Odd … Isn’t It?

When you were aged twenty to thirty years old, you were told that you did not have sufficient experience to do the job.

Now you are forty to fifty years old, you are told that you are over qualified.

Now he’s too old to rock ‘n’ roll
But he’s too young to die
Yes, he’s too old to rock ‘n’ roll
But he’s too young to die.

Ian Anderson

My Thoughts

If you are in a position to hire people …. ask yourself that hard question. Honestly.
On the other hand, if you are a candidate, don’t feel ‘victimized’ … do something about it.

…. What Are Your Thoughts?

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People First - All Else Follows. It’s a simple rule, but not well understood - much less followed. Our goal is to explore how people have increasingly taken a back seat in society as we have allowed unfettered and unelected power to ‘corporates’.

What can people and businesses do to mitigate the downside? I choose ‘and’ because if business does not understand the importance of People First and include that thinking in their strategies, they too will be run over by the unfettered power of the ‘megacorps’.

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