apple issues - and this blog is not one of them. BUT, ever since I upgraded to ‘El Capitan’, the VIP Keep The Keyhole Clean Nov 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Yet another wonderful post from Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. And as you read the article, consider how long ago this was written and then ask 5 4 3 2 1 Nov 19, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb No, not the song, but a rather excellent post from another ‘Mann’ - my good friend Jeff Weinberger over at MENG - the Marketing Executives A French Perspective Nov 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In stark contrast to ‘The Idiot Governors’ of the USA … [ Map From Newsweek ] … this just in from France. (my bold enhancements). French President A Tale Of Two Continents Nov 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb With the USA in one corner, we have Bloomberg reporting that ‘Apple, Google Urged to Crack Encrypted Phones in Terror Probes’ With Europe in the Horace Gets Creative With His Reviews Nov 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In the past week, one of my favorite analysts - Horace Dediu - seems to have got his creative mojo on. Today - this was his review of the iPad Pro’s Prayer Nov 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Does the use of the word define a position ? After Paris, Queen Elizabeth Second and Supreme Governor of the Church of England tweeted .. After What Is A Church ? Nov 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Yet the church, which has 280 members, is fighting to be legally recognized as a religion. The group recently sued the town of Westmoreland (where Wait - This Is Waaay Too Rational … Nov 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We need to shift control of personal data back to the individual. A true ‘Internet Of Me’ in which we own all our data in a way that is secure and Just When You Thought To Had It All Worked Out Nov 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb While the sound can’t be heard by the human ear, nearby tablets and smartphones can detect it. When they do, browser cookies can now pair a single Preparing Pupils For The Future Nov 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Preparing schoolchildren for jobs that don’t yet exist requires engagement from educators and businesses, writes Claudia Harris … personally, I Start Writing Nov 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Rise of Airbnb’s Full-Time Landlords Nov 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Scott Shatford, 35, said he’s not concerned about a Santa Monica, California, home-sharing ordinance that took effect in June. It prohibits stays of The Singularity ? Nov 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Homage To Deep Purple From Opeth Nov 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Don’t you just LOVE this album cover … Damned If You Do - Damned If You Don’t Nov 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The juxtaposition of the following two stories is interesting. I often read about the lack of consistency of how the ‘law’ treats people. A common Noel … Noel … Nov 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I have long felt that Noel Gallagher is simply a massive self publicist, with little talent. He did some good songs. Once. But I never really cared Based On This Year’s Antics - How Could You Deny It ? Nov 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Venture Capitalist Confidence Falls Sharply in Q3 Nov 6, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Patience, discipline, and vision will be needed to navigate what appears to be a current mismatch in private valuations, public market receptivity, Self Improvement Nov 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I don’t know if you write a blog, but if you do - do you know why ? I haven’t quite worked that out yet, but it doesn’t stop me writing, because for Once In A Lifetime Nov 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack And you may find yourself in another part of the world And you may find yourself behind the The Medium Is The Message Nov 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just quite brilliant Equal Opportunities Oct 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Call Out The Guilty Oct 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The victims were ‘we the people’ - then T-Mobile …. Experian are the guilty ones … Can we start naming them more. Please? I received an email New Rules - 3 Oct 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you don’t participate in building something … Then you are not allowed to say afterwards ‘it’s not my fault’. This is the third in a series of Does This Register Oct 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Question: What’s the single thing that could change the lives of the most poor people living in America? Answer: A better turnout at the polls. British Rail #FAILS Oct 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Remember the old days when you used to get onto a train - and it would take you to where you want to go - not any more - privatization they call it Unicorns are Made Up By Human Storytellers Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You know my opinion about Unicorns - right ? Others seem to be getting on the train … I am back in Boulder after spending much of the last week in Virgin America #FAILS Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It seems odd to be acting this post knocking Virgin America in the Virgin Atlantic Lounge in SFO - but I guess the only connection between then is 1974 - Nothing Different Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Do the Wall Street shuffle Hear the money rustle Watch the greenbacks tumble Feel the Sterling crumble You need a yen to make a mark If you wanna Comments On The American Perspective Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I saw the black writing coming through a feed recently …. and in a quiet moment - decided to comment back as an English person who has spent more Mandelson - You Are Gone - Shut Up Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We’re fortunate to have Mandelson’s input – it tells us what’s gone wrong with the party in the past. Now, with Corbyn’s mandate, we have the chance Why You Don’t Want to be the Next Uber Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The hard truth is that when we employ the idea of the Unicorn as a heuristic to inspire, guide, and shape our limited, priceless effort, What Is Tesla ? Oct 