rodion-kutsaev-IJ25m7fXqtk-unsplash.jpgPhoto Credit : Rodion Kutsaev I am not known as someone who really lives in the moment. In fact I am often accused of over thinking - resulting in analysis paralysis. In a nutshell - they say ….

The past is the past. Let go of all ‘could have’, ‘would have’, ‘should have’ thinking. It takes too much energy and nothing can be changed.
Likewise the future has multiple possibilities and potential - each path with its own routes, requirements and dependencies. Let it go aswell. Too much of it is out of you hands and you can’t control the future.
Instead, focus on the present. The now. The immediate.

Good advice for all occasions I think! Interstingly, I seem to have automatically followed this advice - even before I was given it. Of course I have heard that this is because I just haven’t accepted it. I disagree.

See my other Commentary here.

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