Cavemen Cavities

… they didn’t have them. (Possibly because life expectancy for a caveman was a lot shorter than your average dude in 2018. But that’s a different story - and not what these writers are arguing.)
“If you really are what you eat, then we are already quite a different species. Bodies that for hundreds of thousands of years ate all-natural’ have been challenged to adapt fast to tidal waves of nachos and pizza.”

‘Evolving Ourselves’, Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans

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My Thoughts

Somehow this connects to (and should be part of) the debate as to what is human? Far wiser peeps than I argue on both sides as to how AI is going to impact Humans.

One suggests that implanting chips and AI and …. removes what it means to be human’. But if you can wear an artificial leg, two even. Add to that two arms, a plate to support your spine, etc … and still remain human - then what is the big deal about a brain extension, replacement, implant?

On the other hand … maybe we aren’t human to begin with. After all our diet is nachos and pizza!

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