Readers’ Republic - 2

Two versions of the recording.

Raw YouTube

This one is the raw video from YouTube

DCO Indexed

This one is after I have run it through some software that I am exploring that automatically generates a transcript and a set of tags to help better navigate the 90 minutes or so.

You will notice that there are a LOT of tags - partly because I am still getting my head around the software (which allows me to edit the tags - but that takes time, which I don’t want to invest unless there is interest), but partly because the software isn’t quite yet applying a right level of intelligence to the tagging. (Some fixes are in the works).

For the best experience, set your browser window as large as possible (see the bottom right control) - AND/OR notice that you can hide the tags and the transcript by toggling the controls at the top of the panel.


Help With The InterfaceHelp With The Interface


This Is The Indexed Video

March 7, 2022