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Radio Waves Apr 25, 2021 inspirational & Music & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Hu lei Somewhere else in here, I talked about imagining PacMan eating all the bad cells. But to what music? May I introduce you to … Instruction Apr 25, 2021 BackAcha & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Mark Adriane “Oy! Get good fast!” See all the ‘backacha’ posts Good and Bad Stories Apr 25, 2021 Experts & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Tamara Gak Ted Talk, 2010 Heather Lanier’s daughter Fiona has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a genetic condition that results in Don’t Simplify Apr 25, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Jen Theodore When I was first diagnosed, to simplify my story, I just called it ‘throat cancer’. Turns out it’s not. Turns out this DayONE Apr 25, 2021 apps & Tools & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Thought Catalog DayONE is my ‘go to’ journal of choice. I was using it long before this all came long - but now I have a specific The Rest Of My Life Apr 11, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Kelly Sikkema Today is the first day of the rest of my life. How often do you read that? don’t get me wrong. I know what they are Keep Sharing Apr 11, 2021 BackAcha & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Markus Winkler Small, even symbolic, achievements can be incredibly motivating and uplifting. It’s hard for anyone who isn’t you to It All Means Something Apr 11, 2021 Today I Learned & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Austin Chan We get a lot of ‘CEO types’ in here .. and it’s hard for them. One thing I will tell you … you are obliged to tell us of Dying Apr 11, 2021 Quotes & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Sharon McCutcheon I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying There’s no What Can You Do? Apr 10, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Fabian Møller Diet / nutrition … vitamins Pain Management - don’t be a martyr … if it hurts - do something about it. Sleep - get it. Sleep Cycle Apr 10, 2021 apps & Tools & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Brett Jordan An app I was using before all of this started - and gave up on. I still don’t really see a benefit from it - except for Permanating Apr 10, 2021 inspirational & Music & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Intricate Explorer There are two aspects of the Music category on this blog. ‘Inspirational’ and ‘Gorgeous’. This song - Permanating PacMan Apr 10, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Huu Thong You have to imagine PacMan moving through your body, munching away - devouring all those cancer cells. Got It! See my other Carpet Crawlers Apr 10, 2021 inspirational & Music & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Ryan Searle Carpet Crawlers first featured on the Genesis album Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. But the version below is my favorite - Advice Apr 10, 2021 BackAcha & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Annie Spratt I hesitate to offer any advice. You’re entitled to roll with the punches when you have to. Every patient has their own Issues Apr 8, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Mika Baumeister No - not those issues! Not sure I mentioned this before - but the complexity of my situation is increased by; Visa Muse Mar 28, 2021 apps & Tools & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Ryan The Muse S is a headband and iPhone app combo that can teach you to meditate using real-time biofeedback Now - how cool is that? Living In The Moment Mar 28, 2021 Commentary & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Rodion Kutsaev I am not known as someone who really lives in the moment. In fact I am often accused of over thinking - resulting in Thoughts Mar 26, 2021 BackAcha & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Finn No need to respond. You’re in my thoughts most days. I hope the treatment is going ‘well’. If you ever need to talk please take Strength Mar 26, 2021 Quotes & hidden.in.plain.sight Photo Credit : Unkown “The world breaks everyone, and afterwards, some are stronger at the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway See all the Next page