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are working on models that will be competitive with Tesla on technology, and thee U.S. company will soon be just one of The Haves And The Have Nots Sep 29, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you want to work for Amazon: According to the Flex site, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old, have a car, and valid drivers license. You’ll What Don’t They Get ? Sep 22, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Ad blocker users have deliberately said no to seeing ads. But some marketers are trying to target them anyway. [ Source : Digiday ] Title Translation Sep 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Jason Snell writing about the design transformation of his 1 year old blog Six Colors .. Or Six Colours - as we would have it in the UK. But then American Citizenship Sep 19, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I am an English. I moved to the US in 1990. I am still a ‘resident alien’ as the US government affectionately refers to me. Other than that one fact Rumsfeldism - Applied To Engaging People Sep 19, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This came through my stream this morning … as a way to think of what kind of people you need to help you - based on what you know - or don’t. You The Battle Lines Are Drawn … Sep 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Click through to see Jim’s take…. [ Source : Jim Dalrymple : The Loop ] Move Along - Nothing To See Here Sep 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I have a business worth $1,000. If you give me $1,000,000 dollars for 10% of my shares - that ‘values’ my company at $10,000,000 - overnight - BUT - They Never Asked For Your Permission … Sep 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb don’t even start asking for theirs. Courtesy Banksy [ Source : The Loop ] The Power of Music Sep 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “Without music life would be a mistake.” [ Source : Nietzsche on the Power of Music via Brain Pickings ] Rest In ‘Peace’ Sep 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I bought Peace on Wednesday - and use it … not so surprised to read this on Thursday - but stunned to read this today. Bottom line - Peace was the It’s All About Planning Sep 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Delighted to receive this email this morning. It is one of many I receive on a regular basis. … I work for a company called REDACTED. I represent In Praise Of A Carrier Sep 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb T-Mobile to be specific. Yep - you read it right. More to come with the details soon Don’t Do It !! Sep 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I never quite understand why signs like this exist. BTW - this one really does - I took the photo. … unless it is for these kinds of purposes. Enjoy Flash Used To Be Flash Sep 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb back in the day. In the past, many plugins were developed using an old system called NPAPI. Today fewer sites are using NPAPI plugins and they Peace - For Peace Of Mind Sep 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb And we shouldn’t feel guilty about this. The “implied contract” theory that we’ve agreed to view ads in exchange for free content is void because we 155,000 People Sep 15, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb …. No wonder the roads are full - #uber will make out like bandits this week Deal - Or No Deal ? Sep 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb From where I’m sitting, if you like to upgrade every year, if you’re not ultra-thrifty, if you don’t care about keeping your old hardware, and if Cheerleaders - New News Sep 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … at least to me, you know sport is not my sweet spot. Anyway - I just overheard a question Why don’t the NFL pay the CheerLeaders? Say what ? A Batteries We Need Sep 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Mission E can store an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes … can i get that for my phone please Who ? Me ? Sep 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I know this article is not talking about me - because I left Facebook a year ago - but it doesn’t mean that I’m not guilty of it. Then again the Prescient Sep 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The entire internet has already shared this one - so why should I be different? It’s also funny. [ Source : The Verge ] Thought Piece Sep 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb What’s important is that we can’t really do anything about it. No one knows what to do about it. I don’t know what to do about it, and neither do Why Email Is NOT Obsolete Sep 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I have another post similar to this topic here - also posted today. This is a link to my post over at ExpertAlumni - which is in the process of The Fundamental Force Of People Sep 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The human world, like physics, can be reduced to four fundamental forces: culture, politics, war and business. That is also roughly the order of If I Had Success Younger, I’d Be Dead By Now Sep 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb What saved him then, he says, was joining up with his old friend Jarvis Cocker during Pulp’s tour for their bucolic 2001 album, We Love Life. The Unified Inbox Sep 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Anyone else remember the idea of the ‘unified inbox’ ? I am talking waaaay back in the day when we ‘wanted’ voice mail, texts and emails all to And While We Are Talking About Yorkshire … Sep 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb David Cameron wasn’t rude about Yorkshire - he was right …. … It’s not that surprising. Pit a bunch of Yorkshire folk against outsiders and they’ll Now That’s What I Am Talking About Sep 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Questions to Siri can also be chained together, with one example from the keynote being “show me some action movies” > “the James Bond ones” > “just Trade Offs In Publishing Sep 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I have written previously about Ad Blocking and Content Blocking. Here’s a new one … click through to the Washington Post from a link - and they Clayton Christensen - Slap Down Sep 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “Nowhere in the history of business has there been an industry like disk drives,” Christensen writes, which makes it a very odd choice for an New