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People First - All Else Follows … with John Philpin

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You might be a leader in a large corporation, fresh into the work force or with 30 years under your belt. Or maybe you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. Whichever it is … you are good at what you do. You feel safe, but keep wondering how long you have before what you do is automated, outsourced, off-shored, replaced or just made obsolete. It will happen. Nothing stands still! Your options are to stay the course, leave for another opportunity or do your own thing. All of them require transformation.

I worked in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. You only succeed in that environment by continual transformation. Through conversation and interviews, I will share lessons, stories and case studies that will help you understand how real people at work and play balance priorities every day to make a living and provide the best life possible for themselves and those around them all there while with an eye on the future.

At the very least I am going to make you think.

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Opening Audio To Each Podcast

Welcome to People First, All Else Follows, a podcast brought to you by John Philpin.

Each week, John fills your ears with interviews, stories, cases studies, ideas and most importantly clarity as to the issues and challenges so many people around the world are facing and what others are doing about it.

We don’t hide behind acronyms and 5 syllable words to describe these challenges, instead we use language that can be understood by all.

So, let’s get going and allow me to introduce you to John Philpin!

Closing Words To Each Podcast

That’s all this week - and looking forward to you joining us next week - and indeed … for the rest of the journey.

Don’t forget to check the show for any and all promised links that were talked about ansd have no hesitation in connecting with John with any questions you might have.

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