Interesting โ€˜Lawsโ€™

Goodhartโ€™s law

Peterโ€™s Principle

Friedman Number โ€ฆ

Named after Stetson University mathematician Erich Friedman, is a number that can be calculated using its own digits, such as 736 = 36 + 7 or 3281 = (38 + 1)โ€Š/โ€Š2.

A โ€œniceโ€ Friedman number is one in which the digits are used in order, such as 3685 = (36 + 8)โ€Šร—โ€Š5 or 3972 = 3 + (9โ€Šร—โ€Š7)2.

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