Photo Credit : David Boca

Yep! Not covered.

No rant. Just observation.

For my part, caught twixt the rock and the hard place. C’est la vie.

The point of writing is not to complain - but to highlight. Eligibility rules all surround the idea of someone living in a place, either as a citizen or legal permanent resident.

It actually makes sense until you realize that the small print provides an exclusion for pretty much anything.

If you don’t fit the precise rules, then you are going to pay. End of.

People often write about America and the lack of healthcare support, but the fact is every country in the world faces the same challenge.

Number of residents and citizens living in a country multiplied by however many thousands of pounds / dollars that country seems to be the average of what it takes to keep an average person healthy … and that’s your budget.

£2,000 * 65million

$3,000 * $350million

See my other Commentary here.

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