IRA bomber names four men he says were responsible for the Birmingham pub bombings …

This is news from 2019

Speaking at the inquest, Witness O named the IRA bomb plotters as Mick Murray, Seamus McLoughlin, James Gavin and Michael Hayes.”


Murray, Gavin, McLoughlin and Hayes were all named in 1990, in the Granada Television documentary drama Who Bombed Birmingham?.


Witness 0 …

was given permission’ by the head of the IRA in Dublin to share the names

Bottom line:

Murray dies in 1999 Gavin dies in 2002

Re Hayes (who admitted to the bombing to the BBC in NI in 2017 ), Witness 0 ….

“There is nobody going to be charged with this atrocity.”
The British Government have signed an agreement with the IRA.”

No Words. None.

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