CAVEAT : Not My Words

I wasn’t quite expecting to read this when I opened the link … Geoff Boyle – Cinematography commentary and other things .. I mean it all seemed so innocent. So innocuous.

To Save you the click through and remove the surprise - let me repeat it here …

This Is The End

1st October 2021 by Geoff I have taken this as far as I can. Euthanasia is now arranged. I’ve had a great life, travelled all over the world. Most important of all is the 45 years spent with Debz. I could never have done it without her. Now at the end she is a tower of strength and support. I am so fortunate to live in a country that allows you to choose when the time is right for you. It gets a little involved as they make sure it’s what you really want and that you’re not under any pressure. Once they are convinced it’s fairly straightforward. There’ll be an announcement on CML next week once it’s over. See you on the other side.

Holy crap. Before this (very) final post, Geoff had written occasional moving posts.

This one resonated.

I’ll Tell You the Secret of Cancer - The Atlantic

”Are you someone who enjoys the unsolicited opinions of strangers and acquaintances? If so, I can’t recommend cancer highly enough. You won’t even have the first pathology report in your hands before the advice comes pouring in. Laugh and the world laughs with you; get cancer and the world can’t shut its trap.”

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