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M.B Handle | JGM Posts (this secoond link will be removed when the original site is deleted.)

The Contributors


@Cassinato | Cassinato

Holly Honeychurch

@HollyHoneychurch | Holly

Jacob Gorban

@Jacob | Jacob

Joe Jenett

@JoeJenett | Joe

John Philpin

@JohnPhilpin | John

Robert van Vliet

@rnv | rnv

Simon Woods

@SimonWoods | Simon

Stephen Pieper

@StefP | Stef

Steve Hodgson

@BestOfTimes | Steve


@vanessa | Vanessa


This Was Originally Posted To A Site Called Just Good Music

Back in the day (17 years ago), a group of friends and I started a site called Just Good Music. It lived for years - and caught eyes - to such an extent that we were approached by record compnaies to write reviews â€Ļ remember records?

And then a fatal error in 2014 - by yours truly - and the site was gone. ☚ī¸

The Wayback machine still has it in their archives. If you are interested, you can find it here.

Fast Forward and the domain had a bit of a rebirth with some good people from the Micro Blog community. We got some good posts - but it really never caught on. So, the site was taken down and those posts moved to here. This is one of the posts - look up to the top right - that is who wrote the original post.

People First

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