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Putin Didn’t Make Us Racist On Children Making A Difference I Am Using Micro Blog and Blot.IM To Replace Corporately Owned ‘Social’ Spaces. You Should Too. Every document should be an infographic. Shepherds of the data singularity. England — So Close to The Continent Freedom Requires Staying Outside. Remaining Uninvited. Opportunism Google Plus The Gerontocracy is Driving America into the Ditch The Magic Leap Con The Dalai Lama on Science and Spirituality About That Facebook Video Portal Salary Negotiation Odd … Isn’t It? Blot.IM Help Kids .. they think of EVERYTHING “Money is like gasoline during a road trip. Streaming Services Are Not Good For Artists Kurt Vonnegut on the Role of Artists in Society Seriously? Why It Can Happen Here Why a conservative social network would fail Vote. No Excuses. Vote. Trump’s 4 Biggest Lies about Today’s Economy Trump Is So Predictable Top 7 Signs Willie Nelson Might not be a Republican The Rise Of The Teachers The Eye of the Hurricane Sinclair Lewis - It Can’t Happen Here Right Wing Power Grabs Resistance Is Not Futile Report Confirms Trump Involvement In Moving FBI No Argument Mueller Investigation Has Already Paid For Itself How Fred Trump turned ‘The Don’ into the monster he is now Making Tariffs Corrupt Again Make America Great Again Koch-Backed Group Supports Restoring Felon Voting Rights Ignorance Is Bliss … Until It Is Too Late Hidden In Full Sight Do You Dance Like An Ironing Board? Dimwits. Halfwits. Idiots. Desperate - Or Despicable? Days of Fear, Years of Obstruction Crap At Business, Great At The Con Court Rules MEPs’ Expense Spending To Remain Secret Congress Finally Stands Up to Trump Colin Kaepernick and Nike Colin Kaepernick and Nike Bush Won’t Help Ted Cruz Brett Kavanaugh and the Triumph of Movement Conservatism Blame It on the Base American Bar Association Reopens Kavanaugh Evaluation America Winning … Agreeing With Both Opposing Thoughts Power To The People Who Are You - Just In Time Advice Too Old To Rock and Roll, Too Young To Die The Human API Manifesto Snakes - Yes SNAKES - and Ladders Proof Death In Translation Cavemen Cavities On iA Writer Blot Help “To calibrate this consider that Facebook revenues for the last 12 months were $48 billion and it now has a market capitalization of $468 billion or 41% that of Apple whereas Services consists of about 14% of Apple’s total revenues. The Markup - A New Journalism Venture Sometimes you forget how far we have come Run Windows apps on your Mac without Windows A New Scam or Not Paying Attention? On VCs Meet The Woman Who Gives Nerdy Tech Execs A Makeover Mary Meeker Is Leaving Kleiner Perkins Ideal Clients How the Platform Economy Is Reshaping Global Trade How Adobe’s $4.75 Billion Acquisition Of Marketo Was A Huge Win For Vista Equity Facebook Unveils ‘The Portal’ Engineers are fixing Silicon Valley Dediu and Thompson Both Understand Apple … Cop Pulls Tesla Model 3 Driver Over For ‘Computer’ Mounted On Dashboard Chinese Authorities: Didi bears ‘unshirkable responsibility’ for passenger’s death. Apple’s Position on OUR Privacy About That Watch Alert Thing When You Fall … Apple Looks Down On Ads, But Takes Billions From Google Everyone Can Create How Adobe’s $4.75 Billion Acquisition Of Marketo Was A Huge Win For Vista Equity Adobe’s $4.75 Billion Acquisition Of Marketo Is It Ok To Mount A Computer On Your Car’s Dashboard? Comparative Valuations York Solar System Trail Who Kept the Dogs Out The Queen’s Secret Code ‘Annihilation’ Event is Unfolding at Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico On Maintenance It Didn’t Have To Be That Way









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