Rules - 2 Sep 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When it comes to relating to people …. Energize Engage Empower Where Is The Anger Sep 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb "Privacy isn’t dead, but we are at a crossroads where the impact of new technologies combined with an antiquated and corrupted legal system and Queen Elizabeth II Rocks Sep 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t expected to ascend to the throne when she was born. She went on to become Britain’s longest reigning monarch, overtaking Unicorpse - Feld Thoughts Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In March, investor Bill Gurley made headlines with his pronouncement that “a complete absence of fear” would lead to dead unicorns this year. New Rules Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you are an Android phone user - you should not call an iPhone user and ask them how your Android works. … with thanks to Bill Maher for the Blog Private Morality Detracts From Public Morality Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb At a time many Republican candidates are focusing on what people do in their bedrooms, America is experiencing a far more significant crisis in Same As It Ever Was Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I like Simon Wardley’s work - you should catch up on it. [ Source : Simon Wardley ] The One-Page Dashboard Is So ‘Last Year’ Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The The one-page dashboard is a relic. Its form makes little sense in an era of touch screens, on-demand data, and interfaces crafted for Marketing Has A Problem Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I’ve been in it a long time. It always has. But. Despite what your CMO would have you believe - it isn’t getting better. Just a few choice articles The Failure Of Collaboration Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Companies don’t fail at collaboration because not enough people will cooperate with one another. They fail when people work too closely in certain Normal Service Is Resumed …. Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … got a little behind there with the long weekend Patti Smith Biography Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Roald Dahl believed that physical illness powers creativity. It’s a perplexing proposition, but the diaries of celebrated artists, writers, Phones Replace Cars To Connect With Your World Sep 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Much of the emotional meaning of the car, especially to young adults, has transferred to the smartphone, says Mark Lizewskie, executive director of So Where Is The Internet ? Sep 5, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Mind-fuck For as long as the idea of the ‘mobile internet’ has been around, we’ve thought of it a cut-down subset of the ‘real’ Internet. I’d Karma - It’s Gonna Get You Sep 4, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Instant Karma’s gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head … so wrote - and sang - John Lennon. Came back to me just 10 minutes go as I was Steven Wilson - ‘Top Of The Heap’ Sep 4, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Storm Thorgerson ‘grand design’ : Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. Album of the year : Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. Commercial St. George’s Day Sep 4, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … is not today - but it should always be celebrated PC / Mac Running Slow ? Sep 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Take a look a this … That is a screen grab of the behind the scenes activity tracked by Ghostery around the URL of the New York Post. A Lot of To Change Is To Survive Sep 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You Either Have It … Or You Don’t Sep 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The full title of the original article is : “Age of the Unicorn: How the Fed Tried to Fix the Recession, and Created the Tech Bubble” Its the Quote Of The Year Sep 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … so far The disturbing photos of children who have washed up on the shores have created a debate about whether we should be forced to see such How Much Is Music Really Worth Sep 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb After more than a century of cultural flux, music is now priceless. Or is that worthless? [Source : Pitchfork] Click through and have a read - it Five Hundred Posts Sep 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … counting this one. Really ? I am pretty sure that this is not an over-read blog. I do it for fun - and a place to hold my thoughts. No money goes Advice To Ken - Follow The Money Sep 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s an old adage - but holds true through the ages and scandals. I just read this short piece from Ken Magill. His conclusion …. One thing is Stop Calling It Social Media Sep 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We should really be calling it social business [ Source : Accounting Today ] Ok - been saying this for a while, in various ways - here and here - More Is Less Sep 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning. [ Source : Jean Baudrillard #Sidekick From #Hubspot : #FAIL Aug 31, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb On the face of it looks good no ? A simple Apple mail extension provided from Hubspot - that allows you to just check ‘track mail’ - just before you You See What I Did There …. Aug 31, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In case not - the headline of the article (found here), Why Ad-Blocking in iOS 9 Benefits Only Apple. I run both Ghostery and uBlock - just to see Can You Really Vote ‘Funniest’ Aug 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I think both the second and the third were far better jokes than the winner - but what do I know - I’m not a comedian ! A pun by comedian Darren A Book Of Artwork … Aug 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb How wonderfully coincidental. In Abstentia was the first Porcupine Tree album that I owned and through which, became aware of who Wilson was. Of You Too Can Be Subversive Aug 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I dropped into a store this week to get a belt refurbished. Long story short … It will cost me $40 - about 25 % of the original cost - and that was I Understand Aug 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It is a fault to wish to be understood before we have made ourselves clear to ourselves. [Source : Simone Weil vis Stowe Boyd] The Amazing Randi Aug 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I had the pleasure of attending Randi’s annual conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. ‘The Amazing Meeting’, by name and nature, was Wonderful - Ad Blocking On Mobile Aug 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb More reasons to be excited by iOS9 … iOS 9 comes with a new feature called ‘content blockers’ which allow developers to build apps for blocking Comic Books Aug 23, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb i am not a comic book buyer .. But this might just be my first. Thanks to Greg Palast for the referral The Revised Revised Devil’s Dictionary Aug 23, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Growing up - I was a big fan of Ambrose Bierce. Looks like I wasn’t the only one … Kottke links off to a couple of new ones. Great reads Not Exactly A Quick Death Aug 23, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb R I P Flash Singularity Aug 23, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Is it a Really That Hard ? Aug 21, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … To add Touch ID to the iOS App log in screen My iTunes Wish Aug 21, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … you know when you download an app to take a look ? Why can’t I just make it go away .. I mean really away .. If I have decided it is not for me Cringely On WiFi Aug 21, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Whether Google is the best outfit to trust with that tuning and those updates is another story. Great ending - but read the whole piece - 100 Great Songwriters Aug 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ready and waiting to be found and sampled. As Jim says - This is about songwriting, not performing. Dig through the list. You may discover some Freedom By Any Other Name Aug 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “Here’s a quiz. What do emails, buddy lists, drive back ups, social networking posts, web browsing history, your medical data, your bank records, Click Fraud In Streaming Music Aug 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb All a fraudster has to do is set up a fake artist account with fake music, and then they can use bots to generate clicks for their pretend artist. Hofstadter’s Law Aug 20, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law. [ Source : Douglas Hofstadter via Stowe Boyd ] I Thought It Mattered Aug 19, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “This band behind me’ll tell you that that trophy means more to me than owt else in the whole world. But they’d be wrong! Truth is, I THOUGHT it Can’t Add More To That ! Aug 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb John Steinbeck Steve Jobs - 1996 Aug 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Another historical revisit. Fascinating read found here, with my thanks to The Loop for finding it. The Google Rant Aug 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I was reminded of this post found here - but detailed in full below - in case the source is ever taken down. Like the original was. Came to mind We Do Not Accept Apple Pay Aug 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Interesting. There are plenty of places that do not accept Apple Pay - including Apple’s own iTunes store. But - the fact that you feel it necessary Don’t Let The Law Get In The Way Of A Good Business Idea Aug 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Someone wrote in an email that I received over the weekend that : The real genius of Uber is turning a commodity product (taxi) that one simply Command and Control … It’s Over Aug 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Today, leaders have to shift from “command-and-control” to “connect-and-collaborate,” from exerting power over people to generating power through If It’s Customer Loyalty You Want … Aug 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If loyalty systems are left entirely up to the sellers of the world, we’ll have as many different systems as we have sellers. Which, of course, is Apple Touch Aug 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Of all the apps I use - as far as I can see Citi is the only organization that has implemented Apple Touch for their app sign in. Seriously ? A Bank How Portability Ruined The Telephone Aug 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Now that more than half of American adults under 35 use mobile phones as their only phones, the intrinsic unreliability of the cellular network has The Ethics Of Modern Ad-blocking Aug 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Nobody should blame the users of 2015 for blocking abusive, intrusive, misleading, and privacy-stealing ads and trackers, even if it’s inconvenient What The Hell Happened ? Aug 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Lately I haven’t derived the same pleasure from my music collection, or even music in general, that I’ve been accustomed to my whole life. I’m Just Good Music Aug 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sometime around early 2003, a group of friends came together and decided to take their personal interest and love of great music - and launch a Labour Faces ‘Annihilation’ Says Tony Blair Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … sorry why do we care about Bliar ? Michael Meacher, a Labour former minister and supporter of Corbyn, said Blairites needed to understand that Oh - the choices … Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “God, geek, hack or fraud? A 2 x 2 analytical framework for identifying who you’re dealing with. Doodled while trying to explain the difference.” My Morning Jacket and Roger Waters - All Good Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The return of Bob Dylan’s fabled electric guitar wasn’t the only thing happening at the Newport Folk Festival on Friday. