Micro Blog Badges

Ask - and ye shall receive. @Smokey suggested that we need a central place to collect what the community is asking for when it comes to Badges.

And - so we are ready for ideas … and as they arrive … I will capture and dynamically reorganize the page as we go.

Ideas From John Off Top Of Head

gold silver bronze badges for syndicating

  • more than five
  • more than three
  • one

sites to your micro blog account

i.e. those sites that you are posting out to - e.g. mastodon, twitter, tumblr …

gold silver bronze badges for aggregating

  • more than five
  • more than three
  • one

sites to your micro blog account

i.e. those sites that you are pulling from - e.g. the RSS feed of a Wordpress blog, a blot site …

From Smokey’s List


@JohnPhilpin OK! Here are some posts/conversations gleaned from my replies/favorites where people have mentioned new pin suggestions:

micro.blog/smokey/39… micro.blog/smokey/38… micro.blog/kaa/46871… micro.blog/amit/9994… micro.blog/smokey/16… micro.blog/kaa/52060…

on which basis I have started building the list …


World Traveller Pin - for posting from so many time zones @smokey

Pin for more than One time zone @smokey

Numerical Milestones - not just streaks @smokey / @chet / @kaa

30 Days of Photos - as opposed to 30 days of posts @smokey

A Post that garents more than (10?) replies @kaa

A Post of over 1000 words @kaa

A post a day for 2 months, 32 months, 7 months - all year ? @kaa

posts from more than one device @jack

find another blogger that has the dame birhday as you @kaa

52 weeks of mict monday recomendations @smokey

Introduce tiering @smokey


  • One of your posts has appeared in the ‘Discover’ tab!

  • You’ve replied to (x) different posts (today/this week)!

  • You’ve posted every Saturday morning for the last month!

  • You used an emoji tag!

  • You just used the secret word for today!

@smokey List :

  • Using an emojitag (emphasizes Discover and the emojitag feature, and they’re already scanned for already, at least in part)

  • Comments-related (first comment and/or N comments; emphasizes interaction)

  • Posting every weekday in a month (back when people were still trying for the 30-day pin and posting about it, there were a number of posts from people whose streaks ended because they forgot to post on the weekend, usually because they’re offline/off social-type stuff on the weekend, and this feels like a good way to still recognize a time-based streak while also respecting different attitudes towards usage. Proabably really difficult to implement, though, but putting it out there anyway, for riffing on, if nothing else).

  • Being recommended by someone on Micro Monday (not sure how I feel about this, but it’s an idea that popped up)

  • Being on @monday (again, not sure how I feel about it; it’s going to be even harder to obtain since there will only be 52/year at best)

  • Brought a friend (not sure how this could be scanned for/detected, though)

  • Following 10 (20?) people (I see a bunch of people, often new, who follow only a couple of people; it’s certainly a valid choice, but I feel that you don’t get as much value from M.b if you aren’t following at least a dozen or so people, and maybe a pin would encourage some folks, esp. new ones, to start following a few more and make M.b feel more valuable/useful to them. Not sure the best exact threshold, but 10-25 feels right; not too many, but enough to move the needle.)

Improve notifications …

And it’s been so long since I’ve earned a pin, but (separate from “what pins can we add”) I’m wondering if it’s also possible to improve the notification when you earn a pin (main timeline blue infobar, and something in the apps). I seem to recall that currently the pin notification is only the “You have earned N pins” phrase on the Account screen, so it’s really easy to forget about/miss. OK, I’ve rambled too long; sorry!