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Resonated Mar 26, 2021 Quotes & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Photo by ‘Nik’ See all the pertinent Quotes that resonate and I am recording here Humour Mar 26, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Aleks Marinkovic It occurred to me today, and I started to wonder … If I lose my taste - will I start to wear bad sweaters? See my Forms Mar 26, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Wesley Tingey I could cue the song - but that’s not what I am talking about. One of the big recurring complaints about large Break A Leg Mar 26, 2021 BackAcha & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz What’s the equivalent here of “Break a leg,” I wonder? See all the ‘backacha’ posts Technology Mar 25, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : https://unsplash.com/@umanoide Life is moving along. I am now fully bionic with the ability to bypass my mouth when eating. Science Pegs Mar 25, 2021 Today I Learned & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Nong Vang A ‘PEG’ is an acronym for ‘Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy’ “Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is an Future Mar 25, 2021 Quotes & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : United Nations ”You can’t make a better past, only a better future.” Nathan Gardels See all the quotes Tangerine Dream Mar 22, 2021 gorgeous & Music & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Unknown Wikipedia Entry See the full list of music posts here More Music Mar 21, 2021 gorgeous & Music & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Photo by ‘Blocks’ Using this space to remind me of albums and bands that I need to write a separate post about. Bass Communion DJ Meditation Mar 20, 2021 Experts & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo by Fabian Møller Elsewhere I have referenced an app called Headspace. This ‘Ted Talk’ precedes that app, but it is given by the ‘English Journalling Inspiration Mar 20, 2021 BackAcha & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo by Pedro Araújo Love your positive vibe here, despite the natural challenges … Please do keep me aware of your journey and do give some Category Overview Mar 20, 2021 Introduction & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : v2osk The post categories are built into the menu at the top of the site. Also at the bottom of every post, there is a link to other Can We Eat To Starve Cancer Mar 20, 2021 Experts & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo by Sam Moqadam You hear things about super foods that can help prevent cancer - and fight it once you have it. This is a great talk providing Too Much - Redux Mar 18, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Dari lli Calls, Emails, Letters and Texts - all channels are used. Format of the things you are going to is not consistent. - do i Time Mar 18, 2021 Quotes & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo by Aron Visuals “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” Thomas Edison Responses Mar 18, 2021 Category Guides & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Shalvee Jodagee Bit by bit, you start to tell people. Close family - then friends - then acquaintances … interspersed with people Faith Mar 18, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Alex Radelich I am not a religious person. I also have a hard time dealing with people who spend their life not believing - but as Calendars Mar 17, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Estée Janssens Maybe it’s just me, where I am, who I am dealing with - but it can’t just be me that ends up dealing with (too) many B-Tribe Mar 17, 2021 gorgeous & Music & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Unknown B-Tribe, or The Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters, is a musical project of the German-born musicians and producers Claus Zundel, Visa Mar 15, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Mpho Mojapelo Oh - one more thing. Are you even authorised to be in this country? See my other commentary and observations here Next page