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For the longest time I ran an account over at delic.io.us (R.I.P.)… and then stopped. Recently, I signed up for Pinboard and imported all those bookmarks into here. They are all marked as private - but for me it is a nice repository of things I have found interesting and relevant over time. As I use them, and discover that they might have more public relevance, I will make them public and they appear in this stream. Maybe even mark them for posterity!

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Great Links

Corona Virus Tracking

Calculate Duration Between Two Dates

Brad Enslen - Guide: Adding Hosted Comments to Micro.blog Posts


People First

Here’s why companies don’t want to hire people over the age of 40 - The Business Journals


Financial Cryptography: 4 Types of Identity

Clearview AIs law enforcement client data stolen in massive breach - but also data’


Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to own your personal data at all | Salon.com


Thomas Keneally’s 2020s vision: We must abandon the language of the market to reclaim our humanity




How Britain invented freedom — and why we need to save it now

Twelve freedoms you have now lost


Strategies for dealing with surveillance capitalism

Galloway interviewed by Lockhead

Outlining For The 20s


Jonathan Haidt

Moral Foundations

The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Tech / Apps / Software


Sign Up - BuyMeACoffee.com

Indie Computing Corp. | Welcome

Antispam Bee — WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Building a movement? NationBuilder has all the right tools for you

Outlining : Thoughts From A User

Adding Web Mentions To Micro Blogs

What are deepfakes – and how can you spot them?

Now you can find out from the Facebook themselves how they are tracking you personally.

Post About : Wine, Permaculture and Philosophy

Biodynamic Agriculture

Rudolf Steiner


Good Advice

Speak your mind - Julian Summerhayes

Political Shit

Trump’s Dad Was So Racist, Woody Guthrie Wrote A Song About It

Indelible Legacy: Or How This Became a Gitmo World

Trump Explained: If Obama Did It, It’s Got to Go’ | DCReport.org


Transfer playlists and favorites between streaming services


Still To Sort

Never Again Will I Visit Auschwitz

Do you really need all this personal information, RollingStone?

One ping after another: why everyone needs a notification detox

What haunts the Captain of the Rainbow Warrior?

24 Quotes on Wearing a Mask, Lying and Hiding Oneself

A Smear of DNA Can Hold 10,000 Gigabytes of Data - OneZero

What We Link to When We Link to Books

The Future of Internet Regulation at the European Parliament — Aral Balkan

Doc Searls | The Story isn’t the whole story

Separation of Concerns - Google Slides

Attention marketers: in 12 weeks, the CCPA will be the national data privacy standard. Here’s why. - TCA: The Content Advisory

The 4 Pillars of Personalization: Audience, Context, Circumstance and Time - AW360

New Power | The indispensable guide to navigating the 21st century

The Matrix/Quotes | Matrix Wiki | Fandom

25+ Best The Matrix” Quotes | Quote Catalog

Why Silicon Valley and Big Tech Don’t Innovate Anymore - The Atlantic


Why did I build Pine.blog? | Pine.blog Knowledge Base

Deadshot | Urban List NZ

Latitude & Longitude - Look Up

174 World cities by latitude: Things line up in surprising ways

9 steps to going paid on Substack

GEO Protocol

My Stream

orwell versus huxley — 9/21/19


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