Considerate People?

Nah … not here. Mill Valley, Marin .. self proclaimed bastion of making the world a fairer place. Where the residents are increasingly indignant about how others behave. Where noses are placed into your business. Where you will be corrected by your betters - and trust me they know they are better than you. That is why they are right to be self righteous and courts are not needed, because they all judge you. You can tell by how they park their cars and shopping carts.

Update …

This page started as a set of photographs that I would keep appending to … it got too much. It was ridiculous. So stupidity like this ..


or this …

More IdiotsMore Idiots

I’m just going to ignore - I see it daily hourly …. But from time to time I will make an exception when it is clear that stupidity knows no bounds. Like this ….

Idiots That Know No BoundsIdiots That Know No Bounds

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