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd Privacy implications of handing over your boarding pass at an airport shop Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb For a variety of reasons I happened across Peter Parkes Blog this morning, only to find an article on Privacy. It seems that everyone is writing We Need To Stand Up And Be Counted Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If we think about privacy as outdated or impossible, our digital revolution may have no rules at all, a result that will disempower all but the most Big Brother Is Watching You Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Doc Searl’s long - but well worth reading - take on the state of online advertising. Absolutely mind boggling how many trackers are sitting on sites Filled With Wonder Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Teach when you are filled with wonder, before you become a boring expert. [ Source : Mark Pilgrim via Matt Mullenweg ] Apple Fanboys Aug 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb There’s a whole class of recent switchers who define “Apple fanboy” as “anyone who’s been an enthusiastic Mac user since before I switched to the A Unified Field Theory Aug 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When I was much (much) younger and actually understood the Maths I was studying, I read a wonderful little book called Flatland by Edwin Abbott. At Airbnb and the Internet Revolution Aug 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb They aren’t as bad as Uber in their flaunting of the law … … but the longer they do it the less taxes arrive to support a city/county/state the Some Inspiring Ted Talks Aug 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I will add more: Peter Gabriel Jeremy Heimans Garrett Lisi Is Your Data Frozen Under An Impenetrable Layer ? Aug 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I used to have a term a few years ago in the world of ‘Change Management’. It was ‘Permafrost’. The C Suite wanted change - they could see that if How To Rebuild Journalism Aug 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A fascinating piece about - guess what - rebuilding journalism - by Dave Winer - if you don’t know who he is - you should demonstrate extreme “We don’t so much want to leave the person we are with as much as we want to leave the person we have become.” Aug 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … ‘anon’ - to my knowledge - but if I find out - I will certainly update Impossibilities Aug 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not so much about the book, though it is now on my list. Rather, my mind was drawn to Amazon’s ‘Read More’ / ‘Read Less’ instruction at the bottom Epic Bus Advertisements Aug 11, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I know ! Right ! Trust me … and my thanks to Jim Dalrymple and The Loop for these two links - he published them a while back - and only now just What Publishing Industry ? Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It makes increasingly less sense even to talk about a publishing industry, because the core problem publishing solves—the incredible difficulty, If Only We Were This Honest In Real Life Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Watch This - I know it’s fiction - but it is so true. And to make you think … I watched the third episode of this last night .. which just goes to Capgemini On VRM Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A new category of tools and services for empowering independent customers is starting to emerge. We call that category VRM, for Vendor Delighted Apple News - Meet Beyond Bridges …. Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … Beyond Bridges - Meet Apple News Delighted to report that this blog has just been accepted for Apple News - almost makes me want to download the Why Streaming Is Detrimental To An Artist’s Health Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Lets say a person listens to music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week between the age of 10 and 70. That’s for 60 years. Total hours = 60 * 52 * 7 * 24 Music In Movies Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Buried in the pie chart above is an additional figure … Music - total spend £25,507 (yes - pounds - this was an English movie) … but that means just Helping Lenders Discriminate Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb This just in … - well not ‘just’ - it was last week - but I wanted to share a paragraph from the patent … In a fourth embodiment of the invention, Wry Intellectuallism Aug 10, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Example : Jean-Paul Sartre is sitting in a cafe revising his first draft of Being and Nothingness. He says to the waitress, “I would like a cup of “It’s wonderful to be hated by idiots.” Aug 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … John Simon Truth In Fiction Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You ever notice how the folks who talk loudest about small government always seem to live in the states with the biggest subsidies? An Excerpt From “There is so much to know, yet so little you can” Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A Secret Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “We Protect What We Fall In Love With” Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … Louie Schwartzberg [ted id=1283] What Is Love Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When we are truly engaged in giving and receiving love, we don’t ponder such philosophical questions. It’s only when something is lacking that we Drummers - No Joking Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Thought I would share these three links with you all - Drum Soloists featured on The David Letterman show Gavin Harrison - I first found him with “By 2030 people would only need to work 15 hours per week” Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … John Maynard Keynes - 1930. Of course - his presumption was that technology would free us from work. Let me know how that works out Truth - Or A Reach ? Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Nobody said life was simple - But it shouldn’t be impossible [ Source : FractalThought ] Customer Experience Aug 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” Steve Jobs Consumer Rights - Stand Up For Them Aug 6, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb http://www.slideshare.net/Shine_Technologies/shine-consumers-right-to-ad-block “We Must Strive to be Ourselves” Aug 6, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb As I was researching the theory behind organizational goal-setting, I came across a letter from Hunter Thompson, at the time 20 years old, writing Software That Doesn’t Do What It Says Jul 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Opportunity Management Systems Customer Relationship Management Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation …. and we wonder why the Target An Audience - Segment A List Jul 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … that’s all Self Referential AI Jul 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It all started with a group email that I received …. …. “I found this list of 2015 Project Grants