Back To Basics - it’s About Being Better.

The nature of people is that we want to get

  • better and better things

  • for less money

  • faster and faster

That is the landscape we are competing in.

Lower and lower prices never ends well … ask photographers, copy writers and graphic artists.

Likewise faster and faster introduces a raft of potential issues

So, all you rally have left is ‘better’.

Time enhancement … better results, better experience. THAT’s differentiation.

Rule ‘N’ … if what you get paid to do can be delivered across the internet, then someone else can do exactly the same thing.

They will probably do it for less money.

They will likely do it faster,

So your differentation is ‘better’

If your job can be done by someone who doesn’t;

  • Speak your language

  • Have your training or education

  • Know your connections

  • Live anywhere near you

What value are you bringing?

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What is People First All About?

Nothing less than putting people back into the center of ‘The Business Equation’.

People First - All Else Follows. It’s a simple rule, but not well understood - much less followed. Our goal is to explore how people have increasingly taken a back seat in society as we have allowed unfettered and unelected power to ‘corporates’.

What can people and businesses do to mitigate the downside? I choose ‘and’ because if business does not understand the importance of People First and include that thinking in their strategies, they too will be run over by the unfettered power of the ‘megacorps’.

People First lays the groundwork for people both inside and outside of business to understand how they can better work and engage to create a ‘People First World’.

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