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  • Podcasts produced by Micro Bloggers here - just an index to two sources, trying to decide if this is a good idea - akin to the Newsletter list.

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Awesome Help Sites

Music Happens To Be A Passion

If it is yours as-well - then check these out ….

First and foremost - are you a musician? If so check out Musicians on Micro.Blog a superb service created by @jacob where he is indexing all micro bloggers that self identify as musicians.

The site also has interesting overlap in membership with Just Good Music - where people who love to listen, share and post about their passions, do exactly that.

Why not register. to contribute - or just Follow Just Good Music … the micro blog account that feeds the site

And of course, you can always Discover Music in the Micro Blog Stream

Discovering Stuff - By Country

Kiwis - a directory of Kiwi Micro Bloggers created by @miraz - and gets me to wondering - are there any other indexes of Micro Bloggers based on their nationality ?

Aussies - a directory of Aussie Micro Bloggers created by @prologic

Discovering Stuff - Beyond Music and Geolocational stuff that is.

Micro.Monday - find out all the people that have appeared on @macgenie’s Micro Monday Podcast. Fascinating listening.

Micro Discovery - thankyou @amit

Micro Discover Tag Emoji

Micro.Meetups - thank-you @burk

Potential Discover Emoji - thank-you @burk

Potential Badges - hosted right here.

Oh - this is interesting - a parallel resources page living on Micro Wiki … put together by @Smokey

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September 26, 2018