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I don’t often publish and promote events. They generally have people for that. But on this case I am making an exception, because … wow … one day only The 10th December … celebrating such an auspicious day. But there’s more. I am delighted to say that the presenters are made up of good friends, business acquaintances, thinkers and activists that I know personally and some other really famous people - s ome of whom I also know and more who I have always wanted to meet.

Let me share some of those names with you :

Vint Cerf - he arguably created the internet.

Tim Berners Lee - he did create the world wide web.

Ray Wang - he founded and runs Constellation Research.

Jeremy Heimans - you must have heard me talk about New Power, New Values, Old Power, Old Values, That’s Heimans.

Doc Searls - Cluetrain Manifesto, The Intention Economy, Linux Journal and father of VRN and The Internet Identity Workshop. (Something near and dear to my heart as we move Identity Commons into mainstream.

And so many many more ….

There’s More :

What Are You Doing ON The 10th December

What Are We Talking About On The 10th December

Who Will Be There On The 10th December


You can read a lot more about it here


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