in AI interesting, not least because of the VRM Price and Value Jul 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Spot On. I have long argued that the idea of charging cost plus margin, by the hour/day is for the birds. Value is where it is at. The challenge is Success Silos Just Do Not Work Jul 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you track my thoughts, you will know that I am a big believer in ‘breaking down the silos’. I mean REALLY break - not pay lip service to it - Pinterest and IFTTT … At Last Jul 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb no more to be said - I am off to try it out ! Pinterest is today announcing a couple of the first integrations developers have come up with Pay, Purpose, Play .. and then there’s Passion Jul 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb don’t forget that last one Britain On Film - Thanks to The BFI Jul 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Released today - thousands of never before seen online - footage of ‘Old Britain’. [ Source : BFI | Syndicated via The Guardian ] Tony Blair - They Might Write Songs - But Never Epics Jul 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb But as Blair’s remarkably self-unaware comments today illustrate, this mentality centrally depends upon a steadfast commitment to blinding oneself Fraud In The Advertising Industry Jul 6, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Half or more of the paid online display advertisements that ad networks, media buyers, and ad agencies have knowingly been selling to clients over Level The Playing Field Jul 6, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Parisian taxi drivers are partly protesting against economic regulations in cities where taxi drivers have to pay for expensive medallions while Poverty - Solving The Wrong Problem Really Well Jul 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just as you THINK you have your head around poverty - along comes Gary Haugen to blow that belief out of the water. The question now is - what do we Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure - Redux Jul 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Absolutely awe inspiring - once you have picked your jaw up from the ground. [ted id=2242] Zane Lowe … The Tony Blackburn Of Our Time Jun 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … bear with me. I am old enough to remember Radio 1 going live on September 30th 1967. I remember Tony Blackburn - of Radio Caroline and Radio A Single Person’s Influence Jun 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Extraordinary story. Extraordinary Person. Extraordinary Life. [ted id=2258] Rock Stars Days Are Numbered Jun 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The sad thing is that I can see a few companies that fit this model … IBM and HP to name a couple … but there is another that has recently hove into Bliar’s Legacy Live On Jun 27, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb John O’Nolan, wrote in a blog post: “we’ve elected to move the default location for all customer data from the UK to DigitalOcean’s [Amsterdam] data Search and Discovery Jun 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Ben Evan’s writing about the eternal conflict between getting the balance right between ‘here’s everything’ and “here’s a few we think works”. You and Yours (Ideas, Beliefs, Passions …) Jun 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Inspired - I emailed Geoff ! There is nothing more exciting than coming fully alive and giving yourself to the world in an abundantly generous For Whom The Bell Tolls Jun 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb True mastery, that’s what we’ve lost. No, we haven’t lost it: we threw it away. if you believe what Bob Cringely writes - and I have a hard time Rocked Out Jun 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sometimes in the UK and the USA we wonder about how certain people get granted disability status. You KNOW what I am talking about. Can you beat A World Without Work Jun 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The paradox of work is that many people hate their jobs, but they are considerably more miserable doing nothing. A World without work … weren’t we The Future of Work Needs To Be About People Jun 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Really About People I believe in the newly emerging Future of Work - but I believe it should be right for the people. Uber - and others - seem to Ch Ch Ch Changes In Publishing Jun 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb A couple of months ago I wrote an extension to a piece by Ben Thompson at Stratchery. The original article clearly positions ‘content delivery’ at Seed.io Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you - a person - want to file something about a much larger entity - let’s call it an enterprise - but you worry about the repercussions … worry Glass House Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Revisiting some awesome music tonight. Been a while since I heard this one. Wonderful. Goodbye old friend, my paranoia We’ll meet again someday Varieties of News Readers Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I think — provisionally — that there are three types of news readers. (Am I missing any?) Brent Simmons writing about his three categories of News Jenga High Rises Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Cantilevered volumes extend into the air to remind people inside that they’re part of the urban landscape. Really like this concept. [ Source : Food Wars Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Europe’s migration crisis played out dramatically on the motorways of northern France on Tuesday, as hundreds of desperate migrants attempted to Steven Wilson, ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’ Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb in the top 45 Best Albums of 2015 So Far … Porcupine Tree leader Steven Wilson’s fourth solo effort is a concept album based on a true story, but Entire English Wikipedia - Printed Jun 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Gorgeous. [ Source : Flowing Data ] Fear of a Blank Planet Jun 18, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … makes Rolling Stone’s ‘50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time’ For their ninth studio recording, British art-rockers Porcupine Tree created a Medium Sized Letters ? Jun 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Letters have the potential to provide what blogs used to through RSS subscriptions. … a spin … on a pivot … on a turn on a ….. I like what Medium Apple Music Inspired By The 70s - In A Good Way Jun 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The show’s music will reportedly not be based on the genre or market research that rules the majority of radio today, but instead rely on the DJ’s Samsung Spokesman Gifts Apple Jun 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Samsung spokesman LeBron James gives Apple Watches to Cavaliers teammates Now THAT’S What I Am Talking About ! [ Source | MacDaily ] Americans Held Hostage … Jun 8, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … to the carriers There is a free hotspot almost everywhere you need one (In Helsinki). It’s fast enough to allow video calling and HD streaming. My John’s Jun 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Don’t know what it is - but 4 of my favorite writers all happen to be called John …. Steinbeck Irving Fowles LeCarre There’s not too much I haven’t Targeted Advertising Considered Harmful Jun 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When a firm signals by advertising, it demonstrates to consumers that its production costs and the demand for its product are such that advertising The Same As It Ever Was Jun 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sure I remember the Nineteen Thirties, the terrible, troubled, triumphant, surging Thirties. … I remember ’29 very well … the drugged and happy Web Persistence - It’s Important Jun 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb 20 years ago we talked about the challenge of reading old format files - and how we protect the future … The problem is still here. But it’s not Social Workflow Jun 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb From time to time people ask me what I mean about Tumblr being my curation / aggregation space (see above menu). The fact is I use a really cool China’s Answer To Apple ? Really ? Jun 7, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb You know - would be great if there was a true competitor to Apple. Xiaomi is not it. They make devices. That is not the Apple business model. Tim Cook on Privacy Jun 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their Matt Montag on Universal’s Audible Watermark Jun 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The character of the watermark may seem subtle during this short sample, but through the duration of an entire song it becomes more familiar and TSA Fails 95 Percent Of Airport Security Tests Jun 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Conducted By Homeland Security #justsayin TSA Failures - They Just Keep Giving Jun 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just read this and really wanted it to be because of this. Don’t think it was though :-( #tsa #fail The Power Of Misleading Information Jun 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … actually - just wrong information when you think about it. Is it just me ? (And I do know this dates from 2013 - but for some reason - someone was More On That Virtual Work Place Jun 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I posted this a couple of days ago - partly because I liked the article referenced in the drill down - and partly because there are some changes There Used to Be 4 Cs, then 5 - now there are … May 31, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Someone once described Innovation as the practical application of Creativity. I am not sure that this is the only definition, but for me it Thinking … an increasingly rare commodity May 31, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Couldn’t help but notice - and certainly cannot resist the comment.. Going through the process for a recent flight - message courtesy of that fine Why the Future of Work Will Be So Different May 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Regular readers know that I am very much a watcher of change in the work place. This is one of the reasons Jon Glesinger and I started GleXnet all The Sweet Spot May 30, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb How I see the world of music … #justsayin #justgoodmusic Three Years … Still Counting May 27, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … but sticking to my guns - and anticipating that this is proof that Apple plays the long game The Route to VRM and Customer Effective Demand Networks May 27, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb If you are tracking, you will know that I have been talking about Customer Effective Demand Networks for a while. A long while actually. More Living At The Edge May 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It strikes me that Apple were the first - and arguably still the only- ‘device maker’ to add a third sense to their repertoire for digital Something About Airports Today May 21, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Guitars in San Francisco Guitars in Austin Managing Complex Change May 19, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I posted this to twitter and linkedIN yesterday - it seemed to resonate. Another version - with supporting article is here. Which includes a better Semantics, Definitions, Meaning, Clarity … It’s Important May 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sometimes Grammar Nazis are really funny - and sometimes they are a pain in the neck, and if you watch this video you’ll see what I mean. But there Is The Kansas City ‘Smart City’ Smart Thinking ? May 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The largest smart city project in North America is moving closer to reality in Kansas City, mainly along a 2.2-mile streetcar line under Who Knew ? May 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not Exactly An ‘Air Guitar’ May 17, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Connecting The Dots May 16, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb In A World Of Organized Chaos May 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … How do you blend in, or should you stand out? The challenge is to do both. Just Blending In … You will just be a number Just Standing Out … You Rethinking Unpopular May 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Now - did we learn Your Journey To Success May 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Homage May 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … it might be a little grandiose for a title, but this morning my iPad downloaded an update to Paper53’s app. I played with it for a little while - I Am Old Labour May 9, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I am Old Labour. I