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A Response To A Digi.Me Post Nov 20, 2020 ↩️ & people.first As I often do, when my response is more detailed than a throw away - writing this ‘response’ post here - and dropping the link into the comments on Marketing Help Nov 20, 2020 ↩️ & observations I wrote this in response to someone asking a question in a group I belong to. As always with long detailed responses, capturing it here so that I Why I Write Nov 20, 2020 ↩️ & observations Someone posted into a Facebook group about the trepidation they had when they first started posting. It resonated. This is a bit of a ramble - Jobs and Gigs, Piece Work and Contracts, IP Sales and Asset Rental … all different ways to earn an income now - and more readily in the future. But this is diffeent to the ’skill’s needed to do that. And those are definitely different to the character traits best suited to those skills. Lets get talking. Jun 25, 2020 💡 & 🥇 & ↩️ & people.first Sometimes writing comments just becomes too hard. Or too long. This is in response to a great set of words from Stuart posted on this past week’s ‘Making Hey’ (pun intended) - OR Leveraging The Hey Commentary To Make YOUR Point. Jun 21, 2020 🥇 & ↩️ & business.of.tech If you’re listening you will have picked up on the latest Apple furor and how they are abusing their power with the App Store. In one of my many Why You Can’t Seperate Business and Politics Jun 5, 2020 ↩️ & 🔗 & business.just.business Responding To A Post I Read From a friend on LinkedIN This is what he wrote. 💯- with one additional thought. We don’t live in neat orderly buckets What Is Normal Jun 1, 2020 ↩️ & 🥇 & 🔗 & 🖋 & humanity I wrote the following to something written by @cleverdevil over on MicroBlog. Normal Is A Privilege I have no disagreement with the threads of the We’re A Nation That Learns Our Lessons (NOT) Mar 31, 2020 ↩️ & politics My post was reponded to by the original author here. “I’m honored to know my words elicited such a strong emotion in John, but it seems as if he Does Northern Ireland really hold the world record for the longest period without a sitting government? Aug 30, 2019 ↩️ & politics I just read a thread on Micro.Blog that I started to reply to and then it got too long - so decided to publish it as a post - and then it got even In Praise of Micro.Blog Jun 6, 2018 ↩️ & from.the.archives & archive.bb I recently pinged a friend of mine from the 1999 crowd asking why he wasn’t on Micro.Blog … turns out he is … although he posts through RSS, so you