Ok, so you know how I love Blot and the support that David Merfield provides for same. Here is another example of his engagement and rapid response. Writing it up because it includes a little help for those wondering about how blot orders posts. Yes chronological - but - well …. read on.

As I have been settling into Blot and the Workflows I am building around it, I recently had occasion to revisit some of my posts and in the process, somehow data got changed in them such that they were appearing as recent posts.

I contacted David - and David came right back.

He correctly concluded the I had changed some file names:

This happens when Blot thinks a new file is a renamed file (and so assumes its original creation date), or a renamed file is a new file (and so doesn’t take its original creation date). This is a consequence of the design of the Dropbox API, and file systems in general, which don’t support renames’, just file creations and deletions. If there’s a specific post with an incorrect date, the best solution for now is specify your own in the file’s metadata.

He then went on and pointed me to this.

Simply by going back to the offending text files in Dropbox and adding:

Date: Month date, year
-empty line-

eg: Date: September 15th, 2018 - to the very beginning of the text file - all was well with the world again.

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