Outsourcing Helps You Manage Your Business. True. But this advice is just plain wrong. Let me explain …

Rampton writes:

One of the best ways to manage the multiple parts of running a business is to get help. For example, instead of spending so much time on administrative tasks you can hire a virtual assistant. The key is to outsource things that don’t make you money so you have time to focus on the things that do. Here are some of the things you can begin to outsource:

Administrative tasks like

  • Customer service and email management.
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and invoicing.
  • Social media management.
  • Public relations and pitching media
  • Web and graphic design

Do you need to outsource all of these things at the same time? No. Start with the most important things and then work the others in over time. This also isn’t an exhaustive list. Depending on what kind of business you have, you may think of other tasks that can be outsourced.”

John Rampton

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My Thoughts

I think I disagree with

Start With The Most Important Things”.


Social media management”.

No wait, I totally disagree. Here’s the problem

Outsourcing is hard. Outsourcing takes skill. Outsourcing can go terribly wrong. So why start with the most important? Start with the easiest and least important (they may not be the same). Get practice in understanding how outsourcing works. How much of your time is still going to be taken up with it. Outsourcing is not abdication of responsibility.

As for outsourcing Social Media Management … first ask yourself do you need it … at all. And if you do - you do it. How can you outsource you, your thoughts, your pithy comments, your ideas. If it is going to be bland uninteresting stuff - why bother?

I have so much more to say - but I’m just going to ge this out through the door.

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