Last Update 2020-06-18

My take on the increasingly popular β€˜Now’ page movement

[ ] The Weekly Newsletter - just celebrated its one year birthday.
[ ] That Book - we are in draft two. Hope to have it out by early July.
[ ] People First Marketing Campaign.
[ ] Defy
[ ] More Books - 3 more identified

[ ] Continue working with people and organizations that need my help.

  • TX, USA
  • CA, USA
  • HK
  • UK - 3 Of Them !
  • NZ

Goon (sic) But Not Forgotten

Stuff that I have identified in the past - but really … sometimes lfe is too short.

[ ] Moving Beyond Bridges Posts To Blot And Closing Down That Domain
[ ] Updating My ’Stuff I Use’ Pages … two of them .. online and local : /using
[ ] Archives - time to make sense of my history and pull things together from the umpteen disparate places.

Blot Mods O/S

[ ] Establish a simple way to dynamically modify the podcast page - request for Blot to natively support OPML submitted!
[ ] Ditto re Json / XML

And Done

[x] Keynotes - 2 coming up
[x] Fix CSS Across The Site .. essentially done - but ongoing tweaking
[x] Fix Cross Postings From Blottings to Micro Blog
[x] Clean up and make sense of the access and using pages
[x] Move 80% Of Micro Blog Pages To Blottings [x] And then there is this by Chad Moore that I literally just discovered. (Not really - just decided not to bother)
[x] The IndieWeb Movement .. learning and applying as much as I can.<.del> (No need to specifcaly call this out now - it just happens)
[x] Sorting My Workflows … we have to make life easier … but do workflows help or hinder? (Drafts, ASbyss and Things are my friend)
[x] Still getting into and starting to understand the analogue world of β€˜pen and paper’. (At least all that I am going to do)

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