view that social cohesion, competition and the common interest are of paramount and intertwined importance. I am a social Love After Love May 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Came across these wonderful words this morning The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your Unused Words Apr 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Just submitted a couple of articles to the big wide world - and these words ended up on the ‘cutting room floor’. Wanted to keep them for posterity. Space … Not Just The Final Frontier Apr 28, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Finding Missing People In Nepal Apr 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Strange Bedfellows ? Apr 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Four Degrees of Seperation … Apr 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Stackridge - Korgis - Beck - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind One Degree of Seperation : Back in the day I was a massive fan of a band that few Losing my Religion … for Equality Apr 22, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Losing my Religion for Equality - an article by Jimmy Carter. click through to read this STUNNING piece of thought and writing Losing my Religion - The Future of Facebook Apr 22, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Another excellent article from Ben Thompson at Stratechery. But couldn’t help but notice his comment “Everyone loves to mock Paul Krugman’s 1998 Shame Shame Shame Apr 19, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb … via Stowe Boyd - who summarizes nicely … This is what you get when old people vote, and young people don’t vote. Read All About It - but UK Parliament Goes Paper Free Mar 26, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The British Government can actually see that it is cheaper to buy and support hundreds of iPads and Laptops than to continue on the march to Beliefs and Techniques for Life Mar 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Be in love with yr life - Something that you feel will find its own form - Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind Jack Kerouac’s List of 30 Beliefs and Steven Wilson on Melancholy Mar 24, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Making music that’s a little bit melancholic is a way to exorcise that part of my personality so I can be a happier person. We all have a dark side The Five Senses Mar 21, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb (Sight and Sound … check) Sight | Sound | Touch | Smell | Taste …. three down …. two to go … at least that is how I see ‘The Watch’ - the first The Future Forgot To Arrive Mar 13, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb When I was a kid, the science fiction I read often had a consistent vein of truth running through it - as the world became more automated - we were Three Great Links That Are Not Connected To Each Other Mar 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I often get carried away as I read, posting information to the drafts section of this blog - for future repurposing. And then I visit the admin page Peter’s Laws Mar 12, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb It’s a different Peter to the Peter of The Peter Principle - but VERY good laws and a wake up for all of us thinking about the ‘Age Of Abundance’ The Analyst’s Guide to Apple Mar 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Category Entry | Asymco … Nice. I believe the problem of transportation and its proxy, the automobile, provide all the Eat Crow Mar 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Original - and Love it Doug Johnson Publishing Is Dead …. Apparently Mar 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Linking back to these words for posterity :-) Don’t Use The Phone Feb 27, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb ParisLemon — Absolutely. Never use the phone This Makes Me Happy Feb 25, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Message Received: The following items have been sent: 1 x Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. (Deluxe box set - 2cd/dvd/blu-ray preorder) burning The Next Big Thing Might Be Missed If We Aren’t Careful … Feb 22, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sangeet continues the drum beat of ‘Platformed’. I reference and ‘borrow’ his thinking a lot - but don’t always post here. This time I make an Hitler Was A Fan Of The Dead? Who Knew! Feb 21, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb The Real Me Feb 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Not news. If you know of David Carr - you know he died last week. If you didn’t know of David Carr - you don’t really care. Many people are writing Steven Wilson Feb 14, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I wrote the core of this post to someone today and decided I needed to post here ‘for posterity’. The ‘soundtrack of my life’ is heavily centered on Open The Door - And Let Them In Feb 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb “It’s like you want to hide in a closet, just you, a few good books, and a close friend. You could manage fine with a flashlight, but your friend Sufi Mystics Feb 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Sufi mystics say the secret of the Qur’an lies in the verse Al-Fatiha, And the secret of Al-Fatiha lies in Bismillahirrahmanirrahim And the I Am My Own System Of Record Feb 3, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb For the longest time I used “I am my own system of record” as part of my email signature. It came out from my position that the concept that an Poetical Big Data Feb 2, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb By the numbers there’s my driver’s license, car registration, license plate, zip code, various accounts, street address, birthdate home, work, and The Grid - And I Am NOT Talking Electric Feb 1, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Someone followed this link yesterday and signed up - so I thought I would promote The Grid again through this blog - very much looking forward to Conspiracy Theory Jan 31, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Brian Solis On Passion Jan 29, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb Q: What advice would you give to someone who feels stuck in their career? I’m an introvert, and I still can’t work a room to this day. I’m not a Thoughts on Flash Jan 29, 2015 🌉 & from.the.archives & archive.bb I read the news today oh boy - no - not about the holes in Lancashire - but about YouTube ditching Flash in